Industrial Training in Panchkula

Industrial Training in Panchkula
Benefit From the 3 Months Industrial Training Course in Panchkula & Chandigarh

The premier Webhopers Academy takes pride in introducing comprehensive training programs for students belonging to diverse sectors. The six months industrial training at our Panchkula Chandigarh based institute comprises of commendable course works. We aim to offer optimal software and network based curriculum to professionals and learners from varying arenas.

Choosing our institute
  • Offering a corporate environment that expedites procedures related to industrial training is an integral aspect. Honing your skills for achieving your career aspirations is an essential point.
  • At our academy, you get to deal with live projects for actual clients with our six months training program. Providing you with continual guidance from department heads is another crucial factor.
  • Industry experts have designed our syllabus modules for ensuring overall development of all learners. Providing both practical and theoretical classes is important for us.
A different curriculum
  • Expert trainers help you in becoming proficient in web designing, web development, etc. You can easily create mobile and web applications with efficiency.
  • Also, learn about Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing from our Information Technology professionals.
  • Offering both professional and advanced training courses is imperative for our institute.
  • Benefit from our course syllabus that includes video, PowerPoint Presentations, step-wise guides, and eventual certification with completion of the program.
Obtain a Beneficial Experience with Six Weeks of Industrial Training

At Webhopers, opt for the convenient 6 weeks course in industrial training. In our Chandigarh based premier institute, you can learn from the advanced curriculum and modules. Ensuring a comprehensive approach to these training programs helps you in securing better jobs. With our optimum syllabus, becoming a freelancer, technical consultant, web developer or web designer becomes an easy process.

Some positive points
  • Our institution offers optimal training courses and programs in diverse Information Technology based sectors. These include Java, Web Design, Android, Software Testing, Personal Home Page development, etc.
  • Learn from diverse and several programming languages along with utilizing them in different technology applications.
  • Utilize advanced error handling techniques and integrate object-oriented technicalities within applications. The inclusion of Group Discussion, practical and theoretical training, live projects helps you in becoming a better and fast learner.
Benefits of classes
  • Preparing you for acing job interviews is of utmost importance to our academy. During the six weeks training program, you get to work with standard working modules.
  • Ensuring comprehensive personality development interview sessions is also important. Assisting you in obtaining the ideal job is essential.
  • Obtain the right placement by training in different IT based sectors from our institution.
  • Benefit from both practical experience and theoretical based classes from our professional Industrial experts.

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