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Top 10 SEO Tips & Tricks for Bloggers – Creating a blog is easy but maintaining it and getting good traffic on it is a real task. Have you ever gave it a thought that what if you could get the traffic from the search engine on your BlogSpot blog just like the WordPress blog? It will be great. Isn’t it? Without paying anything you can get the good traffic to your blog. Wondering how? you will find your answers in these Top 10 SEO Tips & Tricks for Bloggers. 

Search Engine Optimization and content creation go hand in hand. If you are a blogger you then SEO is the must for you at least basic SEO could be a great help in driving traffic to your blog. It orders to stand out from the rest of your competitors you need to optimize your blog in the best possible way. In order to do so, these Top 10 SEO Tips & Tricks for Bloggers are going to be a great help for you. These tips will provide you with the basic understanding of SEO that you can apply in your blog for best results.

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10 Useful SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers

SEO includes the two crucial aspects in which it is divided that is On page SEO and Off page SEO. Here the on- page SEO includes the optimization that takes place in the blog post like the quality of content, images and things like that. While the off page SEO is done outside the page. The bloggers can go for the on page SEO in order to get the best results.

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10 Useful SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers

Identify Your Persona and Go for Good Keyword Research – No. 1. SEO Tip for blogger

The first and the foremost thing, your content should be relevant, useful and informative. Identify your target audience and then for selecting the right keyword. Keywords are extremely important if you want to write a search engine friendly blog. Once you are done by deciding the topic you can go for the right keyword for your topic this will definitely bring you the good traffic.

You can go through the other post that is written on the same topic. You need to figure out the keyword that has been used on those post and you could apply them in yours too. You can maintain the list of keywords keeping your competition in mind to rank on the best spot. There is a number of keyword research tools available in the market that could be great help you.

Here is the list of some useful keyword search tools which will provide you the list of useful keywords:

  • Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush
  • KW Finder
  • SEMrush

Tips to Optimise the Content on Keyword Bases

Once you are done with selecting the right keyword the real work starts now. You need to optimize your post based on the keyword that you have selected. Try to implement the keyword in the content. Do not make it appear awkward, try to use it in a natural way in order to get the best results and good user experience. You need to use the keywords smartly that blends well with your content. So it’s important SEO Tip for the blogger to optimize the content on keyword bases.

Place Your Keyword Smartly to Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is the major drawback for your blog. It cold brings you down in ranking and your readers will not enjoy your post. The use of keywords again and again in the content is known as keyword stuffing. Even the search engine also does not tolerate keyword stuffing, it penalizes the sites those are doing keyword stuffing.

In order to avoid the keyword stuffing, you need to use the same keyword in different 2 to 3 laces in a tactful way. It is the best way by which you can keep yourself away from the keyword stuffing. Other than those you can always check for the keyword density. The keyword density for the primary keyword should be between 1-3 percent. There are tools available that determine the keyword density.

Apart from this, you can also use the keyword smartly at the following places in order to avoid the keyword stuffing:

  • Page Title
  • URL
  • Header Tags;
  • being the most influential,
  • Bolded or underlined copy
  • Photo Alt Tags
  • Hyperlinked Text

Long Tail Keywords Make Effective Title – No. 2. SEO Tip for blogger

You might agree with me that an effective and attractive title makes a very good impression on the readers. This is included in the SEO tips for blogger. Be creative with the title of your blog to make the first impression very effective. Try to go for the long tail keyword as they are more specific to the search queries and thus, they will help you rank well. Here is some common starting for the title that works really well in order to get the good traffic “how to,” “5 ways,” and “topic 101.”

SEO Tips for URL Structure of Blog – No. 3. SEO Tip for blogger

Permalinks are one of the essential factors that play a crucial role in the ranking factors. It can be changed while you are writing the blog which is pretty amazing. Edit your permalinks to avoid the use of stop words. The best way to get the good results is to use the keyword in the permalinks. But again, use it smartly do not have it look spammy because the search engine does not tolerate such links.

But again, use it smartly do not have it look spammy because the search engine does not tolerate such links. While writing on the blog you have an option for writing the Permalink. You can choose from the automatic and from the manual one. You can edit depending on what you find the best.

Useful tips to Optimize images for SEO Friendly Blogs

Useful tips to Optimize images for SEO Friendly Blogs

The blog should be visually appealing to the readers in order to engage them. You can always rely on the visual assets for the better result like photos, videos, infographics now the GIFs have become quite popular. In order to get the best result, you can use the author tags or connect the Google+ Profit in your post.

Using images or videos is not enough you need to provide them with the alt tags. This is how you can optimize the images that you have used in the post. It is the factors that most of the people ignore bur helps help well in ranking. You can add the alt tags on the basis of keyword that you are using for the best results.

Important Tricks to use Meta Tags for Bloggers – No. 4. SEO Tip for blogger

Meta tags are the other best way to ensure that your site or the blog appear higher on the search engine. They are nothing but the generated HTML tags. Meta Tags include the Title Tag, the Meta Description, and the Meta Keywords which are extremely important from an SEO perspective. Try to use the Meta Tags in the best ways possible.

You need to also keep in mind the use of H tags. Divide your content into the portion and provide them H1, H2 and so on heading try to mention the keyword in them so that it gets high lights. This is the best way to draw the attention of the crawlers towards your post and keywords.

How internal links helps in generating SEO friendly Blog – No. 5. SEO Tip for blogger

Internal links are the one among the best ways to get the higher ranking and making your blog more SEO friendly. Here is the best SEO tip and tricks for bloggers, internal links are one. Search Engine crawler goes through your blogs, the links that you have created allow them to crawl the new web page.

By proving the good and relevant internal links you can increase the crawling speed for your website. Apart from this, the view also finds it useful and it is good for you as well. By clicking on this list they increase the views for you and spend more time on your site which is great.

Social Media Optimization Tips for Bloggers

Social Media Optimization Tips for Bloggers

Social Media is definitely a Gold Mine for the blogger. It can be used to bring good traffic on the website. Create a profile on several social media account and share your blogs there. These are the best platform for getting free traffic. In order to reach to the maximum number of people through social media, you can use the quality and attractive images, unique heading. Ensure that you regularly share on social media.

Mobile Friendly Layout

The mobile-friendly layout will bring you more visitors. There are a huge number of mobile phone users around the world if you having a good mobile-friendly layout for your blog people will engage with your blog. A mobile-friendly theme has become essential for getting the good traffic on the blog.

These were the few important SEO tips for bloggers to get the good traffic from search engine. We hope you find this useful and helpful in driving more traffic, getting visibility and higher ranking.

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