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What is Breadcrumb and its benefits in SEO - Breadcrumb plays a crucial role in every good website. It is the little navigation aids that tell the location of the website where you are. It also helps you to find the path on the website. This also helps Google work how your site is structured. This is the reason that it makes sense to add these pointers as help.


Breadcrumb in SEO is the small text path that guides the views for navigation on the website. It is clickable which makes the asses easy and also makes easy pathways to reload the page. It plays a vital role in SEO. Breadcrumb gives the idea at which category to click when they search.

How many types are there in breadcrumb?

Well, the breadcrumb is very essential in every search on the website. It helps us to find the category at which we are. Here, we are describing some common types of breadcrumbs that will clear the picture of this topic in your mind.

  • Hierarchy-based breadcrumbs: -

This is the most commonly used type of breadcrumb. From the name you can understand that it has steps. This tells you about your path that where you are on the page and how many steps you take to go back to the home page. For instance; home> blog> category> title.

Mostly multilevel companies, services provider, suppliers, and other related companies take their benefits. As it is hierarchy based so it is easy to find the location. It tells the current position of the user and guides them.

  • Attribute-based breadcrumb: -

This is used by the user when he/she has searched on an e-commerce site and the breadcrumb trail is made up of product attributes. For instance; home> category of product> gender> size>color.It works as the filtering system which allows the user to choose services that is more suitable for them.

  • History-based breadcrumbs: -

From the name, it is clear that they show exactly what you do on-site. They are ordered according to what you have been doing on the site. This shows the consecutive pages that you have click from the beginning of the first page. Hence, this also helps to guide the user on which pages they have clicked on and browse. For example; home> page1> page2> page3> page4> current page.

What kinds of benefits does it provide in SEO?

Breadcrumb offers many benefits to SEO. Here, to simplify this, we are going to describe some of the merits of breadcrumb.

  • Lower the bounce rate: -

Bounce rates mean the percentage of a visitor viewing on the page of the website and navigates away from the page after viewing it. These days every search is organic that means you can enter the website from any part of this. Entry doesn't need to be only possible via the home page. Thus, every part of your site could be the entry page. This way, breadcrumb decreases the bounce rate because you are offering the visitors to enter your site from every part of the website.

  • Enhance the user experience: -

Who likes to lose? When the breadcrumb provides a path then that site is considered a good website. You are giving the best experience to the user. The only need is too happy your visitors by giving this little navigating crumb. This will also increase the asses of your website. There is no need to click the back button.

3) Google loves them: -

The way you like breadcrumbs, Google too likes it. This helps Google to find relevant information regarding your web site. This gives Google another way to structure your site. It also uses breadcrumb in actual search results, which makes your research much more valuable.

How to add breadcrumbs?

There are many ways to add breadcrumb in your site. If you are using WordPress then you can choose breadcrumbs from them but if you use CMS then the process is different. It is also possible to add breadcrumb by hand with code.

Here, a sample is shown that help to add the breadcrumb in your website.

If (function_exists(‘yoast_breadcrumb') ) {

Yoast_breadcrumb( ‘

' );



After adding this code you can also go to advance setting of breadcrumbs.

Why use the breadcrumbs?

Without using breadcrumbs visitor can lose so, do not let that happen with your user. Breadcrumb provides an easy way for the visitor to navigate the path. They are the links to guide the user to track their paths they are currently viewing to the home page of your site. This will enhance the visibility of your site as well as decrease the bounce rate.

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