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WordPress Training in Panchkula – WordPress is the most popular and widely used Content Management system. It is used from blogging to the commercial websites. There are 267,074 million websites across the globe that uses WordPress as their CMS. Though WordPress user is not required to have the understanding of PHP if you are a PHP expert then a good understanding of Wordpress is a must for you. Web Developer, bloggers, and those who want to create their website or managing content WebHopers Academy brings you the best Wordpress Training in Panchkula.

WebHopers Academy’s Wordpress course is advance, unique and elite training program. This course will take the students from the ground up to going live with the WordPress website of their own. If you are beginners then join our Wordpress development training for beginners, if you are having knowledge about Wordpress then our Advance WordPress development training, you can also learn how to configure it for SEO purpose, we will be ideal for you. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills for the better career opportunity or want to set up your own website our Wordpress PHP Training in Panchkula by the dedicated instructor is best for you.

Enroll yourself in our Wordpress training program at WebHopers Academy to master this popular CMS. WebHopers Academy is the best institute for PHP Training in Panchkula. So for the more detail information call us at +91 6000810002 or email at  [email protected]

wordpress training in Panchkula

Synopsis of Wordpress Training Program at WebHopers Academy

At WebHhopers Academy, we provide the best training to our students. Our Wordpress training program will not only cover the conceptual framework of this CMS but also provide a practical understanding to build a website or a blog. At the end of this Training Program, you will be able to build your website.

The training will start with the installation of Wordpress and followed by the content management theory. The training will then take you through the admin panel and then to the post, pages, and forum. Students will also get a good understanding of plugin management and galleries, videos for the blog or website. Apart from this, you will get to know about the SEO for Wordpress and Meta Tags. Students will also get a good understanding of using them to make a website or blog look better and you will also learn to create your own theme.

Why do you need to have Good Wordpress Skills?

If you are not sure to learn WordPress then given below are a few things about it that you must know. Go through it and know how important Wordpress is in today’s Digital Industry:

  • WordPress powers 4.5% of the ENTIRE internet. It is the most popular CMS in the world.
  • High profile brands use WordPress too such as NASA, Facebook, MTV, and the list goes on
  • There is a number of plugins for WordPress, there are 45,000 free plugins in the official WordPress directory which is great for the PHP Expert.
  • Wordpress site is easy to manage and one can earn well from them.

What will you learn from WordPress Development Training at WebHopers Academy?

This training will provide you the best understanding of WordPress and deliver the best results. This training course will cover a number of this. Here are the things that you will learn in Word[press training:

  • Students will get tips and tricks to work on WordPress efficiently.
  • Best tools and Plugins to use explicitly for a better outcome
  • Basics right from setting up web hosting and installing WordPress.
  • Ways of Building and operating their own Wordpress Themes.
  • The Conceptual Framework of WordPress.
  • Getting to know about the Building Blocks of a WordPress Site.

Wordpress Training Course Syllabus

The course will cover all ins and outs of WordPress. By the end of this students will be able to create their own websites. The instructor will provide both the theoretical as well as practical learning. Here given below are things which will be covered in Wordpress development training at our institute:

  1. Introduction to WordPress

This topic will cover the following topic which will provide you the good insight of WordPress and how it works:

  • Package Download
  • Installation
  • Creating Database
  • A brief history
  • More about WordPress
  • WordPress Blogs vs. Websites
  • A brief introduction to WordPress themes
  • Getting started with WordPress
  1. Finding a Home for your WordPress Site
  2. Installing WordPress on Your Site
  3. Content Management using WordPress
  4. Selecting the Right Tools
  5. Wordpress Plugin Development which will include things like Hooks, Filters, Action, Plugin development, etc.
  6. Wordpress core functions, how to use, customize, etc.,

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