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Top 10 SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic of Website – The end goal of every SEO practice is to drive traffic by ranking high in the search results on target keywords. But how to achieve that is a big question for many. It can not be achieved over night, successful SEO needs time and good techniques. Thus, these Top 10 SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic of Website could prove to be successful tricks for you.  There is no shortcuts and no magic involved in it sooner you realise this better it would be for your work. To rank on the first page of the search engines there are a certain set of rules provided by the Google that you need to follow.

The search algorithms which direct all the search engines and make them identify which particular site should rank on which position. Persuading search engine for ranking your website on the 1st page is not an easy task and it is a valid concern.

It seems like that in past few years everyone has become the SEO experts because every now and then some are putting up the SEO tricks. With that much of information, it has become difficult to follow the right one.

With these Top 2017 SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic of Website things will become less complicated for the beginners and better for the experts. These tips and tricks will help your website to rank on SERPs well by meeting the requirements that are rolled out by the search engines.

In this post, you will get the knowledge of top SEO techniques to boost ranking & traffic of the website. If you want to learn practically that how to use SEO Techniques to boost ranking & traffic of website then you must join a WebHopers Academy. WebHopers Academy is Panchkula based digital marketing institute that offers the SEO Training to learn how to advanced SEO techniques

Top 10 SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic of Website

Top 10 SEO Techniques of 2017 to Generate Traffic on Website

The SCO tactics do not limit in just these 10 points for obvious reasons. But these are the most effective tricks that have shown some really good results when we practiced it. You can also run this test on your website to get a good response and good spot on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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1#Improve Ranking by Increasing Engagement – Best SEO Technique

 Ranking by Increasing Engagement

One of the best ways which ranking of the website can be improved in much better is by working on its engagement. Increasing people engagement come on top in the list of top 10 SEO Techniques.  It required a number of things on which we will come later. Firstly understand how engagement helps in ranking on the top spot. The more time user spends on your site more benefit it will provide you and higher it will rank in search results.

According to Google if a user spends more time on the site that means it is using for them that is why they are it ranks website with good engagement on the top. For increasing the site management is some useful tips to follow:

Keep your Post Easy & Simple yet Unique to boost Traffic Through SEO 

Precisely formatted content is essential for increasing the readability and increasing engagement on the website. Here are some essential things that you need to keep in mind while formatting the post or writing connect:

  • Shorter the Pagargarh better it would be. Ensure that your paragraph does not exceed the in lines.  It is advisable to end paragraph within 3 lines.
  • Keep sentences short too.  The long sentence does not catch attention for much time. One line should not contain more than 20 words.
  • Use Heading and Sub Heading in a right way. The Use of heading and sub headings in a right will not only help the readers to stick to your post but also help in generating the relevant content. The headline should be informative, short and should contain the keyword.
  • Use of Bullet Points and Numbering. Bullets points and numbering helps in representing the data and other things in a neat and systematic way. This helps readers to quickly go through them.

2. Build Links in Order to Boost Website Traffic Through SEO

Build Links in Order to Boost Website Traffic Through SEO

Building backlinks are essential for a grabbing good spot over the search engine. The incoming links to your website are an essential ranking factor. Quality content alone is not enough to rank higher it requires more than that it requires relevant backlinks. If you will not work on the Backlinks then the chances are more of not getting the results that you are hoping.

Over the time and with the policies of an algorithm like Penguin by Google. The low-quality backlinks are not in trend anymore. You will only get the best results the backlinks are coming from the quality site which has relevance. The spam links or paid links are considered bad for the site. It is important to understand the importance the Backlinks in SEO and get relevant Backlinks are important too. This will help you to boost your traffic incredibly. So building a relevant backlinking is part of top SEO techniques.

3. How Technical Optimization will help in Boosting Traffic to Website

Technical Optimization will help in Boosting Traffic to Website

Now talking about the technical aspects of Website that helps in SEO and ultimately in getting better ranks. Here we have listed few tips and trick which will help in boosting the traffic by ranking:

  • Mobile Responsive website is a must. If you want to generate traffic at present than having a mobile responsive website is a must. This is due to an increasing number of Mobile phone users.
  • Move to the more secure version of HTTP that is HTTPS. It’s been observed that it helps best in boosting the ranks.
  • You need to Fix error like 404. This error provides the most damage to the website. You need to fix and re arrange the broken pages as soon as possible in order to control the damage.

