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Top Guest Posting Websites - Being in the digital marketing world, you must be familiar with the term ‘Guest Posting.’ Undoubtedly, guest posting still matters when it comes to creating backlinks and organic relations with new niche influencers. This is the chapter to let you know the top guest posting websites you can post your blog articles to.

Guest posting is a well-known and universally-accepted digital marketing strategy to generate quality backlinks for a website. It has erupted to be even more beneficial for businesses to explore new audiences and subscribers.

Further, guest posting or guest blogging isn’t just for getting backlinks. It also means to involve new clientele and readership to expand the business demarcations beyond the existing radar.

How is Guest Posting an Advantageous Approach?

Guest posting is one of the effective marketing strategies you should invest in. It brings scads of benefits for a brand or business as follow:

  1. The foremost perk of guest blogging is that it drives new traffic to your website. It carries a link back to your site to let readers find some more awesome content on your site.
  2. Guest posting also contributes significantly to enhancing your website’s domain authority.
  3. Your website concludes quality backlinks if you continue to share valuable guest posts on different sites. Google still stresses backlinks in ranking factors.
  4. Furthermore, guest posts help your website enjoy a higher ranking in search engines. Google loves authenticated content that contains something valuable for readers.
  5. Perhaps, one of the most appreciable benefits of guest posting is that it introduces you to an already-established online community to let you broadcast your message.
  6. Guest posting improves brand awareness by increasing social media sharing. Ultimately, you will entertain more popularity and fame.
  7. Another side benefit of sharing a guest post is that your writing skills get accelerated quickly.
  8. Brand promotion and reputation are other promising prospects of guest posting.
  9. Moreover, guest posting delivers constructive community feedback to get better insights into your current marketing strategies.
  10. It solidifies the credibility and trustworthiness of your business brand.

How to Find Relevant Guest Posting Sites to Post to?

This is the question to annoy you certainly. Well, the best answer is – Google. Google is one of the best destinations to let you search for the guest posting websites pertinent to your site niche.

You can conduct a search query for a specific keyword combination like ‘your keyword + write for us.’ Google will get you a comprehensive list of relevant results and site sources.

Furthermore, you can also search for keywords like ‘guest post’, ‘guest article’, ‘write for us’, and ‘this is a guest post by’ etc.

Best Guest Posting Sites List

Anyway, we feel glad to share some of the best guest posting websites that accept and publish guest blog posts. Let’s scroll down through the list.

NOTE: The Domain Authority is prone to change.


HubSpot is one of the leading digital web portals to share your post. It is a prominent source to get sales and service software and inbound marketing. It provides three blog categories – Sales, Marketing & Service.

Category: Marketing

Domain Authority: 91


With more than 40 million monthly visitors, Mashable is quite popular in the blogging sector. It is a perfect destination for technology, digital media, and social media.

Category: Technology, Social Media, Entertainment

Domain Authority: 92

Social Media Today

You can share guest posts with Social Media Today if you are crazy about social media marketing. It is a relevant website for bloggers looking for updated social media content.

Category: Social Media Marketing

Domain Authority: 80


If you want to share blogs regarding content marketing, native marketing, B2B & B2C marketing, and performance marketing, OutBrain is for you.

Category: Marketing

Domain Authority: 74


GetResponse accepts guest blog posts pertains to content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO, marketing automation. The web portal delivers marketing software for small enterprises.

Category: Marketing, Automation

Domain Authority: 81


For SoftwareWorld, you can write how-to guides about software, SaaS software, opinions and many other related topics. It is a leading software rating and review website.

Category: Software, Technology, Reviews, Small Business

Domain Authority: 56

Social Media Examiner

This web platform provides a comprehensive guide for social media marketing. It accepts writing pieces belongs to social media marketing and allows you to become a permanent contributor.

Category: Social Media

Domain Authority: 80


If you wish to learn marketing skills and other web marketing capabilities, MarketingProfs is there to help you. It serves clients with online courses and learning modules. Bloggers can share blog posts on email marketing, content marketing, and other marketing tactics.

Category: Marketing

Domain Authority: 74


Owned by Harsh Aggarwal, a renowned personality in the SEO and blogging world, ShoutMeLoud is a perfect place to share digital marketing articles. Currently, the blog website has over 750 blog contributors.

Category: SEO, Blogging

Domain Authority: 68

In The Know

This is the most-searched blog website in the traveling domain. In The Know is an online traveling magazine, which accepts blogs regarding traveling.

Category: Travel

Domain Authority: 44


Oilprice provides updates and news from the oil and energy sector. With over 30K daily visitors, the online platform welcomes guest posts about finance, commodities, energy, and geographical topics.

Category: Finance

Domain Authority: 74

Work In Sports

Work In Sports is the online destination for those looking for jobs in the sports corridor. It is a well-known hub in the sports industry and accepts contents about sports.

Category: Sports

Domain Authority: 55

The Planet D

The Planet D is another prominent blog website to fall under the travel category. Writers can share blog posts regarding adventure travelling, inspirational and informational articles, top 10’s, photo stories and more.

Category: Travel

Domain Authority: 63


Google admires guest posting. Countless guest posting websites are out there on the web. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the website’s pertinence to your website. It benefits only when you share your post on a website within your industry niche.

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