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Top Domain Authority and Page Authority Checker Tools - Has anyone ever asked you about your website’s domain authority and page authority? If you are among those who know their blogs’ PA & DA, that fine, but if not, this is a learning chapter for you. Here is the collection of some best domain authority and page authority checker tools to know a website’s PA and DA score.

SEO Efforts mean to Improve Website’s PA & DA

Authority is a qualitative metric of any website that significantly affects its visibility on search engines. Further, authority is a critical measure for most SEO experts. They regard it as a dominating tactic in the process of improving ranking in SERPs. In fact, various SEO techniques such as quality content development, website optimization, link building, etc. are done to ultimately enhance the website’s authority.

Though there are many types of “authority,” we come to stress the most frequent authority modules – Page Authority & Domain Authority. Both these qualitative measures play a crucial part when it comes to solidifying the online reputation and credibility of a web property.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA, in short) is a search engine ranking factor of any given website. The module is proposed by SEOmoz, a real big shot in the SEO industry.

Domain Authority is technically a search engine ranking score that is assigned to the domain of a website. It is to demonstrate their capability to rank higher in search engine result pages. It is scaled from 1 to 100, with 100 being the peak strength of a domain.

What is Page Authority?

As far as the Page Authority is concerned, it is also developed by Moz. It reminisces the domain authority with a little difference. Page authority is a score assigned to a website against their ability level to rank their pages in search engines.

Further, this metric also uses a 1 to 100 logarithmic score to scale the authenticity of a webpage. Contents with the higher page authority score are most likely to rank higher in SERPs.

Best Page Authority and Domain Authority Checker Tools

How can we check our website’s PA & DA score? Thankfully, there are innumerable online PA & DA checker tools available in the market. One can proceed with any of them to know how their website is compatible to rank higher in search engine results.

Don’t know the best tools? Don’t panic, here, we have covered you. Below we have arranged a wide list of some popular and free-to-use page authority & domain authority checker tools for you. Just proceed to scroll down the list.


SEMRush provides a mixture of free and paid SEO tools for bloggers or digital properties. When it comes to analyzing the overall health of a website, SEMRush stands in the frontline with a comprehensive package of online tools for users.

It has multiple tools to check page authority, domain authority, site audits, keywords, competition spy, PPC performance, and more. Thus, digital marketers come to grab a variety of tools from SEMRush, who want to optimize their websites on search engines.


It is another well-encompassing digital platform to let you analyze your online property with an awesome collection of online SEO tools. SiteChecker helps you check your website’s PA & DA score, SEO monitoring, free backlink checker, website rank checker, and some other useful parameters.

SiteChecker is also a perfect source for bloggers to keep an eagle eye on their blog’s performance in the given timeframe. It generates real-time SEO audit reports to give you a full overview of your website’s health.


Ahrefs is the industry-leading SEO management system with global recognition. It comes in handy for digital bloggers, SEO analysts, and online business runners to monitor competitive analysis, conduct keyword research, backlink analysis, alongside checking page and domain authority.

Furthermore, Ahrefs helps marketers, bloggers, and businesses track their backlink strategies, anchor texts, top landing pages, and various other metrics within the website.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools are an incredible bundle of advanced yet free SEO monitoring platforms to help users manage their online portals.

Apart from page authority and domain authority checker, the web portal also provides grammar checker, plagiarism checker, reverse image search, word count, IP address, and many other valuable services.

SEO Profiler

Like other SEO software tools, the SEO Profiler also concludes a wide array of SEO tools to help you implement the right marketing strategies. It covers almost everything that you need to monitor your website’s performance from all angles.

Using SEO Profiler, users are set to check DA & PA score, competitors’ keywords strategy, site rankings, keyword suggestions, SEO audits, backlink policies, mobile optimization, and much more.

Link Explorer

Link Explorer is an awesome product from Moz to let you check your website’s page authority, domain authority, anchor texts, keywords, and more. It suggests almost accurate domain and page authority on a scale of 1 to 100.

Therefore, Link Explorer is an overwhelming combination of ideal SEO metrics to uplift your website’s ranking in SERPs and improve overall performance. You will encounter a better analysis of your competitor’s strategies to formulate future ranking policies further.

Website SEO Checker

It is a free SEO tool to check the page authority and domain authority of any website. It incorporates myriads of smart tools such as domain age checker, Alexa rank checker, spam score checker, social share counter, keyword position checker, Google index checker, HTML/XML sitemap generator backlink checker, and some others.

Bulk DA Checker

With Bulk DA Checker, users are eligible to check the domain authority of up to 10 websites at a time. It also allows you to reset the URL section to insert more domains in the place.

In others, the Bulk DA Checker also provides Alexa rank checker, unique domain checker, URL extractor, and many other valuable tools in the package.


This is the list of some most popular domain authority and page authority checker tools available over the web.

Being a professional blogger or online marketer, you must use these tools to mark effective SEO strategies for better outcomes. You will have an in-depth understanding of your website’s overall health prospects.

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