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Web Designer Salary in India - You probably are a digital-savvy guy who wishes to commence a career in the digital marketing circuit. If you dream of breaking the web design field and want to know the web designer's salary in India, we’ve captured you. The dedicated guide is involving everything you should know before hitting the kick.

Web designing & web development are two terms that are frequently being used interchangeably. But there is something serious that differentiates them. To make it simple for you, web development is the process related to website construction and maintenance, whereas web designing is the process of designing, structuring, and layout of a website. Below are more details.

What is Web Designing?

Well, this is quite crucial for you to know what web designing actually is. Whenever you have a quest for some information, you simply proceed to explore the web. Search engines provide you with countless websites against your search keywords.

Where these websites come from? Professionals behind these websites are web designers and developers. As far as web designing is related, it is a process of making a website interactive, dynamic, and user-friendly. It is to develop responsive and adaptive websites to cater to the needs of visitors.

Furthermore, web designing is a sophisticated procedure for coding and maintenance. Web designers have to undergo strict laws, tools etc. to generate a quality-oriented website to achieve the ultimate goal.

Who is a Web Designer? What Do They Do?

A web designer is an expert who is responsible for coding the user-end of a website. They execute various techniques to ensure a convivial website experience for users.

Further, web designers develop and design websites/web applications by implementing various web-based technologies, including CSS, HTML, DOM, JavaScript, and some others.

Overall, a web designer designs the entire canvas of a website. It includes everything you see on a webpage to input or retrieve data on a website. It is to let users navigate the website more conveniently and to avail of information without hassles.

Responsibilities –

  • Planning and designing the webpage’s overall structure
  • Enhancing user experience by developing more website features
  • Making websites mobile-friendly for better & quicker access
  • Generating reusable codes for future preferences
  • Administering software workflow management using Gulp, Grunt, and GitHub, etc.
  • Testing websites and fixing bugs in any
  • Improving website loading speed & scalability
  • Considering production and maintenance of website user-interfaces
  • Making website front-end free of errors & omissions

Therefore, a web designer’s job has a galore to perform. With time, they possess experience and incorporate more skills to consolidate their command on the field. This apparently leads to a hike in the salary of web designers in India.

Various Skills & Prerequisites to be a Web Designer

Well, it is not a cinch to be a web designer. One needs to have sound technical skills and knowledge of the field to draw a bear fruit career in the industry. The demand for web designers has already crossed the demarcations. Therefore, you should act proactively to develop essential skills to be a web developer.

  • An in-depth understanding of basic to advanced website design ideologies
  • Good knowledge of SEO tactics
  • Proficiency of some primary coding tools like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, REST, etc.
  • Practical understanding of some graphical platforms like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
  • Solid problem-solving skills
  • Quick-learner
  • Good communication skills

Web Designer Salary in India – How Much a Web Designer Can Earn in India?

This is the section you must be waiting for since starting. As far as the pay scale of a web designer in India is concerned, it appears arousing to start a web designer career.

A web designer’s salary in India is Rs. 285,645 (per annum) on average – according to the PayScale website.

Further, it is an average figure. It could deviate from Rs. 1,18,000 to Rs. 6,34,000 per year, depending upon your skills, experience, location, company size, and more.

Hence, the various factors affecting the web designer salary in India are as follow:

  • Location
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Company Profile

Based on Location

Location affects your salary as a web designer a lot. There are many cities across the nation that pay higher than some others. As per the PayScale platform, Bangalore (25% more than the national average) is the highest paying city for web designers, followed by Mumbai, Chennai and Pune. On the other side, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, and Kolkata (30% less than the national average) are among the lowest-paying cities in India.

Based on Experience

This is how your salary increases as you gain experience within the industry. You can start with a handsome compensation if you involve a good amount of experience and skillsets for your job.

  • Entry-level Web Designer Salary in India (0 to 4 years of experience) – Rs. 2,55,450 per annum
  • Mid-Level Web Designer Salary in India (9 to 19 years of experience) – Rs. 4,10,065 per annum
  • Experienced Web Designer Salary in India (over 20 years of experience) – Rs. 5,78,314 per annum

Based on Skills

This is another crucial factor to fix your salary as a web designer in India. Different skills mean to capture different pay figures. The PayScale website has illustrated the salary packages as follow:

  • Web Design – Rs. 2,68,375
  • Adobe Photoshop – Rs. 2,92,423
  • HTML 5 – Rs. 2,77,052
  • HTML – Rs. 2,58,133

Based on Company

The company profile is another vital prospect, which decides web designer salary in India. An MNC is most likely to pay you greater compensation than any other national-level enterprise in the country.

The Final Thought

Web designing is a lucrative career field in India. The segment has observed a whopping demand for professional web developers & designers to vanish the market needs.

The fascinating web designer salary in India is India is another arousal to let you invoke a career in this field. Over time, you will have a respected position in the web design industry alongside other accolades.

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