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Top 15 PHP Interview Question Answers – Do you have a PHP Job interview scheduled? Are you well prepared for the interview? To make the terrific impression during the interview it is extremely important to have a strong preparation. The best way of preparing smartly is by going through the Top PHP Interview Question Answers which are frequently asked. In an Interview, your Knowledge about the PHP will be put into test and on the bases of it, your skills will be judged by the interviewers.

You will not just make to write down the complex coding and figure out the errors in software in the first go. However, the target will be the important and basic question of PHP for them. The interviewer will check whether you are having the basic knowledge of PHP or not. Therefore, these top 15 PHP interviews Question Answers are extremely important to go through before appearing for an interview. As the ability to apply your theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios would be tested by the interviewer.

So, here we go

Top 15 PHP Interview Question Answers

Important PHP Interview Question Answers Asked Frequently

In order to come out with the flying colors in your PHP interview, you really need to prepare in the best way for it. Your confidence and good preparing for an interview will take you the long way in your career. Here given below is the list of 15 most frequently asked questions and answers during the PHP interview:

 Question No. 1: How will you define PHP?

Answer: PHP is well defined as the server side scripting language which is used for the web application. PHP consists of CMS and site structure which helps best in designing a website. Some popular CMS of PHP are WordPress, osCommerce etc.

Question No. 2: What do you understand by Open Source Software?

Answer: As the name suggests in Open source software the source codes are freely used, modify, and shared by anyone. At times these can also be distributed under licenses that adhere to the open source definition.

Question No.3: How to add a file to a PHP page?

Answer:  A file can be added using “include() ” or “require()” function with the file path.

Question No.4: Differentiate between include(), include_once()  and require_once().

Answer:  Include () statement evaluates and includes a particular or say the specific line which simply means that it will include the file which will be based on the given path. Whereas, required() has an expectation, upon failure, it will generate a fatal error and halt the script. On the other hand include() will allow the script to continue by just giving the warning.  In required_once(), if the file is included it will not include the file in that case.

Question No.5: Is there any advantage of “echo” in PHP? If yes, what?

Answer:  “echo” is simply used to print a data on the web page. Just for an example: The following code prints the document on the webpage.

Question No.6: What is the difference between GET, POST and REQUEST methods?

Answer:  Both GET and POST are used for sending information from client browsers to the web server. IN POST method the transfer of information takes place through HTTP Headers. While GET the process takes place via GET method in name /value pair and URL encoded. Apart from this default, GST has a limit of 512 characters whereas the POST method doesn’t have any limitation or restriction in the data size that is to be sent. It is used for sending data securely and ASCII and binary type’s data. The $_REQUEST contains the content of both $_GET, $_POST and $_COOKIE.

Question No.7: What are the different errors in PHP? Explain them briefly.

Answer:  There are 4 types of errors in PHP basically which are:

Parse Error –Which occur due to the mistakes in codes including syntax e.g. mismatch brackets, missing semicolon.

Fatal Error – are the runtime errors which generally occur while you try to access what can’t be done. E.g. accessing a dead object, using the function that hasn’t been declared.

Warning Error – This error comes across when trying to include a file that is not present, or delete a file that is not on the server in the first place.

Notice Error – The reason for this error is when u tries to use a variable that hasn’t been declared. Although this will not halt the script, however; it will give the notice and continue with the next line of the script.

Question No.8: Define session and explain its significance?

Answer:  The session is very helpful in making the customised web application in which the user tracking is needed. Session uniquely defines each user with a session ID. It is the super global variable that preserves data across subsequent pages.

Question No.9: What are the ways of changing the value of a constant?

Answer: There are no ways of doing so. We cannot change the value of a constant.

Question No. 10: Define is the cookie. Why do we use it?

Answer:  A cookie can be defined as a small piece of information stored in the client browser. It is a technique used to identify a user using the information stored in their browser (if already visited that website). Using PHP we can both set and get COOKIE.

Question No. 11: What function do we use to find a length of string, and length of the array?

Answer: To find the length of string we use strlen() function whereas, to get the length of an array we use count() function.

Question No. 12: What is an associative array?

Answer:  Associative arrays are arrays that use named keys that you assign to them.

Question No. 13: What is the use of mysql_real_escape_string() function?

Answer:  It is used to escapes special characters in a string for use in an SQL statement

Question No. 14: What is the difference between javascript and PHP?

Answer:  Javascript is a client-side scripting language. On the other side, PHP is a server-side scripting language

Question No.15: How do we drop a table?

Answer:  DROP table customers;

It will drop the table customers


So, these were the 15 most asked questions and answers in the PHP interview by the interviewer. Go through them before you appear for an interview. We wish you very best in your career. 

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