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What is Link Juice – Are you the one who is running your own website? Are you the one who is wondering, What is Link Juice? If yes is your answer, here we have a perfect solution for you. Now you don’t need to search further what is link juice as here we have all the knowledge which you need to know about Link Juice. So, if you are an SEO analyst who is working on your own website, here you are at right place. To know more read below.

What is link huice

If you are the one who is looking for all the knowledge of Link Juice, here you are at perfect place. According to the Google, a multitude of quality hyperlinks (or just links) is one of the most important factors which helps us to gain top ranking in the google search engine. So, if you are running your own website and doing Search engine optimization this can be the important thing which you should know. Link juice is SEO industry jargon. It is mostly talked about in relation to building efforts like guest posting, blogger outreach, linkbait and broken link building.

How Does Link Juice Work?

Have you ever heard about abut Link authority, Backlink or Link Juice? If not, here you all need to know about it. These are different words which mean essentially the same thing. Google analyzes the links which point to a particular webpage to determine at what position or rank the webpage should be placed in the search results for a particular keyword query.

Just to explain you in a better way, if page A is connected or linked to page B then the ‘link juice’ from page A to page B. And doing generally helps page B to come on higher rank on Google. The more pages which link to page B, the more link juice page B has and the higher it will tend to rank on Google page. This link juice or can be very important and at the same time very helpful for you if you are doing SEO (search engine optimization).

How Does Link Juice Generate More And More Traffic?

If you the one who is wondering, how link juice can generate the more and more traffic? Here we have answers to all your questions. Now you don’t need to search further, here is all you need to know mentioned below.

One of the smartest ways to attract more links to website is by

  1. Creating authoritative, useful and trustworthy content for the website.
  2. By improving the strength and popularity of the brand page.
  3. By continually advertising, promoting and get the PR.
  4. Promote your good website content and be sure that it comes in front of the right audience.

Other things which businesses use to improve their own link juice includes

  1. Contributing content to the other websites.
  2. Expert quotes or brand mentions.
  3. Product reviews on different blogs.
  4. Getting the content listed in industry-relevant directories.

How Can You Calculate Link Juice?

Well, if you want to calculate the link juice, here we have different ways through which you can calculate Link Juice. Here are the ways mentioned below. There are different metrics which are available for measuring the link juice of your own site and others. The Google PageRank is the algorithm which Google uses to measure the link juice. There are SEO (search engine optimization) tools which publish their own link juice data and which are valuable for getting an accurate number. The list of tools includes Moz Domain Authority (DA), Majestic Citation Flow, Majestic Trust Flow (TF) and many more.

We hope, we provided you the best information regarding the Link Juice. We hope this is all you need to know. For more, you can also visit our official website.

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