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10 White Hat SEO Techniques For Link Building – Link Building has created a lot of buzzes lately for the obvious reasons. Do you know that the number of links your site have to determine its ranking? Certainly not only the quantity is necessary the quality matters the most but getting backlinks (quality) is a damn tough job. While some consider link building crucial to get higher ranks and traffic other do not agree much with this fact. No matter what your take on it, but they are surely among the 10 ranking factors. That is why we have brought you the list of 10 White Hat SEO Techniques For Link Building

To get the fullest benefits of the link, make sure you use them in the right way because what you find good today could turn into the harm. Building links are not at all easy. Most of the people are either unable to build the link or they end up doing it in the wrong way which results in penalties. Google has become extremely stick when it comes to user experience. That is analyzing everything in a better and strict way than before. You cannot afford to do mistakes which could bring you down instead of booting up.

These 10 White Hat SEO Techniques For Link Building will be a great guide you to start building links for your website in the right way. Believe me, if you use these techniques they will definitely yield a fruitful result.

Before we start about link building, you must be aware of the role of backlinking in SEO.

10 White Hat SEO Techniques For Link Building

What is White Hat SEO and link Buiding?

Basically, the ethical SEO practices are known as the WhiteHat SEO. These are the usage of optimization strategies, techniques that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines. White Hat SEO follows the rules laid by the search engine. It includes the proper use of Keywords, backlinks, link building and using generating content for the better user experience.

Now moving on to the Link Building,

Link building is the method of getting the hyperlinks or extra link that lead the user from one particular page to your web page. It falls under the many  SEO techniques that are used to get good ranking and traffic on a search engine.

10 White Hat SEO Tips for Link Building

Search Engine loves the high-quality links which are build using the best ways. If you want to get noticed by the search engine ensure to get the links from the relevant website or source. There is no denying the fact that Google likes the links and surely provide the benefits. The quality links coming to your website is the token of trust that will make shine in the eyes of search engine.

Therefore, gear up for the best tips that will help you build the quality links by using the White Hat SEO:

Reach Out to your Friends or known for Link Building

Friends or known with their own blog or website can be a big help for you. Ask them to link your web page to their post if there is any relevance between both posts. This is the best way to start the link building process. Make sure you then get the link with do follow in order to get benefit from it. The more you will spread your reach out to the people the more benefit you will get.

You can always rely on the experts, reach out to them and tell them about your post. The little word of appreciation from them can help you do better. For the initial stage of link building, you can surely go for this trick. If you executed it in the right way it will not disappoint you.

Things to keep in kind:

  • To get the links from industry experts ensure that your content is great
  • Give them all the right reasons to link your page
  • The quality of content matter a lot here

Seize the Opportunity and Build Links

Some blogger might have mentioned you in his or her once in a while. If you have anyone in mind it’s time to convince them for turning that mention into the link. There are quite the tools available online that can help you figure out the blogs that have mentioned you without giving links. If you get any do not miss this opportunity of turning them into the links which will help you and serve our purpose for higher ranking.

Pro tip:

  • You can use the tools like Mention, Hootsuite, and Social Mention
  • Try to be as humble as possible while asking for the links

Look for What your Competitor is up to

One can always learn from the competitor. If your competitors are doing well, then there is no harm in learning from them. You will number of tools that will provide the necessary information about your competitors and you will be able to know what they up to. By doing an audit for their website you can get their source of backlinks and if you will provide better content from them you can get those links.

While doing so, make sure you only select the do to follow links on the spreadsheet it will save your efforts and time. Once you got the hold on the quality and relevant source you are good to go for asking them for links.

Quick Tip:

  • Present your post better than the rest
  • Strategies your approach of asking for backlinks
  • Execute your strategies in the right way

Directory Submission is one of the Best While Hat SEO Tricks for Back Links

There are a number of directories present out there. You can easily submit the link to your post on them. Here you get an option to choose from the free and paid, select the one that suits you best. To assure the best result make sure that the directory in which you are submitting your URL has the good domain authority only then you will get the advantages out of it.

Best tip:

  • Go for the right category
  • Rember the directory with low PA /DA will not benefit you instead it could penalize your site
  • Fast caching and indexing directory are the best.

Guest Posting is effective White Hat SEO technique for Link Building

Guest posting is another best way to get the Link. It not only provides the links or backlinks but also a good set of audience. Just do avoid overdoing on guest posting on other sites. It allows building the relationship with other bloggers which could be great for the marketing of content. You start by creating the list of website that does guest posting. Then reach out to them if they are relevant to your web page.

Remember while asking someone for guesting for you starting by appreciating their work. Tell you to follow their post or you are a regular reader. Now you can provide them the post about the author with the link of your website. Here the audience size, reputation in the industry, readership quality, etc of your guest blogger will help your post to do better.

  • Best way to go for guest posting:
  • Create a list of target blogs
  • Identify key audience indicators
  • Pitch your guest post ideas
  • Write your guest post
  • Add a backlink
Business listing for Building Links

If you own a small business than listing on the directory will help you in getting some good backlinks. You can find a number of the free portal of business that could help you in building links. Here is some best portal that you can use:

  • TripAdvisor,
  • Google My Business,
  • Bing,
  • Yahoo,
  • Facebook,
  • Yelp,
  • Yellow pages

Ther much more than this, find the one with the best DA/PA list your business on them. This is the best way for getting links and increase the visibility of website ranking.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking allows users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. The search engine finds the web page which is bookmarked a useful and quality one. It provides the link and helps in grabbing the visibility and ranking. To do it right, you can list out the best book marketing sites and then submit your web page or website on them.

A few popular social bookmarking tools include:

  • Delicious
  • Evernote
  • Pinterest
  • Bitly

Social bookmarking is impactful as they help you reach your target audience. You can narrow your audience for the better results and response.

Writing Testimonials helps in Building Links

While writing the testimonial keep in mind that not all website needs your comment or appreciation from your side. There is no benefit in going to the website who do not know about you. Testimonials are the part of white hat SEO techniques but surely needs to be carried out in the writ manner.

By testifying for their products or services you can earn some really good backlinks. You can place the service or the product in order to get the backlinks, make sure that you write about the services or products that the website provides. Try giving testimonials to the companies which are good and links from them will benefit you.

Fix Your Broken Links

Broken Link is the worst that you ever happen to your site or that could ever affect your ranking. Website with the good domain authority has some broken links or the web page that does not exist. Find out those links and fix them as soon as possible. Once you are done fixing the broken links you can retarget your audience and get back to them by new improvised links for better ranking.

  •  Try to provide the content better than the previous one
  • Ahrefs or Screaming Frog are some very popular tools that can be used to figure out the broken links
Start Your Own Blog

Starting a blog relevant to your website is always a great idea and part of White hat SEO. Provide your user with the new and innovative material to read. Always try to post new and innovative content regularly and make sure to give a link to your website. You can further promote the blog on several social media sites. Make sure that the blog you are using is relevant to your website only then the link will be considered as quality.

You can always go for the rich content in order to get the better results. Share or post blogger on social media as much as you can. This way you will be able to generate some really good links that will help you doing well in your work

Learn -  How to remove Bad Links.


Getting the quality links from white hat SEO is not an easy task but it surely worth your effort. However, if you follow these techniques you will surely get the better results and this will help you well in getting the higher ranks and great visibility over social media. The quality of your post will increase the chances of building some really good links.

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