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Top High PR Do Follow Directory Submission Websites In India – Directory Submission is a process of submitting our website URL on different business or web directories for the purpose of creating backlinks. These backlinks are used by search engines to improve ranking. The ranking of your websites will increase depending on the increase in the number of backlinks from relevant websites.Here are the top high PR Do follow directory submission websites in India which you can choose.

High PR Directory

It is considered as the main process in search engine optimization. With the help of these directory submission websites, you can get quality and safe backlinks which will help in getting massive exposure. It will increase the overall blog earnings and the income will increase. There are three types of directory submission and that are.

  • Paid or featured Listing
  • Regular or free listing
  • Regular link with reciprocal

List Of Top High PR Do Follow Directory Submission Websites In India

Ruby dir

  • Rubydir.com is one of the famous directory submission websites.
  • This website is a perfect one for the process of directory submission in India.
  • A Dir is a class to represent a directory stream that gives filenames in the directory in the operating system.
  • Ruby is also known as a scripting language.


  • Dadaf is also one of the leading directory submission websites for the purpose of directory submission.
  • It is a human edited web directory submission website which ensures quality and enables internet users in order to find useful information that they are looking for.
  • It deals in various fields such as Arts, Games, Recreation, Health, Reference, Education, News, Society, etc.


  • Addlinkzfree is also a well-known directory submission website.
  • It helps in increasing traffic to your site and converting those visitors into loyal customers.
  • It also deals in various fields such as Arts, Internet, Business, Computers, People, Education, Science, Shopping, Entertainment, Health, etc.

Submission Web Directory

  • Submission Web Directory is also a directory submission website that enables its users to find the websites which they are looking for.
  • The people and businesses who have blogs or websites can submit their sites to this internet marketing directory which will ultimately increase the number of visitors on your website.


  • Submitlinkurl is a directory submission website used for the directory submission process.
  • It is considered as the high quality and human edited web directory website.
  • At this website, you can submit your URL for free and get free reciprocal link exchange or one-way links.


Wldirectory is also a directory submission website for the purpose of online directory submission. This website is useful for increasing traffic to your websites and also the number of visitors. It deals in various fields such as Education, Entertainment, Society, Shopping, Reference, Recreation and sports, Computers and Internet, Blogs, and many more.

Web Master Directory

It is also a directory submission website for increasing traffic to the sites. This website includes a list of resources that are offered free to search the Internet web design and software development companies, online shopping stores, business listing, and various related services for enhancing the site online.

Site Promotion Directory

Site promotion directory is among the top most internet directories where you can submit your website for marketing and promotional purposes. This website is a very good website among online directories and a search engine friendly directory. It is categorized into different fields and includes all areas of interest. Here, when your site is registered, then it will be listed in its web directory.

Web Directory One

Web Directory One is also one of the best directory submission websites for submitting your websites online on the Internet. It also deals in various areas like art, business, health, entertainment, shopping, sports, home, travel, computer, internet, travel, etc. You can submit your site on web directory one.

InfoListings Directory

Info listing Directory is also one of the famous directory submission websites in India. It is also used for directory submission process with the help of online submission of sites. This particular site deals in Automotive/car, Games/toys, Promotion, Business/Financial, Directories, Law/legal, Recreation, Shopping, Gadgets/gizmos, Music/Bands, etc.


CultuurTechnologie.net is also a directory submission website designed for the purpose of website submission. It is also considered as one of the topmost high PR do follow directory submission websites and is useful for increasing the traffic on the sites which will get more customers.

Travel Tourism Directory

This website comes in the category of travel, vacations, and tourism. This site is very useful for businesses like travel agencies, travel corporate, travel business, travel site, travel advertising, hotels marketing, travel marketing, and different travel agents. This travel directory site has many categories like accommodation, air travel, tour operators, transportation, destinations, etc.


Above mentioned are all of the topmost do follow directory submission websites in India. You can prefer any one of these websites for promoting and marketing your business online.

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