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Top Keyword Research Tools for SEO - SEO is all about a game of keywords. It starts with keyword research followed by various other techniques in the flow. Today, we will delve into the best keyword research tools available over the internet. The list will comprise both paid and free versions that can be filtered as per requirements and budget.

online keyword research tools

In-depth keyword research is vital in executing effective SEO strategies. Originally, we feel the need for keyword research when it comes to writing a text blog or content.

Following the focus phrase, we require some other relevant keywords (LSI keywords) also to generate the content in the natural tone. These phrases stand vital from an SEO perspective as well. Inserting relevant keywords in the post makes it strong enough to rank higher in search engines.

What is Keyword Research?

It is compulsory to be familiar with the term ‘Keyword Research’ before encompassing further details.

In simple words, keyword research is the process where we search for specific keywords or phrases using different online keyword research tools. These are the same keywords that users put in search engines to find answers to their queries.

Let’s consider an instance to understand it more explicitly.

Suppose you are a lawyer in Delhi and want clients to find you easily over search engines. People who need a layer in Delhi will search for the term ‘lawyer in Delhi.’ They will locate your website in the search engine and contact you.

Hence, ‘lawyer in Delhi’ is your prime keyword. The story doesn’t end here. You also need some other related keywords to solidify your blog post and search engine ranking. In this case, other relevant keywords may be such as, ‘lawyer services in Delhi’, ‘best lawyer in Delhi’, or ‘advocate in Delhi’, etc.

The keywords we find using different tools can be of two types – Short Term Keywords & Long-Term Keywords.

Why is Keyword Research Important for SEO?

Keyword research takes sharp importance for SEO and overall website growth. It is the initial and predominating step in the process of getting traffic to a website. Here’s why keyword research is essential:

  • It lets you compile the list of industry-specific terms or keywords.
  • You come to analyze competition amongst different key phrases.
  • Keyword research gives better insights into trending topics and choices of users.
  • Further, it helps rank higher by drafting relevant content strategies based on enlisted keywords.
  • You find both short term and long-term keywords to create a better piece.
  • It eliminates keyword stuffing.
  • Moreover, keyword research enhances your content’s credibility and naturality.

Best Keyword Research Tools 2020

Till now, you would have learned about what is keyword research and how it affects our SEO operations overwhelmingly. Now, this section will illustrate some of the most popular and advanced keyword research tools to use in 2020.

We have tons of keyword research tools to use online. They help researchers in finding the best phrases relevant to your topic or business.

Let’s delve into the list.

  1. Google

Google is perhaps the most potent keyword research tool in itself. It helps users through lots of ways to find the best keywords ideas.

For starters, Google offers the ‘People Also Ask’ section with keywords in the question form. These are the queries people want to ask for. Once you click on one, it loads more.

Further, Google also acts as the best keyword research tool because of its autocomplete feature. As you type a word in the search box, it presents so many keywords in the dropdown style. All these keywords might be relevant to your topic.

  1. Google Trends

This is another service by Google available for users for free. It demonstrates the relative search popularity of a phrase over a specific time.

The information you get from Google Trends is worth of trust as Google itself integrates it. It suggests keyword popularity, interest by region and other related queries.

Moreover, users can also compare two or more keywords to see their traffic trend. You learn the region where your target keyword is popular.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Undoubtedly, the Google Keyword Planner is one of the famous and most-appreciated keyword research tools. The major reason is – it is free and an integrated service by Google AdWords.

Users require a Google account to use this tool. It is the best software for beginners, but not recommendable for advanced levels.

  1. Keyword Generator

Using Keyword Generator, you will be able to get keyword ideas for YouTube, Amazon & Bing etc. by switching the search engine at the top.

It provides researchers with 150 keywords list for a single seed phrase. It includes 100 simple ideas plus 50 question-type queries. Additionally, Keyword Generator also shows the Keyword Difficulty (KD) for the first 10 keywords on each list.

  1. Answer The Public

Researchers looking for a free keyword research tool can head to the ‘Answer The Public’ tool for in-depth keyword analysis. It shows a great collection of ideas, including short-term & long-term, comparisons, prepositions, and questions.

Further, the free tool lets you hunt for 3 keywords every day, which looks good for beginners. You also have the privilege to select the country and language of your choice. Search volume is the feature it misses. But if it doesn’t distract you, you are good to go for it.


Good quality keywords serve our SEO strategies in a fruitful way. These are the terms with the potential to capture organic traffic for your website. It ultimately leads to conduct comprehensive keyword research to better meet the search purpose.

Several keyword research tools are out there on the web to help you find the worthful keyword ideas. Most are free, whereas some demands subscriptions.

Overall, the use of keyword finder tools is always a beneficial activity when you dream of higher search engine rankings. Your potential customer can approach you only if they find your website in SERPs. Keyword research is crucial in this concern.

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