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What Are Rich Media and How To Use In SEO - Today's world is revolving around the Internet. Every small or big business is using SEO techniques for getting a high reputation on the Web. Rich media can boost your website rankings. You might be thinking that what are rich media and how to use it in SEO. A recent study has proved that nearly four times the number of internet users would prefer watching videos or any other visual content rather than a written text.

What Are Rich Media and How To Use In SEO

Rich media plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. It will boost the engagement of more number of users. Rich media basically includes custom images, videos, infographics, audio files, social media embeds, interactive content like polls, digital quizzes, high-value downloadables, eBooks, whitepapers, etc. 

About Rich Media

Rich Media is an internet advertising term for a web page advertisement that uses advanced technology such as streaming video, downloaded programs that interact instantly with the users and ads which change when the user's mouse clicks over it.

Many advertisers are fighting for the attention of users and they always try to explore all technical possibilities. The basic programs which are needed to display rich media on the user's computer are Flash and JavaScript. Rich media basically refers to the use of more data-heavy content like images and videos in order to make your website more engaging.

Top Benefits of Rich Media

There are many benefits of rich media and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Helpful in Engaging Consumers - The techniques of display advertising are given importance nowadays. Internet users are paying attention to online display ads. This is very helpful in engaging customers for getting higher ranks in SEO.
  • Increases Website Traffic - Rich media is helpful in increasing the website traffic and this ultimately leads to increased returns on investment. The top things that can boost engagement are videos, carousel, mapping tools, social media buttons, and data capture.
  • Better Click-Through Rate (CTR) - A rich media content is always better for better SEO. A recent study on SEO has shown that the CTR of links embedded with rich media has a 61% click capture rate. Therefore, rich media content with images and videos holds a better chance on the SERP.
  • Rich Media Banner Interaction - Rich media banner interaction is considered vital in mobile marketing. It shows that the users are three times more likely to click on rich media banners than standard banners available online.

Main Types of Rich Media

The different types of rich media are images and videos.

  • Images - Images play a very important role for many websites. The optimization of images is necessary for having a better chance to show up in the image search process. The different image optimizing techniques include Image Content Strategy, Image Quality, Image description, Image size, Sitemap, and semantic markup.
  • Videos - The videos that are displayed on your website or video platforms like YuoTube helps in improving the user experience. This offers additional ways to access the overall content on the page. Videos should be a part of your rich media content strategy. The video optimization techniques include Video Content Strategy, Video Optimization, Video Sitemap, semantic markup, description, and the length of the video.

Role of Rich Media In SEO

It is a natural human tendency to gravitate more towards visual stimulants, as images and videos are very important for a website. Your website's SEO campaign can improve with the help of attractive images and videos. Many studies have shown that people generally respond more to their facebook or twitter posts, and other social media posts. It is important to include your rich media along with the written text results for improved SEO and better rankings on Google, other social media platforms.


Rich media plays an important role in SEO. Google and other search engines are increasingly showing various images and videos on their SERPs. Therefore, you should incorporate Rich Media in your SEO strategy.

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