4. Choose Title of Page Description Carefully

Tital of Page Description Carefully

Choose the title of Content is the part of  top SEO techniques. Starting with the Title of the page, Title is one of the most crucial aspects of the SEO. It is important to choose the right page title in order to get the good traffic. Here are some essential things to look for while giving the title to the page:

  • It should be different than your previous page titles.
  • The title should be relevant to the content inside.
  • The brief, precise and descriptive title is best.
  • It should be clear from the title that what the page will have inside.

Now moving on the Description, The description page provides the synopsis of the entire content to the search engine. That it is important to write page description carefully. It helps well in getting good ranking. The page description is used as a snippet to the page and thus helps in driving the relevant traffic. Remember to use 140-150 characters only and don’t do repetitions.

5. ‘Local SEO’ Another Aspect to boost traffic

One should never neglect the power of local business especially the small business. It drives good traffic to the website. It is the best way to attract the local customers and build the brand image. So the local seo is also part of top SEO techniques. Here is an essential point for the local SEO which will help in generating the good traffic to the website:

  • Make sure to add the location, city, address and also include the local links to the page. Make sure you page ha something with the local interest.
  • Asker users for the reviews and rating this will back you up for the better
  • Select the proper categories in the google place list
  • Your website and google pages should appear to be connected to the Google in order to get the good results.

6# How important are Breadcrumbs, Schema for the SEO

Breadcrumbs, Schema,and Spite for the SEO

It is necessary to have breadcrumbs on all the pages of the website so that it could help in navigation. You can many free plugins that will help in making bread crumbs. On the other side, Schema markup is essential for web search engines to comprehend the context of the content.  In simple words, schema helps in proper and result driven indexing of the content. So schema is the part for Lastest SEO techniques.

In the case of spite, which not directly involved in the Google ranking system. This instead helps in improving the introduction of the page in a better way. With this, the chance of getting high ranking and good traffic is pretty high. You will come across the number of the schema for the content and site.

7#Image Optimization helps well in SEO and to boost Optimization

One cannot simply ignore the importance of image in the SEO. Images are very helpful in getting the SEO ranking that is ideal if they are properly optimized and moreover, it adds relevancy and provides good user experience as well. 

Here is some best way to use an image with optimization to get good ranking:

  • Make sure to use the alt text in the image, best if has the keyword but no keyword stuffing.
  • Keywords should also be used in the file name of the images, this must be separated by the dashes.
  • Store all the images properly
  • Try to use the images with smaller size but it should be clear. This will help site to work faster. This is considered as one of the essential tip for the good SEO.
8. Optimize the website by Webmaster tools and Analytics to Boost Traffic

Webmaster tools and Analytics to Boost Traffic

Keeping a track on your data or the post that you have submitted on the Webmaster is essential to drive more and more traffic to your site by keeping a check on its progress. Once you are done with indexing make sure to keep eye on the record and data of your website. This not directly helps on SEO but it will keep you aware of your work and you will get to know when to change your techniques for better results.  So the Optimization of website  by Google Webmaster is best SEO technique

Same is the case with Analytics. It will also help in keeping a good check on the important keywords, the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. This will further improve your ways of doing SEO for better. Use of such tools are essential for quality SEO and get the good results.

9. Guest Post – New SEO Technique to Boost ranking

Guest SEO

One of the very common techniques nowadays that has proved to very helpful in getting good ranking over search engine is the Guest SEO. In this, you can as a guest mentioned the other blogs or business which are not related to your business. If you consider tagging blogs that are not directly related to your type of business will keep you ahead of the competition.

Those who do not that exactly is guest SEO “It is a method used by bloggers to increase blog traffic where they write posts to be published on another blog.”

10. Sitemap Also Pay Critical Role in SEO Ranking

A sitemap is also part of top 10 SEO techniques. A sitemap is a simple run down of all posts/pages on the site. There is 2 kind of sitemaps that are essential for SEO. The first one is XMP sitemaps and the 2nd one is HTML sitemaps this helps to locate the content much easier. If the site mapping is done precisely and without any flaws than it will definitely help in good SEO. The Very site must place a link to your client sitemap from the main menu, it is very effective.


Good flow of traffic on the website is extremely important. If you want to get good revenue from online marketing make or SEO make sure that you put extra effort to reach out to your target audience. The more traffic you get higher you rank on search engine. So, these were the Top 10 SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic of Website, practice these and you will definitely get some really good results. We hope this helps you with your work. SEO will take and good efforts to show results. WebHopers wishes for your bright future and career.

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