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Why Digital Marketing is Important Than Traditional Marketing - Marketing means to sell the product to promote the services of the product and make that product into a renowned brand. Now, this is done by the two methods, one is digital marketing and another is traditional marketing. Tradition marketing is done by the traditional ways like promote the product with the help of old methods such as print advertisements, fax, through radio, magazines, face to face meeting, product samples, etc.

Digital marketing is introduced with the advancement of technology and this method makes every task so simple and time-saving. In this, the promotion of the product is done with the help of online technologies via mobile phones, display advertisements, and many more ways. Many digital marketing channels can create, accelerate and transmit product value from producer to the costumers. It allows direct interaction with the costumers.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional marketing:-

Traditional marketing is a conventional way of marketing which does not allow the direct interaction between the dealer and the buyer. It is classified under the following categories:-

  1. Print (magazines, newspapers, etc)
  2. Broadcast (TV, radio, etc)
  3. Direct mail (catalogs, postcards, etc)
  4. Telephones (telemarketing, SMS marketing, etc)
  5. Outdoor (billboards, fax, etc)

Digital marketing is an effective way to promote the product. As this allows the direct connection to the user and also creates transparency in front of the user. This way, this will help to stronger the bond between the costumers and the promoter. Everything from search engine market to face book marketing comes in digital marketing and it offers an array of services for the benefit of costumers and the dealer. This is classified into the following ways:-

  1. Inbound digital marketing
  2. Outbound marketing

Why tradition marketing lack behind digital marketing?

No doubts, it is the old method of promoting products but this way does not meet the requirement of the costumers. Today, technology has grown and is enabling a business to connect to their audience like never before.

  • No interaction: - tradition methods do not provide any interaction. So, this makes a difference between the deals .whereas, digital does the opposite. Thus, people prefer this rather than the traditional one.
  • Cost:-Traditional method always demands a huge investment for the promotion. Whether the result is positive or negative. Let’s take an example, if you want to print an add, after printing if your add is not read by the target audience on that day then what will happen, it can fall you.
  • Limited customized options: - In the traditional methods there are no so many options for you to promote the product as well as to buy it. Hence, you cannot go after the targeted result. But in digital marketing, through online you can reach out to the right kind of the costumers and also show them many offers that are offered for them.
  • Inability to disclose full pricing details: - With the help of traditional methods you cannot display the full prices or the discounted prices due to the limited options. This way. You may lose your costumers.
  • Poor campaign management: - when executing a tradition marketing strategies, then it is important to identify the effects and the results but this is not easy and effective with the use of the conventional method.

How has digital marketing become so popular these days?

Digital marketing is crucial for today because the internet is becoming one of the popularly used tools. More and more people and logging into the web to carry out their day to day activities which includes purchasing goods and services.

  • One of the reasons why it attracts people because it is a form of inbound marketing. This means that instead of going out and find the people, they find you. Whether it is advertising, searching on Google or creates any blog. It’s all about to impress your target audience and spread awareness.
  • If you want to buy some product and want knowledge then it is the easy and best method to do this before investing in the product or service.
  • It is a secure way to promote information about the product.

Last, with technology, everyone has to change and also accept that because technology is vesting day by day. Digital marketing is a gift to mankind which saves the time, secure the data, show the transparency, promotes the product/services in the best manner.

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