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What is Social Bookmarking & Why is it Important in SEO - Social bookmarking & SEO has a very strong relation. Both techniques complement each other equally. Social bookmarking is a way to bookmark our favorite websites online to read them at any time if we are connected to the internet. It is a method for people to store, search, organize and manage bookmarks of the web pages. Users save links to the webpage that they like or want to share, using the social bookmarking site to store these links.

Why bookmarking is in demand?

Well, it is a great way to store the links of your favorite sites. By reading the below merits you believe that how it is important.

  • Increase traffic
  • Helps you to go viral
  • Build your brand
  • Improve SERPs
  • Enhance your domain and page authority
  • Index your website faster across search engine
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Bring extra user engagement
  • Gives proper guidance to the viewer or reader
  • Viral marketing

Why social bookmarking play a crucial role in SEO?

Social bookmarking is an easy and effective way which helps you to not only improve your site's traffic but also provides you the opportunity to make your content go viral.

Creates more brand awareness

If you create your business profile on top social bookmarking sites, then it is easy for the customer to find it. The more you utilize the social bookmarking sites for posting your content, the more visibility you will get. Hence, this will lead to brand awareness and increase ROI.

Generate the targeted traffic

It is the prominent feature of social bookmarking sites. As you can find the content based on a tag or keyword. For instance, if you want to find some food locations, then you will see a list of food corner sites nearby you. This may be helpful as you can add multiple tags or keywords to your link, based on what categories fits on it. This will ensure that only people who are interested in what you are sharing will click on your link. When people like what you have shared, they are also like to share it with others. Thus, leads to more referral traffic.

Lead generation

Lead generation is an important part of doing business. With the help of social bookmarking, you will gather the more qualify leads, as people are in seek of fresh content to enhance their knowledge. As a result, these sites allow you to engage with your client and this is better for your sales.

Faster indexing by the search engine

As soon as you start promoting your content on social bookmarking, you will notice a steady rise in the number of visitors to your site. The reason for this, social bookmarking sites are authoritative sites, search engine spiders or crawlers visit these sites continually. By placing your site links on them, you're able to inform Google quickly about any new content on your site which leads to faster indexing.

Help in content promotion

It is an effective way to promote your content and reach to your audience by doing this. On the internet, there are lots of content and by posting regular content you are not only able to create solid bonding with the customer but also attract the targeted audience. It may require lots of work on social networking so, with the help of bookmarking, you can mark the link of sites.

More subscription

Subscription is directly proportional to worth content. If your posted content has quality then, this will accelerate the subscription to your blog, resulting in high-quality traffic. When you continually post interesting content on sites then, this will generate the trust of the reader and also strengthen the bond.

Generate high-quality backlinks

Backlinks play a crucial role in SEO. As they help you to create high domain authority and traffic. By using bookmarking sites, you can earn those links which increase the ranking of your site.

Boost the domain authority: - It is not an easy task. It depends on factors such as the site's page speed, download time, users speed, traffic, and social signals, it required lots of time to build one. The best part, you can use free tools like Open site explorer or Web site Authority checker, which helps you to check the domain authority of your sites.

Increase the page rank: - As, more the quality of content the reader will read and share it. This directly goes towards the more visibility of your website and thus, this will help you to reach the targeted traffic. Hence, your page ranking is automatically boosted.

Improve interaction with fellow bloggers: - Like all social networks, bookmarking also required engagements with reads. Thus, just a link is not beneficial. You must get involved in the conversation, ask questions, replay to comments, this will help you to establish yourself and your business in the community and also lead to more interaction with your fellow bloggers.

Conclusion: -

Last, it is necessary that you should increase your bookmarking sites list and do not stick to a few bookmarking sites. Because the more you explore, the more you become popular. This will help you to polish your skills, increase work efficiency, and boost your brand visibility which results in more traffic on your websites.

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