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10 Common SEO Mistakes That Affect Your Search Ranking Negatively – By know you might be familiar with the importance of SEO for online business and website. If you own a website or you are a beginner in digital marketing SEO is essential for getting higher ranking on search engine.  Are you are familiar with the basic concept of SEO and still not getting the ranks you were hoping? Then you might be doing something wrong. Here WebHopers has listed 10 Common SEO Mistakes that affect search ranking negatively. 

In this post, you will get aware of issues that need your focus and avoid the mistakes that can cost you heavy on the ranking. At the end of this post, you will able to figure out and avoid the common on-page, technical SEO and website issues, and mistakes that were affecting your ranking and eventually the traffic. This extensive list of 10 most common SEO Mistakes affecting ranking negatively will maximize the results of your work.

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Here you go with them,

10 Common SEO Mistakes that Negatively affect ranking and Traffic

List of 10 Common SEO Mistakes that Negatively affect ranking and Traffic

SEO has become essential for marketing and people are now ditching the traditional marketing method due to digitalization. With the increasing competition to rank higher most of people end up doing some very common SEO mistake. These mistakes instead of acquiring higher ranking end up rank your site low. So, instead of reading and then just ignoring these things make sure you make changes or at least keep in mind these mistakes while working further in the future.

Here mentioned below are some of the most common SEO mistakes which can’t be overlooked or ignored if you want to get the best result of your efforts:

Not Using or Optimizing for the Right Keyword is Common SEO Mistake

Not Using or Optimizing for the Right Keyword is a Big SEO mistake

Selection of keywords requires good research and brainstorming. If you are randomly selecting any keywords then it is hard to get the ranking over a search engine. When it comes to the keywords best to be as specific as possible. The tool such as Google Keyword Planner is the best for getting the right keyword.

Apart from this, the other common mistake people do is the keyword stuffing. If your web page is stuffed with the keyword then forget about the ranking. This will bring down the quality of your content which is another important factor for getting the higher ranking. For the result oriented and good search engine optimization it is important to have the content with the best quality and right use of the keyword. so choosing a wrong keyword can be common SEO mistake

Not Utilizing the Full Potential of Analytics Affect Search Engine Ranking Negatively

This could be the major SEO mistake that you might be doing in your SEO techniques. Google analytics helps well in improving and getting the right idea about the use of content, conversions, and user experience. Google Analytics provides you the right phrase or the Keyword that will bring a lot of traffic. But try not to focus only on the competitive keywords as getting ranking on them is difficult.

The keyword with the low traffic can also increase the conversion as they are more specific and your web page will rank higher with that. Try to utilize Google analytic as much as you can because if the following reasons:

  • It provides good information about the most important data that is useful for SEO
  • Through this, you will able to figure out the online campaign that brings the most traffic
  • You will be able to get to know about your targeted audiences
  • It will give you the idea what people are looking for

Ignoring Meta Description and Title Tags is a Big SEO mistake

Ignoring Meta Description and Title Tags is a Big SEO mistake

Not using the unique title tags and meta description can damage the rating of your website. While Meta distraction is used for providing the precise information to the user about the content. Title Tags are important to let your audience known about the topic on which the content is. Both these are an important element of search engine optimization that you cannot afford to ignore.

Make sure that you use the right Meta description and Title tag in order to boost the ranking. Meta tags should not exceed the 160 characters and contain be contain the brief of the content. When it comes to the website every page of the website should have the unique title tags.

No Local Search Optimization

You are working for the client whose target audience is in the city or you are having the website that focuses on the people in your city then not doing local search optimization could be a big SEO mistake. Knowing about local search has become important even the search engine as Google views it differently than the keyword which focuses more globally. Here mentioned below are some of the advantages of Local Search Optimization:

If you are not sure about from where to start then best is to work on the regional specific keywords. Provide the title tags and meta description based on the region or location. Do not forget to add the contact information and the address in the header or footer of your page. Here mentioned below are some of the advantages of Local Search Optimization:

  • 86% of people look up the business on Google Maps
  • 46% of all the searches on Google are local
  • Local SEO helps in driving more and more local customers to your business.

Skipping the Anchor Text for the internal links

Anchor text is the hyperlink with the clickable text. You cannot afford to skip the anchor text as they help in quality interlinks which helps in boosting the clicks and keep the user engaged on your site. To get the maximum benefits of the anchor text to try to use the more relevant keywords for the links. Here are SEO mistakes that you need to avoid while giving the anchor text:

  • Do not forget to tag your anchor text.
  • Avoid the interlinks with keyword rich anchors

Rushing Behind the Quantity rather than the Quality of Links

Rushing Behind the Quantity rather than the Quality of Links

Getting links is not tough. The quality link is somehow difficult to acquire and they matter the most to boost the ranking. If you are rushing behind the quantity of the links then this where you are going wrong. One link from the quality blog which is relevant can be much beneficial than the hundred low-quality links.

This is where the tough part start, getting the link from the quality blog or resource is not easy but it is what you need. Google pays good attention to the links that come from trustworthy sites. Make sure to get the links which are:

  • Coming from the active website or blog.
  • Relevant to your website or post

Use of Duplicate and Low-Quality Content is a big Mistake in SEO

 Use of Duplicate and Low-Quality Content is big Mistake in SEO


You might have heard or read this phrase number of time that content is king. Well, it is partially true, only the unique and relevant content will help you to grab a good position on the search engine. Google is very strict when it comes to the user experience. Google Panda is the best example to understand the importance of the quality content.

Duplicate or low-quality content affect the Google ranking negatively. Try to use the relevant and unique content increase the user experience. Most of the website owner and people learning SEO do not realize its importance. Use images in the content with alt text and provide headings.

Not having Mobile-Friendly Website

Since more and more people are now switching towards the use of smartphone rather than the desktop. That way the search engines are now giving good preference to the site which is mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly then it is a big SEO mistake. You will be amazed to know that mobile devices are accounting for over 60% of the traffic.

If you want your website to rank higher you definitely need a Mobile Friendly Website. This is how it will help improving ranking:

  • Google indexes the site based on the mobile version
  • Mobile responsiveness is used to evaluate the user experience
No Robots.txt file and Missing Sitemaps

No Robots.txt file and Missing Sitemaps

Roborts.txt files are important for the SEO. If your site is not having the right robots.txt you are going to be down in ranking. Robots.txt files allow crawlers to go through the web page. If you do not want any particular web page to not crawl by the Google then this is what you need. There are a number of duplicate pages on the sites or the pages with the advertisement and others which could affect the ranks of the website.

Once the site gets a life it is important to look whether the sitemap is activated and submitted to the Google Search Console. The reason behind the low rank of the website could be this. Sitemaps provide the right paths to the crawlers go through the several pages of the website. This results in proper indexing and helps in boosting the rank.

Broken Links – One of the most common SEO mistake

Broken Links - One of the most common SEO mistake

A broken link is created when developer place the incorrect link in the URL text, delete the link page or by changing the URL address without correctly updating the URL address. It really destroys the website and brings down in ranking over search engines.

When the search engine crawler goes through the website and finds the dead link then it stops the search engine spider to crawl the website. This disturbs the indexing. The first thing you need to do is to check for the broken links and you find any get them fixed right away.


SEO is the best way to get the traffic organically or naturally. It increases the visibility and helps in getting leads. That is why you need to make sure that you do not commit any mistake that could affect your search engine ranking Negatively. So, these were the top 10 Common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid in order to get some good response from SEO. We hope you find this post helpful and get the best result out of it.

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