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Top Free SEO Backlink Checker Tools - A lot has changed concerning SEO in the last couple of years, but one thing has stayed unturned – Backlink. This is the specifically-organized guide to let you know some free SEO backlink checker tools to help your website stay higher in search engines. Being an SEO analyst, you must be known to the resources your website is capturing backlinks from. Similarly, professionals also need to check on competitors’ backlinks to define better SEO strategies in the long-run scenario.

Backlinks have always been a crucial element in the SEO industry. A few years ago, backlinks were considered one of the most vital metrics for a website’s rank in search engines. It was believed that websites with more backlinks were tended to rank higher in search engines, including Google, Yahoo, etc. It is still valid in the current SEO scenario to a large extent. But what matters most now is how many quality links your website has.

Before we dig deeper, let’s check on some essential queries.

What is a Backlink?

In simple thought, a backlink is a link to your website from another website.

In other words, when a webpage has a link pointing to another webpage, this is called a backlink. It is similar to a vote a webpage has for another webpage. That’s why it is assumed that the more links a website have, the higher a website is likely to rank in search engines.

How Backlinks are Important for a Website | Benefits of Building Backlinks

When we come to get other websites to link to your website, backlinks, external links, inbound links are some processes we involve. Link building does provide lots of benefits as follow:

Improves Organic Search Ranking

The biggest perk websites accumulate is the enhanced position in SERPs. If your page is popular and getting links from external sites, you are naturally to start getting a higher ranking.

Improves SEO Optimization

When search crawlers find other websites pointing to your website, it indicates your website as a worth-visiting platform for searchers. Eventually, you get a competitive edge in your SEO efforts.

Faster Indexing

Backlinks also help websites to be indexed quickly. If search bots don’t find any link towards your websites, probably your webpage will miss on indexing.

Website Promotion

Quality backlinks are essentially helpful in popularizing your website across the internet world. Searchers reach your landing page via other websites to consume something valuable.

Online Relationships

Undoubtedly, backlinks build relationships amongst different websites over the web. People love to visit reliable sites to get more insights into their search queries.

Referral Traffic

Last but not least, backlinks increase traffic flow to your website. Readers jump to your website via a referral link hypertexted in a post they are currently reading.

Free SEO Backlink Checker Tools

Now is the moment to indulge in a list of some backlink checker tools widely-used in SEO practices. Using these tools, we count how many backlinks our website has.

A good number of backlinks indicates a consolidated authority of our website. It also helps vigorously in upscaling the domain authority and Moz rank of the website.

So, without any further baffle, let’s explore the list of backlink checker tools available for free on the internet.


Your backlink profile holds immense importance when it comes to getting a position on page one. You must have a concrete understanding of your link profile. Ubersuggest is a fantastic tool with this regard to help you manage your backlinks on the same dashboard.

Using Ubersuggest, you will have deep insights into the backlink table-sheet, including new links, lost backlinks, no-follow backlinks and more. Additionally, it also delivers keyword research features. It comes with both free & paid versions.


SEMRush is also a top recommendation by SEO professionals. It is an awesome blend of advanced features to give you a comprehensive analysis of your backlink directory.

Further, it is easier to use. You just need to enter the domain you want to scrutinize. It will portray the complete story of backlinks your website has. It also permits you to check on your competitor’s backlink policy for future references.

SEMRush is available for free for only 30 days on a trial basis. You can go premium at $99.95 per month.


It is dedicatedly designed for checking backlinks. Since it is a production of Mangools, hence, you need a Mangools account to use it.

LinkMiner comes integrated with some handy modules to make your backlinking interesting. It lets you filter links in terms of deleted, no-follow, new, lost etc.

However, it gives you a 10-day free trial without credit card details. The subscription starts from $29/month.


Like SEMRush, Ahrefs also provides a complete overview of your backlink sheet for a selected domain. It lets you take insights into lost backlinks in a particular span.

Additionally, Ahrefs serves you with a detailed analysis of broken links, no-follow links, and other harmful impacts for your site. Users can use Ahrefs for investigating internal links as well. An investment of $7 will unlock the tool for 7 days.


Originally, Buzzsumo is created to monitor your and your competitor’s content. But it is also ready to help you with your backlink strategy.

Using Buzzsumo, you can find a list of popular content for a particular keyword. Similarly, you are also free to enter a URL of a specific page to check backlinks.

As per pricing, Buzzsumo’s basic edition is absolutely free. But if you feel to conduct deep backlink analysis, there is a Buzzsumo Pro edition against $99 per month. A 7-day free trial is also available without credit card details.

Final Thoughts

SEO backlink checker tools play a notable role in building quality relations with external websites. They equip multiple features to give you an overwhelming analysis of your link building strategies. You get to know the areas that need improvement by considering low-quality backlinks.

Make sure to implement any of these tools in your regular SEO efforts to acquire more meaningful results in the long-run scenario.

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