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Technical SEO Training -  WebHopers Academy provides Technical SEO training under the Complete SEO Courses. After the completing basic SEO training module, you will learn the Technical SEO which most important to visible your website on Search engines for particular keywords. In this module, you will learn about robort.txt file, site map,  crawlability and rel=“canonical”,  link structure etc.  If your site is not technically up to scratch, Google can’t read it correctly, and this will lead no ranking. So if you want to learn technical SEO skills then join our Technical SEO Training Course. Call us at  +91 6000810002 or email at [email protected]


Technical SEO Training in Chandigarh

Why do You need to Learn Technical SEO?

Now the search engine algorithms & SEO Ranking factor has been changed. Gone are days when people do back-linking &their site on multiples & keywords stuffing to get rank in search engines.  Now the search engine like google is giving the wastage to the technical part of SEO. First of all google Crowley your HTML coding, site structure, URL structure, check technical error, heading hierarchy, count number of internal links etc. In this module, you will get knowledge of the Common SEO Mistakes which people always do. So before starting the On-page & Off-page SEO, you should need to know about technical SEO. If you want to learn technical Search engines optimization then join our Technical SEO training.

What will You learn in Technical SEO Training?

With the help of this course, you will get form the strong base in technical SEO. You will be introduced to the key component of the SEO learning and technical parts of the SEO. Initially, the prime focus will be given on the crawlability of the site on which you will work along with the SEO of the site. We will make you understand about the working of Google, making your site presentable from SEO perspective. You will learn about the rendering and indexing for the SEO fluently. Other than this we will make your familiar with the following:

  • roborts.txt,
  • Site map
  • Analytic  & webmaster Code
  • HTTP headers,
  • site wide crawlability,
  • blocked content,
  • canonical URLs,
  • image optimization etc.

 You will become familiar with SEO and search engines

Your training will start with the basic introduction of SEO, Working of Google and how at WebHopers Academy we work on Google for SEO. You will be explained about the ranking of sites and impact of crawlability on your site. The aim of this will to make you able of providing the readable content for Google so it can be indexed proper and get good ranking.

Understanding of HTTP

In this part of the training, you will be introduced to the different types of protocols such as HTTP2, HTTPS, and HHTP. Our experts will explain you the whole process when a browser requests a particular site. How to solve issues on your site based on these things and to figure out HTTP headers and status code.

Jobs of Meta Tags

This module will be entirely based on the Meta Tags, How the meta tags provide info of pages to the search engines. Our experts will provide you in-depth knowledge about the source code and introduce you to the different types of tags in order to provide you knowledge about the job of the search engine. Robots.txt, rel=“canonical” and Meta robots are included in this session.

Understanding of HTML

HTML is the main element of the site, it provides a structure to the site and renders the browser, our experts will explain you the entire process. You will know the importance of things like heading, page hierarchy, meta tags and many other such important things that come to technical SEO. We will also expertise you in handling the errors that cause issues in loading your site on Google.

Wide crawlability by Optimization

In this module you will learn about the Site-wide SEO, we will allow you to work on your site in a way that you get the good response. You will able to creat the user-friendly URLs and get to know about the role of XML sitemaps.

Site speed based on server side

This is one important aspect of technical SEO learning. The speed of your city has an impact on the working of the site. The Google will value your page on the basis of the experience of the visitors. Thus, the visitor should have the good experience on your site. We make you understand to improve your site speed and how you should evaluate it.


What will you get at the end of technical SEO training?

You will learn or enhance your technical SEO skills which will help you in carrying out your own projects without issues. Apart from this, you will know the concept of the diagnosis of search engine and web pages or how to interact. Learn to solve the issues and problem that you might face in SEO. At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Enhance the relevance of Page Content
  • Link development and Social citations
  • You will also be able to optimize your search listings
  • Expertise in managing the duplicate content

The step by step learning at WebHopers Academy will help you in diagnosing and developing the site, resolving the technical SEO issues. We ensure you the best learning of the technical training at the WebHopers Academy. Our training is based on real examples, methodologies, concepts, tools and live projects to refine your SEO skills.

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