PPC Training in Chandigarh

PPC Training in Chandigarh – Looking for the Best PPC training in Chandigarh? So that you can build your career in digital marketing. This is a 1 month duration Google AdWords Course which is based 100% practical training. WebHopers Academy also helps the students to get Google AdWords certification in Google AdWords PPC Course. So our PPC Course is designed to help you in achieving the career in PPC Jobs and work as a freelancer in PPC ( Pay Per Click).

PPC Training in Chandigarh

You can also learn the PPC ad manage to grow your own business online. So if you are looking for the right training institute for PPC Course Chandigarh then you are in the right place. 

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Batches Details

PPC Training Course Details
Duration 30 days
Class Timings 9:00 am to 11:00 am, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Batches Monday - Friday

Our PPC Course includes the keyword categorization, keyword research, campaign structuring, account set, ad copy creation up, optimization, reporting, Adwords Editor, Google Analytics for PPC, display advertising, re-marketing, excel techniques and a lot more.  AdWords Google certified course by us includes the latest topics which will be taught to by our qualified and experienced staff. For more details regarding our PPC Course in Chandigarh call us at +91 7696228822 or email at webhopersacademy@gmail.com

About WebHopers PPC Training in Chandigarh

PPC is one of the authoritative types of advertisement that is used by the number of people recently to get the best result out of it. Advertisers use PPC in order to get the best customer base. As it constructs an instant million visibility of people who use the internet to get any sort of information or to buy something. Thus, Pay per click has become a very important part of digital marketing and having its knowledge has become very necessary to get the best use of the platform like the internet.

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Our PPC training classes at Chandigarh are best for the entrepreneurs, business owner, students, or anyone who want to get good business from the internet. Join our classes and show your appearance in the search engines. Also, Chandigarh is the business hub of real estate, educational institutes, pharma companies & services industry. Business Owners of these industries knows the value of being online. So if you know the things like how to run PPC advertisements then obviously they'll hire you. One more thing if you want to do the job at Chandigarh on a field where the growth is good then learn PPC course. In this field, you'll get 100% good Job at Mohali, Panchkula.

What is Our PPC course in Chandigarh all about?

To understand the PPC Training course you first must understand what Pay per click actually is. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the best way to advertising business on search engines and website, this is done by running campaigns through sponsored ads. This is the best way to reach the target audience and getting the best return on the marketing.

Google AdWords Training in Chandigarh

WebHopers Academy’s PPC course is best designed for the students to understand the PPC advertisement. So that you can increase the business of your clients or company. The course of Pay per click by WebHopers Academy will cover everything that a PPC professional should know. Here is what this course consist

  • Initial comprehensive campaign setup
  • Conversion tracking
  • Bidding and reporting
  • Landing pages
  • Managing campaigns
  • Advanced PPC concepts

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What is the objective of the PPC Training Course in Chandigarh by WebHopers Academy?

Our PPC Certification course is well planned to not only introduce you to the basic PPC. But to provide our students with in-depth knowledge and understanding. At WebHopers Academy our main object of this training will be to make you aware of all the facets of PPC advertising.

At the end of this course you will master or learn the following things:

  • Experts the tools and techniques to master for any role in paid advertising in the digital world.
  • You will be an expert in framing and executing the paid marketing campaigns in order to achieve marketing goals.
  • Leverage paid advertisement that will help you in increasing brand awareness along with this conversions will also increase the brand.

Is there Any Probability of Getting Google AdWords Training in Chandigarh at Home?

Well right now we are not providing online Google AdWords PPC Training in Chandigarh. But in future may be we are providing this opportunity.

Who Should Enrol for PPC training in Chandigarh Provided by Us?

PPC advertisement is beneficial for all business, especially who want to get good business through online. Anyone can apply for this course; if you are keen to learn the digital marketing techniques with the best PPC practices then this is the best course for you.

Following gets the most benefits of PPC course Chandigarh Provided by WebHopers Academy:

  • Digital marketers,
  • Marketing consultants,
  • Business owners/entrepreneurs,
  • Student those who want to be the PPC specialists

Preview of Syllabus for PPC Course Chandigarh

Here is our PPC Training course Chandigarh preview. This covers everything that you need to know and learning about the Google AdWords. Our course will cover from basics to the advanced learning of the PPC. Have a look:

  • Introduction: this part includes an introduction to pay per click
  • Introduction to keyword research, keywords, and match types
  • Learn writing  Ad copy and Ad extensions
  • Campaign settings for the project
  • In-depth knowledge of conversion tracking, bidding, and reporting
  • Best use of  the display network account
  • Organization of account
  • Quality Score Concept
  • Creating your account strategy the launching and monitoring the accounts
  • Testing
  • Advanced landing page strategy
  • Tools

WebHopers Academy Google Adwords course in Chandigarh details

  1. Introduction to AdWords
  2. Account management
  3. Campaign and ad group management
  4. Keyword targeting
  5. Language & location targeting
  6. Ad Formats
  7. Budgets and bidding
  8. Measurement and optimization
  9. Managing multiple accounts
  10. Ad Formats
  11. Ad & Site Quality
  12. AdWords Tools
  13. Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  14. Optimizing Performance
  15. Performance, Profitability, and Growth
  16. AdWords API
  17. Display ads on the Google Display Network
  18. For Video Promotion we have Display ads on YouTube
  19. Display ads on mobile devices
  20. Mobile Tracking Installation Management
  21. Google Analytics
  22. E-commerce Tracking Analytics

As we all know marketing business online become the basic need. But in the Location of Chandigarh, most business owners want to get business online instantly. If you want to learn how to get business instantly from Google and other platforms then enroll yourself in our Google AdWords PPC Training Chandigarh. In this training course, you'll learn how to create ads and how to get a good outcome from your paid ads. Contact us anytime to know our PPC course fee and batch timings. Free Demo Class available.

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Phone Number: +91 7696228822

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