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How To Remove Bad Links And Recover Your Rankings – Link building surely plays a very important role for any website. But then nothing is terrifying than bad links. They are worst enemy for ranking and could cause serious damage to your SEO strategy with the penalty that comes with bad links. You simply cannot take SEO strategy for granted and start using spammy activity you eventually have to pay for it later. Those you have already committed this alarming activity should know How To Remove Bad Links And Recover Your Rankings in order to attain your position. 

Backlinks are important for the ranking and position of the website over the search engine. The quality of backlinks is among the top ranking factors in SEO. Googe gives more emphasis on the quality of links then the quality, one quality link is equal to the ten. If your website instead of good links has the bad one then the penalty is on the way for you. In this post, you will get the best ways to remove bad links and recover your ranking.

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Let’s get started,

How to Identify the Bad Links?

Well, how would you remove the faulty or bad links if you do not know how to spot or identify them? That is why it is important to know about the bad links so that you could take action against them.

The best way to start the scrutiny of bad links is by exporting all your backlinks to the link checker that you like the most. You can look for the following thing in those link in order to figure out the bad links:

  • Paid and the sponsored links are considered as the bad by Google. They are in sidebars, bios etc.
  • The links coming from the niche which has nothing to do with your website’s topic. These links are extremely important to remove they affect the website badly.
  • The links which smell spammy general comes from the blog comment, forum post etc.
  • Links coming from the penalized website can harm the ranking of your website.
  • Multiple links with the same anchor text are also considered bad and they needed to be removed.

Quick tip

There are numbers of tools that you can use for removing the bad links. Sometimes it’s hard to find the bad links these tools could be a great help for you in order to spot the faulty links:

  • Open Site Explorer
  • MajesticSEO
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Link Research Tools
  • AHrefs

Google index can also be a useful thing for you.

These are top used tools that will provide you the good idea about the links that are coming to your website. All time is worth to identify the bad links as sometimes you will not find them easily. These tools will provide you the following important that is required to identify whether the link is bad or good:

  • what anchor text is used in the coming link
  • Linked page
  • Distribution of anchor text
  • Link to home page
  • Whether the links are do follow or the nofollow
  • The URL linking to your site.

Best Ways to Remove the Bad Links in order to recover Ranking

Once you get any notification regarding the penalty caused by the natural links, here are the things you need to do immediately:

  • Firstly, clean your site any 301 or 302 errors are needed to be removed. Make sure your site does not have any duplicate content. The 404 errors should be removed too. Once you are done with this, now you need to run the on-site audit for links.
  • Then by using any of the tools of your choice maint the record or the list of links that are coming to your site.
  • Now with the audit identify the links with low quality. You now know how to spot the bad links it already mentioned above.

Follow the Bellow Steps to Remove Bad Backlinks

  1. With low-quality sites. Prepare the spreadsheet of the low-quality site and by using the tool of your choice identify them and list them on your sheet.
  2. Check the anchor text. Good anchor text is extremely important therefore keep them. List the links which have bad anchor text such as anchor text matches exactly and over-representation of keywords. Thes anchor text is bad and could lead to the penalty.
  3. List the spammy websites. Directory sites, porn, bad code or site errors, gambling, different language are considered spammy apart from this the site which has no relevance to your website or the topic of your website is also considered as spammy and need to be removed.

Once you are done with listing the bad links now you need to remove them. For that, you need to make a request to the Google webmaster for reconsideration. While putting up the request ensure these things:

  • Do not lie, be specific and detailed.
  • You need to show them the efforts
  • Act like you mean it

Make sure you really out in the efforts to remove the bad links and provide the Google professionals with the complete details. You need to ensure them you have worked hard in removing the bad links. They have to work on 1000 of cases like this. If they will not find you genuine and you fail to provide the necessary information then your request will be tossed off.


The ultimate goal for any website is to get the higher ranking on search engine. To do so it is important to build links. Make sure while building links you keep the rules set by Google in mind. This is the best way to stay away from the penalty. If you get one then you need to work smart and give time to resolve the issue first otherwise your ranking will be affected badly.

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