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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - In today’s tech influenced the world, digital marketing has become the greatest advantage. It has proved to be a boon for job seekers as well as clients. Digital marketing is one of the best courses for a fresher and even for an experienced person. If you are looking for the top digital marketing training institutes in Delhi, you are at the right place.

digital marketing institute in Delhi

Why Delhi?

One of the most populated cities, Delhi has the highest number of internet users all over India. As it is the capital of India, Delhi has about 13 million internet users, which makes it rank 1 in terms of internet usage. Now, here arises the question.

Why Delhi is the hub of most digital marketing institutes?

  • As Delhi is the most populated city, it increases the rate of service seekers, which includes every kind of service (especially internet-based).
  • Everyone in this world wants to grow their business. As we all know, everything is digitalized; we need to grow our business digitally. Hence, the need for digital marketers on the peak.
  • The population factor is the most prominent. Most of the job seekers migrate to Delhi. And, digital marketing has the most job opportunity in today’s tech-world.  

Digital marketing is proven to be an asset in this world full of technology. As said above, this course is not only preferred by newcomers but also by the working professionals as well.

Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi

Now, without further ado, let's check out the list of top digital marketing courses in Delhi.

1. Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing -

IIADM was launched in 2017 and has taught about 1000+ professionals until now. This institute is connected to top companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Reliance, etc. The institute provides the training certified by Google. They provide classroom teaching mode, which is preferred by most of the students. Also, they provide backup sessions and lifetime technical support for their trainees. The institute provides 100% placement opportunities and provides industry training as well. IIADM has proven to be one of the best digital marketing training institutes in the Delhi region.

Location- Dwarka, Delhi.

2. Digital Vidya –

Started in 2009, digital vidya is one of the oldest institutes providing digital marketing in India. They have both modes of training, classroom as well as online. They promise to provide the best industrial training for digital marketing. They provide placement and internships as well. The tutors have more than 20 years of industry experience and provide over 15 industry certificates. Before making a candidate opt for their institute, they provide certain clarity such as making the aspirant understand the whole curriculum of the course, give the free demo session, and complete career guidance.

Location- Pitampura, Delhi.

3. DAI: Digital Academy India – 

DAI has proven to be one of the best institutes for digital marketing training and consultations. They have trained 5000+ newcomers as well as professionals throughout India. Their basic vision is to give practical training to their students, of every digital marketing module. DAI is the complete mix of academic as well as industrial training. They also guarantee 100% internship offers and give all-time support to their trainees. Location- Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

4. Amity –

Acknowledged by UGC, Amity is one of the leading private universities. Amity provides a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing which has 12 months of duration. The curriculum is quite vast as compared to the other institutes. Their main motive is to provide professional skills to their students. That’s why amity holds a great place in the list of top institutes for digital marketing course in Delhi. Noida, Uttar Pradesh

5. AIMA: All India Management Association –

AIMA is known for being the largest group for management throughout India. Established in 1957, the basic vision of the company is to raise the management skill in this country. The company works in coordination with the private as well as the public sector. They provide 5 months duration course with a detailed module of digital marketing aspects. AIMA guarantees 100% placement opportunities for their trainees.

Location: Lodhi Rd., Delhi.

6. YMCA –

YMCA or Young Men’s Christian Association is an organization that works for the skill development of the youth and has a vast ocean of skill development programs. The New Delhi branch of YMCA was founded in 1927 and it has been proving its worth since then. They work for the betterment of the youth by enhancing their skills through the courses. Hence, to cop-up with the tech-savvy world, they have started offering digital marketing courses in Delhi. Cannaught Place, Delhi.

7. HiAim –

Established in 2013, HiAim has trained over 1000 professionals. They provide about 9 certifications which are only be provided after the completion of the whole course which includes 20 modules. They provide 100% placement opportunities to their candidates. Location- Rohtak Rd., Delhi.

8. Digital Payout –

The company was started in 2008 and has trained about 2000+ candidates throughout the whole country. They adapt the thinking of innovation in their work as well as training. Their whole course is designed in such a manner that it includes every aspect of digital marketing. They provide both classrooms as well as industry training such that to make sure about the satisfaction of their candidates. Location- Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

9. Simply Digital –

Launched in 2015, simply digital is one of the top digital marketing training institutes in Delhi. This institute focuses on the aspirants who are passionate about this course and want to make their career in digital marketing only. All the modules provided in the course offered by them are mainly focused on the enhancement of the skill of their candidates. Location- Adchini, Delhi.

10. Manipal Prolearn –

One of the top evolving education centers for the aspirants of digital marketing. The institute has been working for years for the benefit of its candidates. They offer certifications from the top brands such as Google and Microsoft. Location- Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


The above-mentioned institutes and companies are the best digital marketing training centers in Delhi. To gather the industry experience as well as the academic aspects of digital marketing, these institutes are proven hubs for the course.  

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