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Web Developer Salary in Canada - What is the web developer salary in Canada? What is the maximum potential a web developer can gain in Canada? What is the scope of web development in Canada? These are the questions that play a crucial role in deciding the career path in the digital marketing domain. Here’s the dedicated guide for you.

Before a candidate starts thinking of shaping a career in the internet market circuit, scope, salary, growth opportunities are some of the key elements that come to impact the decision wholly. It is a universal phenomenon and also applicable to developed countries like Canada, the USA, and various others.

Web Developer Vs Web Designer

Web design & web development are two separate terms that are often used interchangeably. Both of them are pivotal under the digital marketing umbrella with an elementary role to commence the journey in the digital world.

We will go through a little discussion about these two similar-seeming portfolios to erase the confusion on your mind.

A web designer is simply a professional who is responsible for the overall design aesthetics of a website. They take care of the external appearance, layout to make the website as attractive as possible.

On the other side, a web developer or programmer is responsible for developing a website, not designing it. They develop web-based applications using a client-server model.

Some of the common techniques that web developers use include CSS, HTML, JavaScript in the client-based model, whereas ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Go, C#, and Java in the server-based concepts.

Hence, a web developer is someone who turns the web design into a fully-furnished website or web application. The salary of a web developer varies as per various factors such as location, experience, company profile, and skillsets, etc.

Types of Web Developers

Basically, there are three kinds of web developers with different skillsets to focus on different aspects of the website creation process. Let’s have a cursory look:

  • Front-end Web Developer – A Front-end developer builds the front part of a website that visitors see and interact with. The professional front-end developer must have proficiency in at least three programming languages – CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Back-end Web Developer – A back-end developer is responsible for how a website behaves and runs on the web. They manage behind-the-scene coding to help the website run and load smoothly. Back-end professionals deal with the server-side using some crucial programming languages like Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby, etc.
  • Full-Stack Web Developer – A full-stack developer looks after the entire web development process. They understand both front-end & back-end development strategies to build a fully finalized website or web application. Thus, we can regard a full-stack developer as a complete web developer.

Prime Job Responsibilities of a Web Developer

The prime task of a professional web developer is to generate a high-performing and reliable website or web application. Whether you’re working for a company or as a freelancer web developer, your chief job role is to create a product that meets clients’ needs.

Nevertheless, a web developer has the following responsibilities to perform:

  • Writing codes in any of the popular programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, .NET, HTML, etc.
  • Creating backups from websites to local directories for instant navigation in case of problems
  • Designing or drafting the architecture of web application components
  • Fixing bugs and other pertaining issues in existing projects
  • Performing testing of websites and applications on different browsers and networks
  • Running performance benchmarking tests
  • Conducting research and contributing to open source projects
  • Optimizing existing code and carrying out code refactoring
  • Reviewing colleague’s code patterns for better collaboration
  • Considering designers and developers for progressive updates
  • Registering websites with search engines to uplift the website traffic
  • Analyzing client needs to prepare a sound profile for the project
  • Creating web models (prototypes), including interface, physical, logical, or data models
  • Evaluating and recommending server hardware & software
  • Developing appropriate code structures to solve particular web tasks

Web Developer Salary in Canada

Canada is the 2nd largest (by area) country in the world. It is a fully-developed nation with ten provinces and three territories, expanding over 9.98 million square kilometers.

Like any other nation, one can witness incredible demand for web developers in Canada too. The country is home to tons of corporate companies and international brands. Furthermore, new startups are being inaugurated every day, which makes the competition even more drastic.

If you are desiring of having a career as a web developer in Canada, salary is, of course, the first question to hit your mind. According to the PayScale website, the average salary of a web developer in Canada is CAD 53,519 per annum.

As we have described earlier, the salary package tends to variate following various factors like your experience, skillsets, company profile, and location etc.

In terms of skillsets (per annum)

  • JavaScript – C$53,973
  • Web Development – C$53,073
  • PHP – C$51,898
  • HTML 5 – C$52,328
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – C$51,705

In terms of experience (per annum)

  • Entry-level Web Developer (with less than 1 year of experience) – C$45,535
  • Early Career Web Developer (with 1 to 4 years of experience) – C$51,538
  • Mid-Career Web Developer (with 5 to 9 years of experience) – C$60,882
  • Experienced Web Developer (with 10 to 19 years of experience) – C$69,425
  • Late-Career Web Developer (with over 20 years of experience) – C$74,558

In terms of company profile (per annum)

  • CGI Group Inc. – C$70,000
  • IBM Canada Ltd. – C$59,000
  • Inorbital – C$49,000
  • Critical Mass Inc. – C$75,000
  • Vortex Solution – C$40,000
  • Open Text Corp. – C$53,000
  • ICOM Productions – C$44,000
  • Nurun Inc. – C$43,000

The Final Line

The scope for web development career in Canada has grown exponentially during recent years. Being a tech-savvy or having affinity to the digital world, website development will be a prosperous career for you.

If you consider the web developer salary in Canada, it is amazingly charming right from the entry-level. However, you become eligible to earn more with industry experience and knowledge.

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