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What is Anchor text and how to use it properly - Anchor text is a visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO friendly anchor text should be relevant to the page you are linking to, rather than generic text. In the modern browser, it is often blue and underlined. It is also possible to change the color and underlining through HTML code. The keyword of anchor text is one of the main features because the search engine uses this to determine the topic of a web page.

Examples of anchor text: -

The wrong way to write the anchor text: -"click here!"

The right way to write this: - "anchor text, anchor text definition, learn about anchor text"

Types of Anchor Text

Based on research results, below are types of anchor texts for your safe site:-

Many types of anchor texting prevent you from many web problems.

  1. All variation of naked URLs: -WWW.example.com, example.com, Example.com, EXAMPLE.COM, http://WWW.example.com.
  2. Partially matching and long-tail keyword: - You can even use long-long tail keywords, like articles and page titles. To simplify this let's take an example, "instant weight loose camp- healthy, easy, fast weight loss". In this targeted keyword is weight loss.
  3. Anchor with synonyms: - If you want rank for "quick food", also use "fast food", "easy food", "instant food", "readymade food", etc.
  4. Non-descriptive anchor texts: - These types of anchor texts are not widely used these days. Here, are some examples that clear your confusion.
  • Website, visit the website to learn more
  • View publisher site
  • Click here to visit the website, here
  • Watch the video
  • Video
  • Click here to download
  • Click here to view the source of the post
  • Article
  • Source
  • View source
  • Learn more
  • Read more
  • Find out more
  • Detailed info here
  • More details
  • See survey results
  • Go to [URL]/ brand website
  • Details
  1. Image linked with optimizing alt text: - All texts linking in image link are also a ranking factor but alongside filling alt texts with "money keyword" only, use such alt text as [banner], "example.com" or leave them empty.
  2. Anchors in another language: - If your page is in Multi-language, use the anchor in other languages.
  3. Brand name and brand keywords hybrids:- A brand name used as an anchor text.
  4. Generic: - A generic word or phrase that is used as the anchor. For instance: -"click here" is a common generic anchor. Some more genetics anchor texting is;
  • Read more
  • More info here
  • About the author
  • Additional info
  • Check this out
  • This website
  • The page here
  • Over here
  • Over there
  • Here
  • This page

How to write anchor text?

If the internet is a highway, then you can think of anchor texts like a sign for upcoming exits. They send a signal to both your website's user and search engine and when used correctly they will connect you to a different "lane" by allowing you to source credible information to another website. They also play a role in helping users navigate your site as well.

  • Given below is a code sample to write anchor text;

             Example Anchor Text

What is the Penguin algorithm?

In 2012 Google decided to rock the SEO world by releasing this algorithm. Due to this change, anchor text quickly becomes the easiest way to determine how relevant a reliable website was. Google also started using backlinks and anchor texts to see if a website had been over-optimized.

It is divided into 2 parts; one is the penguin penalty and the other one is the panda penalty.

  1. Penguin penalty: - It is further classified into 2 parts.
  • low-quality links
  • Over-optimized anchor text
  1. Panda penalty: - This also further classified into 3 parts.
  • Duplicate thin or scraped content
  • Over-optimized site
  • Poor user experience


This research provides a snapshot of anchor texting. Also, describe the usage way of anchor link along with the types of anchor texting. This is very important to raise the standard of your web site. Because if we use relevant keyword then SEO searches for right data and show your web site content if it is relevant.

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