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Top High PR Social Bookmarking Websites In India – Social Bookmarking is one of the famous techniques which is followed in the Search Engine Optimization process. This is basically done for getting high-quality backlinks for a website, generating a good amount of traffic, advertising, and indexing in search engines. Here we will tell you about the top high PR Social Bookmarking Websites in India.

Top High PR Social Bookmarking Websites In India

There are various benefits of social bookmarking websites and it is the fastest method to list your sites on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask Mail, etc. Various other benefits of social bookmarking include Online Promotion, Increased Website Traffic, Faster Indexing, News Promotion, and Press Release.

List Of Top High PR Social Bookmarking Websites In India

Below mentioned is the list of famous social bookmarking websites in India.


  • Reddit is one of the important social bookmarking websites.
  • Reddit Karma is the scoreboard of this website.
  • It comes in two categories, one is linked karma and the other is comment karma.
  • With this, you will gain karma points when your links and comments are upvoted.
  • The domain authority of Reddit is 100 and the page authority is 95.


  • Bizsugar is another famous social bookmarking websites in India.
  • It is a platform on which you can share your blogs and contents for small businesses.
  • This website was founded in 2007 as DBH Communications, Inc.
  • The domain authority of Bizsugar is 70 and the page authority is 59.

Scoop It

  • Scoop.it is one of the best platforms for content curation and content marketing.
  • Here you can create a complete article with backlinks to your blog.
  • It is comprised of two types of plans and they are premium and free plans.
  • One more benefit of this site is that here you can create multiple topics in a single account.
  • The domain authority of Scoop.it is 90 and the page authority is 69.


  • Pinterest is a social bookmarking website and also a visual discovery engine for finding different types of ideas like food recipes, style information, real estate property, etc.
  • This contains home feed where you will find pins, people, and brands according to your own choices.
  • The domain authority of Pinterest is 100 and the page authority is 97.


  • Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging website that was founded in 2007.
  • It is used for posting graphics and video files are used in the form of a content posting tool.
  • With the help of Tumblr, you can post images, music clips, text, and short video clips.
  • The domain authority of Tumblr is 100 and the page authority is 95.


  • Folkd is a social bookmarking website which is very powerful and it also helps in improving your web surfing experience.
  • It basically works in the form of a browser extension and this extension needs to be installed first.
  • This site is also popular in other countries namely Germany and the USA.
  • The domain authority of Folkd is 82 and the page authority is 56.


  • Friendfeed is also a famous social bookmarking site which will help you in discussing topics and sharing links.
  • It is the most useful website to promote your contents.
  • The domain authority of Friendfeed is 88 and the page authority is 90.


  • Digg.com is also one of the leading social bookmarking websites.
  • It will help in increasing traffic and increasing leads to the websites.
  • This site is helpful in featuring the best articles, videos, and the original content.
  • The domain authority of Digg website is 99 and the page authority is 96.


  • Facebook is the one of the famous social bookmarking websites.
  • It is useful in storing and sharing internet bookmarks.
  • It is counted among one of the successful sites for bookmarking.
  • The page authority of Facebook is 98 and the domain authority is 100.


  • Stumbleupon is another popular social bookmarking website which allows its users to share a website with others.
  • It will help in generating more traffic by creating a way of other websites for different business uses.
  • The domain authority of Stumbleupon is 98 and the page authority is 88.


  • Plurk is an amazing social bookmarking website that allows its users to add, edit, annotate, and share bookmarks of different web pages of their sites.
  • This site is very helpful in On page SEO, Off page SEO, link building, blog posting, forum posting, article submission, social bookmarking, directory submission, etc.
  • The page authority of Plurk website is 79 and the domain authority is 87.


Above mentioned are the topmost social bookmarking websites which you can use for SEO purposes. Social Bookmarking is an effective method to promote your business through online ways. This will definitely help you in increasing traffic for your website in a better manner.

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