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Top 10 Off-Page SEO Techniques – No one can deny the fact that SEO is most important to get the ranks which result in traffic. Isn’t it? What could be the better way to increase the visibility and customer engagement other than SEO? Good SEO not only provide profit but also build the brand and its reputation online.

For the fruitful SEO, it important to have a basic understanding of On-Page and Off-Page SEO. We have already discussed the 10 on-page SEO techniques to improve Ranking. Therefore in this post, we will talk about Top 10 Off-page SEO Techniques to Increase Google Ranking & Traffic. These important Off-page SEO techniques will make your work a lot easier. Plus, these will make it easy for you to compete in the competition too.

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Before going any further firstly understand,

Top 10 Off-page SEO Techniques to Increase Google Ranking & Traffic

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and What Are Its Types?

You might have come across the definition of SEO many times on Google. We won’t repeat what Google says. Here you will get a simple understanding of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a technique of online marketing. In this technique, the goal is to bring the website or web page on the higher position in the SERP. This is done by using the particular keyword.

The SEO is basically divided into two types which are:

  • On-Page Seach Engine Optimization
  • Off-page Search Engine Optimization

Starting with,

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what are its Types?

On-Page Search Engine Optimization: The On-page optimization or the On-page SEO is the measures that are conducted within the website or web page to get the higher ranking over the search engine. It basically works to provide the user-friendly experience to the visitors and helps in improving the ranking based on as techniques. On-page SEO deals with the optimization of content and use of Meta Pages.

Now moving onto the,

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization: Off-page SEO is part of Top SEO Techniques. Off-page SEO is an essential and effective process of getting higher ranks and traffic. It requires a lot of work as it includes the building of Backlinks. In Off-page SEO we get more relevant traffic and backlinks. There is the important role of Backlinks in SEO. Off-page SEO takes the time to show the results. It includes the activities which are performed outside the foundries of the website which will be discussed here in this post.

Here is the

List of Top 10 Off-page SEO Techniques to Increase Google Ranking & Traffic

Here is the list of best Off-Page SEO techniques which are in trend and helps in achieving the better ranking and traffic. If you want your SEO campaign to be a successful one then these techniques will help you. Try these strategies out and get some really good traffic on your website. 

So, here is the list of top 10 off page techniques in SEO to increase the Google ranking  and traffic for your website:

Social Networking Sites – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Techniques’

Social Networking sites have taken the world by storm especially Facebook and Instagram. It has almost become mandatory for the brands and company to have a strong social media presence where they could share their links or products. Sharing on social media site at least once a week is helpful for getting the good results and reach to a large section of the audience.

Build your influence presence over social networking site such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Scoop it
  • Storify
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Quora
  • Pinterest etc

Through this way, you will be able to spread your business among your friends, get more share and build a good online reputation. Google takes social signal as an important metric for ranking web pages.

Blogging Increases Ranking and Traffic

Blogging Increases Ranking and Traffic

Blogging is one of the top 10 off-page SEO techniques. It is another essential technique that brings traffic to the website. Blog for the website has become crucial as it helps in getting customers with the help of new information about the website. Apart from this, the most important thing about blogging is that it allows search engine crawler to visit the website of the URL given the blog more frequently. This increases the indexing and also helps in getting good ranking over a search engine.

For getting the maximum benefits of blogging you surely need to regularly new, innovative and relevant content to your website. For more effective results you can submit your blog to the niche blog directories and blog search engines. We, Will, discuss this further in this post.

Forum Marketing is an Influence Off-Page SEO Technique

By finding the forum matching your site niches can help in a good way. You can involve the community online and help in providing the answers and other things. You can share and start discussions with your friends. Forum marketing is one of the best ways to build up the reputation of a leading expert in that particular niche.

The use of “Do-Follow” Forums is best for the benefit of your website. It will allow getting good ranking and traffic have the benefit of sharing the link on this forum and crawl will reach to your website more often. This is great for getting the good ranking and traffic.

 Directory Submission

Directory Submission

Directory Submission is also part of off-page SEO Techniques. It still has a good reach among the people. Therefore, if you are not involved in directory submission then now is the right time. Through directory submission, you will be to increase the views on your website effectively. But to get, the more specific audience and good views make sure to go for the good directories.

Submitting the post or URL or service to the niche directory is one of the most effective ways to get the good results. Though it will take time but do not disappoint you with the results. So there is the very important Role of Directory submission in SEO

Social Bookmarking is an Integral Part of OFF-Page SEO

Undoubtedly, Social Bookmarking is the proven way to promote your business or website online. You must have the good knowledge about using the bookmarking in order to avoid the spamming on such sites and get the best results. For effective results make sure to have the good presence of social bookmarking sites which are popular such as:

  • StumbleUpon,
  • Digg,
  • Delicious,
  • Reddit etc.

Social Bookmarking helps in increasing the website traffic. The more effective and influential presence you have the more benefit you will gain out of it. So social bookmarking is also known as the best off-page SEO technique

Mobile Site Optimization is Beneficial

Since there is a huge number of people who use their smartphones. Therefore, having a mobile optimized site has become crucial for the website. If the site’s loading speed is not good it will definitely be going to result in the loss. Google’s AMP project is the best way to optimize and keep a check on the mobile sites.

Try to make sure that your mobile site meets all the standards of a high-quality and effective website.  Quality content, voice search, microformats, artificial intelligence are some of the things that will make your mobile website influence and effectiveness.

Link Baiting

Link Baiting

Link Baiting is one of best off-page SEO Techniques. It is another popular way for the promotion of the website. You can use and publish the content of other websites by providing their links. If you yourself involved in generating the high-quality content than this will help you well. Allow another website to mention you in their post by mentioning your link. This helps in increasing the reach and results in good traffic and eventually higher ranking.

You Cannot miss the Local Listing

Image result for Local Listing

Listing in the local directory can be another very helpful way to be able to reach a large section of your audience. By focusing on the local listing you will be able to reach to the manager more effective with the less competition. This will not nnly help the people to reach to you but also helps the search engine to reach to your website and crawl more often.

You can submit your website on the platforms like:

  • Google Local,
  • Maps,
  • Yahoo Local,
  • Yellow Pages etc.

Photo Sharing and Video Promotions

Sharing pictures on the several platforms related to your business and website will help to target more audience. You can ask your friends to comment on these photos. There are many photo sharing website that can help you to reach a large section. The photo you are sharing must be of higher resolution and creative in order to get the positive results.

Apart from images video promotional is also effective off-page SEO techniques that can help your business grow well. Sharing the video with the link to your website or web page will result in getting the good traffic. You can share your video effectively on YouTube, Vimeo.etc.

Question and Answers

By actively participating in the question-answer session on the several search engine is effective Off-page SEO technique. People post the number of question online and look for the best answers. You can answer the question that matches your niche. This way you can attract more and more people to the website. It also helps in building a good online reputation. You can mention the link to your website. This will help the readers to reach to your website and get more relevant information on their niche.


We hope you found this post really helpful. These were the best off-page SEO techniques which are considered very effective in getting the higher ranking and great traffic. If you involve this effective technique in your SEO strategies you will get some really good results. WebHopers Academy wishes you a very very bright future.

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