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What is the Role of Backlinks in SEO – Backlinks are the vital Ranking factor for the Google. In the current world of SEO, backlinks play an essential role. Those of you who have recently learned SEO or started writing blogs or website might have come across the question like What is the role of Backlinks in SEO & how to get relevant Backlinks several times. With the help of this post, we are trying to provide the best answers to you.

So, let’s get started.

Backlinks play the crucial role in top SEO Techniques as well. Over the time several things have changed. Gone are the days when all kind of backlinks were considered as good. Today Google has set the criteria in which only relevant Backlinks will be beneficial. Only the quality backlinks will add the value.

The big question here is how to get relevant Backlinks and what role backlinks play in SEO? Starting from the beginning,

What is role of Backlinks in SEO?

What are Backlinks in SEO? (Simple Definition of Backlinks)

The links of the one web page to some other web page or all the incoming links on the website is called backlinks. Backlinks are also known as inbound links. In a more simpler way, it is the link that takes user from one website to another. Suppose there are two websites i.e. Website A and Website B.

Now the link of Website A has an external link that leads to Website B now, here Website B has the Backlink from Website A. The best quality backlinks are essential in ranking your website higher on search engines. Here is common terminology used for the Backlinks:

Do-Follow Links – These are the links that are followers the search engine crawler while crawling the site. As soon as search engine crawler enter your site crawl everything like pictures, videos, content and links. In a case of a Do-follow link, it takes to that landing page. It helps in indexing site faster as well as helps in getting good ranking. Here the website that links you gives you the link juice or the backlink.

*If you want to give some the benefit of a Do-follow link, the best way to do so is adding the targeted keyword in the anchor text.*

No-Follow Links – These types of links have the no follow tags in them. Search engine while clearing does not pay attention to such links. If you have ever noticed some websites source by using the right clicks and further selecting the source view and then with the ctrl+f find the ref = “No-follow”. Such website has the no-follow link. In this case, you will get the good traffic but it will not help in climbing high on ranking. Here the link juice is not transferred to the other website.


Essential role of Backlinks beneficial in SEO

Essential Role of Backlinks Beneficial in SEO

As soon as Google rolled out the Penguin Algorithm everything changed regarding the uses of Backlinks. Earlier the quality of backlinks was not the matter of concern. Now with the google penguin, the quality of the backlinks has become essential to get the best benefits. Let’s suppose you have a site about the best books and incoming links are from the sites about pet then it will not be any benefits for you. The backlink should have some relevance to your site only then it will beneficial for you.

Here we have jotted down the importance of Backlinks for SEO:

Backlinks are Important for Boosting Traffic & Ranking in Search Engines

Backlinks are the part of Off-SEO Techniques. Backlinks are extremely helpful in boosting traffic to your site & increasing ranking in Search engines. Your site will get more and more visitors if backlinks are provided perfectly. Not only the visibility backlinks coming from the right site also helps in increasing the relevancy. More the number of people clicks the link that you have placed on the relevant site more will be traffic to your site through those backlinks. Backlinks provide the referral traffic which has a very low bounce rates.

So if your website gets relevant backlinks than the domain & page authority will increase which will be helpful to increase the ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing etc.

Backlinking is Helpful for improving the Domain & Page Authority of Website

Domain Authority & Page Authority has the main role in SEO. High domain Authority site is helpful Gain ranking on the first page of Search engines on Target keywords. High Page Authority of Site can beat the competitors on target keywords. So this is the main task of SEO expert to increase the domain & page authority of the site. These authorities are updating at every monthly by Google.  And, the Backlinking is playing the main role to increase the Domina Authority & Page Authority of your website.

Faster Indexing and Improving SERP ranking by Backlinks

Though backlinks the indexing of your site can become faster. The google bot crawls through your website through the link. Though this the crawl effective go through the site and thus, later results in fast indexing. If you are having a new website then it is very important for you to have a high-quality for better indexing. The major search engine Google ranks website or web page according to the quality or relevance of links and content. With the best links, your site can be found at the good position over a search engine.

Backlinks have important role in improving Organic Traffic and building Brand Authority

Whenever a site gets organic traffic from the other site it naturally ranks higher on the Search engines. That how search engine helps in getting the better ranking on a search engine like Google. The links should be made major for the web pages or for the post. Apart from this, the links that lead to the home page are essential too. Whenever you get a backlink from a relevant and quality website Google consider your website relevant for users as well. Backlinks are free advertisements that bring clients to you.

Best Ways to get the Relevant Backlinks for Website

By now you must aware of the importance of the relevant and high-quality backlinks. We have mentioned its important above several times. Now, here you will get to know how to get the relevant backlinks. Never forget the one rule for result driven backlinks ‘the quantity doesn’t matter over the quality’. No matter how many backlinks you are having it will be a waste if they are not coming from the relevant website or web pages. So must learn White Hate SEO Techniques for link buildings 

Here, mentioned below are some of the most effective ways to get the relevant Backlinks for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Best Ways to get the Relevant Backlinks

Focus on High Ranking Website for Backlinks

One of the best ways by which you can get the benefit of Backlinks or get the relevant backlinks is by only paying attention high ranking website. Otherwise, what is the importance of backlinks if they are not coming from the quality website. You will never see any result of backlinks from such websites. One quality or backlink from high ranking website worth more rather than quantity of the backlinks coming from the low-quality website.

Anchor Text is Essential For Backlinks

Anchor keyword is based on the popular keyword research. It is a hyperlink to the keyword must be based on the anchor text so that it could shift the users to the URL of the business website. This thus results to climb the page high on the ranking. For an example, if you have a business of skin care and your intention is to use the keyword skincare range in India then you need to use the same anchor text of backlinks of the same as much as possible in order to increase the visibility online.

Ensure that your Backlinks comes from a trusted site

You have to very sure about the fact that Google does not entertain the spam activity. Thus, make sure that your backlink comes from a very trustworthy site with no spam activity. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the penalty by the search engine like Google Moreover it will not provide any benefit to you in the ranking. Google is smart and you need to be too, it goes through the origin of the backlinks and check for the relevancy and quality of the website and then decide whether to penalize the site or provide it high ranking.

Contextual based backlinks from the active is important for SEO

Need to one thing in mind that contextual base backlinks are essential reader click on it more often in order to know about it more in detail. Readers to do not pay much attention to the links that are present on the footer or in the side of any post. This will not serve your purpose of getting benefit from such backlinks. Another important thing is that the backlink must come from an active site which regularly posts. This way it will be more searched and will help well in indexing. This is also the best way to get regular visitors.

Pay attention to the long tail keywords

If the backlink is long enough it does not get deleted by the owner or the editor.  It provides the assurance to its existence. The links which are posted on the comment sectors most likely get deleted by the owner thus, prefer the long tail keywords which are relevant to the text and thus get ignored by the owner.


So, this was important of backlinks to the SEO and the best way to get the relevant keyword. Practice this and you will surely get some good results in rankings and will definitely get the better traffic on your site. WebHopers wished you the best of luck with your career and to get more useful material follow us. We are everywhere on social media.

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