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What is the Role of Domain & Page Authority in SEO? – Isn’t it difficult to figure out the factors that Google use for ranking? Well, there are 100s for Ranking factors used by Google which indeed make it tough to get the quick results. One among such ranking factors which are crucial and provide result is the authority. You might have heard about the domain and Page Authority number of times. Do you know what is the Domain authority and page authority in SEO?  Any idea how the domain & Page Authority is important for SEO? If no, then don’t worry in this post will get the complete knowledge of Domain & Page Authority 

Domain & Page Authority is the Part of On-Page SEO Techniques. The qualitative measure of the website can be known as its authority. It directly affects the ranking and the visibility of a website. Due to this very same reason authority is considered as one major ranking factor by the SEO experts. Here in this post, you will get to know about the Role of Domain and Page Authority in  SEO and how to improve them for better SEO Results. Authority of a web page and domain is essential for increasing the visibility and ranking. There is undoubtedly no denying in the fact that major SEO tactics which include linking building and content updates are major done to build the authority.

Let us started with the,

Role of Domain Authority in Search Engine Optimization

What is the Domain Authority – In simple words, domain authority is the measure of the power of the name of the domain. Moz created the domain authority in order to get the strength of the website. This strength is determined by a number of factors such as the age of domain, popularity, and size. Domain authority is one extremely important factor for the search engine ranking if the website. There is a number of character that domain has some of them are given below:

  • The speed of your website
  • Age of your domain and its size
  • Incoming links on your site
  • The outgoing links on site

The higher your domain authority means higher search engine ranking. This eventually results in getting more and better web traffic. In order to get the good results to make sure to improve domain authority for better SEO. Here given below are,

Best Ways to Improve the Domain Authority for Better SEO Results

The best thing about the domain authority is that is could be changed. To get DA with the 100 scores is not easy to achieve. Sites like Facebook and Google has only reached this DA score. By constantly improving the DA you can get the higher score and this will result in better SEO.

Here are the best ways to increase the Domain Authority:

  • In order to improve the Domain authority, you need to work on links. Relevant backlinking has the main role in SEO 
  • Make sure your technical SEO is all right
  • Try to generate more linkable content
  • Develop strong internal links
  • Keep tracks on the links try to remove the bad links as they can bring you down
  • Domain authority takes time, it cannot be built overnight. Therefore, be patient for the results.

This was the role o Domain authority for the SEO. Goog domain authority means good SEO and positive results. Now, moving toward the,

What is the Page Authority | Role of Page Authority for SEO

Just like Domain authority, the Page Authority is the score which is developed by the Moz in order to determine how effectively the page will rank over the search engine. The closer you tow the 100scores the higher your page will rank. In other words, page authority is the way to determine the strength of the SEO.

The page authority majorly depends on these factors and this how it is important for SEO:

  • The page authority can be increased by the building good internal links this also helps in improving the ranking as the crawling increase.
  • If the quality of incoming and outgoing links are good it will benefit the page authority
  • Page authority also depends on the domain authority where the web page is located
  • It can build best by using unique and relevant content

Page authority clearly determines the ranking strength of the web page on the search engine. In order to get a higher ranking, it is important to improve the page authority. The page authority could be increased in the following ways:

  • By putting up fresh and quality content
  • Building extras links
  • Using images and placing keywords right


Both the domain and the page authority are important for the search engine optimization, increasing visibility and generating good traffic. If you really want to build your brand strong over the internet and wants to get the best results of SEO then you need to work on both of these metrics. However, domain authority is much more important take a good investment of time and quality links and content to build but is surely later helps in better SEO.

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