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Directory submission is a way of submitting your website URL and details on the web in a directory under a particular category. Link building is improved by using this way. It is an off-page factor in which your website is submitting to another website. It is a simple way to store all information regarding your websites. So In this blog, we are going to share the tips regarding What is Directory Submission & Its benefits in SEO.

For the directory submission in SEO, you need to select the best directory to submit your website details such as name, link, and description of your website. If you keep going this regularly then this will enhance your page ranking and also help to increase the visibility of your website.

Based on categories, the submission of your website is done in SEO.

There are different areas, in which you can submit your website. Let's make this easy by explaining an example. If you have a site related to the food, then you will submit your site under the food category and this will help you to create the backlinks from them. There are three ways of directory submission;

Paid or featured web listing: - In this, the owner of the directory site will charge for the submission and your link will be approved in some time or within 24 hours. This will help you to get the backlinks from this submission. Offering this type of packaging depending upon the sites, some will give you this package for yearly or lifetime.

  • Free or regular web listing: - This is free, no one charges for free or regular submission but there is no guarantee of approval by the administrator. This consumes more time.
  • Reciprocal regular web listing: - In this, a reciprocal link is must be added to your site, when you activate the director link. Only then, you get approval for your link.

How to do directory submission in SEO?

Here, I m going to represent some steps which helps you to submit your links in the directory in SEO.

Step1: - Some pre-submission work.

Before submitting your site here is a simple task to perform that will support you to avoid a messy situation.

  • Create the notepad file and save the following there.
  • Your blog URL,
  • Your social profile links,
  • Your blog's RSS feed URL,
  • A brief description that represents your site.

Step2: - Find quality and a wide list of blog directories.

Step3: - Choose the blog directories based on your choices like number of the blog associated, Alexa rank, PR of your site, domain authority, number of indexes page in Google.

Step4: - Choose a relevant category for your submission.

Step5: - Dig deeper to choose a preferable sub-category.

Step6: - Choose the category that fits your blog accurately.

What the way directory submission is crucial for SEO?

Directory submission plays an important role in SEO. There is some evidence to prove this statement.

Get safe and quality backlinks: - Most blog directories are manually supervised for any wrong submission. Hence, these sites are spam-free and a potential source of building SEO-friendly backlinks. Backlinks are kind of backbone to websites, for gaining ranking and traffic.

Get excellent exposure: - your audient is special for your blog existence. If you reach your targeted audience, then it is a special achievement for you and your site. The blog directory displays your site to every related search query. This means, more chances to get a connection with the audience which is the aim of every site owner.

Chance of getting review requests or paid post opportunities: - Some directories are so active and have the quality blog submission. Hence, become popular. These are the best places for a business to look paid review posting. If you are a member of these directories your website is visible to these brands. Thus, higher chances of getting business opportunities.

Increase in blog overall earning: - Submitting of directories can help you to get more promotion. Moreover, a more audient visit to your profile, more the ranking. Increase the audience is directly proportional to an increase in earning.

Increase the page ranking: - It is the best method to increase the rank by building authority backlinks. For the people who have just started doing blogging, it is a must for them. This way, you will see growth in the ranking of website and blog by submission URL in web directories.

Submission directory is the best way to highlight your website in SEO.

It is a prominent feature to get promotion for your business. This offers the number of benefits that is necessary to get the messy fan base. Besides, it is safe and a good way to achieve exposure. In last, I would suggest that follow all the steps in a good manner to take the merits of search directories in SEO.

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