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How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Affects SEO Ranking? - When most awaited Accelerated Mobile Pages was out experts were keen to know about its impact on the SEO. AMP is playing very vital role in SEO Ranking. We have been asked by the number of people regarding How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Affects SEO and is it really important or beneficial for the website? So, according to the experts, it has been there being two main benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages which cannot be ignored by any mean if you want to get the higher ranking over the search engine. According to latest Google SEO Updates & Algorithms AMP has become one of the topmost ranking factors.  

Though it will be too soon talk about its complete impact of the SEO and other things it seems something which will really influence the ranking and whole game of Search engine optimization. Before moving on to the answer for the question that How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Affects SEO Ranking? Let we take you through the brief introduction of AMP and then how it is useful for your site and its ranking included by the mobile visitors.

How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Affects SEO Ranking?

So, here we go with

What does AMP Mean?

AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This open source coding standard for the publishers allows them to load their sites on the mobile phone in a much better and faster way than the mobile responsive. It basically focuses on the good user experience for the mobile phone users which is not there in the mobile responsive website as they use to take more time to get the load.

Earlier AMP was just the user experience but now with the Google’s support it has become must for the website to use it in order to do well on this search engine. Since the number of mobile phone users is increasing and more people are searching for their phone that is why Google find good user experience for mobile phone users extremely important and something that sites cannot afford to ignore. It is divided into the 3 categories which are:

  • AMP JavaScript
  • AMP Content Delivery Network

What is the Importance of AMP for your Website?

The best way to understand the importance of AMP for your website is by loading it on your phone. The results will not please you for sure. Since the mobile phone users not always have the high-speed internet connect thus, the heavy site may take never ending time to get the load. That is why it is always better to the experience of mobile browsing for all users (at least that’s what Google wants to happen) by standardizing a mobile version of your site with AMP.

Now, let’s start with the discussion about

Impact of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on SEO Ranking

By now AMP has two important impacts on the site the first one was “Fast” label designation on search engine results pages while the other one which we will be discussed below is ranking factor.

As soon as AMP rolled out it created a lot of buzz in the SEO community and it was next to impossible to ignore it. The bigger website such as news website adopted it very soon. It is a good step for those publishers.

Earlier the every news and publisher website adopted this method but now even the small business is more into the AMP. Evert business brands want their websites to be mobile users friendly and should provide the good user experience. Every website now displays their AMP pages in the search results as well.

Here is how AMP affects the ranking:

  • Click-Through-Rate: Users now mostly prefer the sites with AMP label on it. No one has enough time to wait for the page to get the load. Your website or web page will be clicked more if the user found that is mobile friendly. This thus results in the good ranking.
  • It surely enhances the user experience: Most of the users do not even think twice to visit the site which takes too long to get loaded they just skip it. Since more and more mobile phone users are increasing that is why the mobile users should also get the better user experience. The website that provides the better user experience comes in the favorite list of Google.
  • It for sure helps in increasing the Mobile ranking of the website: As 50% users over search engine search through their mobile phone, therefore, if you use AMP than you will get the best results and eventually the good ranking over the search engine.
  • Loading speed makes Website SEO friendly: The AMP Project is extremely important when it comes to the better loading speed. AMP allows the web page content to load very fast on mobile devices, improving the user experience and that is why it is something that you should not ignore in our opinion as it affects the SEO ranking as well.

Earlier, with the introduction of Mobile Friendly website by Google, it was clearly observed that Google will give the preference to the website with a good mobile friendly website. The website which was mobile friendly got the good ranking while website which was not mobile user-friendly really suffered badly. The situation seems same with the AMP project make your website better for the mobile phone users to lose customers and also SEO Ranking over the search engine.


At WebHopers, we believe that AMP projects will have a strong influence over the entire process of SEO and digital Marketing. Since the wide users of the mobile phone all over the phone, it has become important to have AMP for your website. No want wants to wait to get a page load it is the most annoying and awful thing on earth. In order to get the best result for your work, it is important to add this in your digital marketing strategy. No matter if you are the huge website, business or a small or local business the AMP will benefit all. Its emphasis on increasing the user experience and it is the main priority for the Google.

So, it is high time now to make sure that your site is AMP equipped in order to improve SEO Ranking.

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