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Top 10 SEO Companies in Pune- Nowadays, Digital presence is essential for a business and website. SEO is a critical factor in digital marketing and the most important aspect of your website’s visibility and for driving organic traffic. SEO helps the business rank its website on top of search engine results and drive new organic traffic.

Pune is a very busy city in Maharashtra, and finding an SEO agency without knowledge of SEO is very difficult. There are too many good SEO Companies in Pune that provide the best SEO service in all aspects and give complete SEO service to clients. 

So, we curate a list of the Top 10 SEO Companies in Pune that helps you in finding the perfect SEO Company according to your requirements. 

List Of Top 10 SEO Companies in Pune-Top 10 SEO Companies in Pune-1

A basic knowledge of SEO is very important for a website owner but proper usage and execution require SEO experts. Only experts in SEO can boost your website properly rank the website on SERPs and drive traffic to the website. This list of Top 10 SEO Companies in Pune helps you to find the perfect SEO Company according to your needs-

echoVME Digital-

echoVME is one of the most successful SEO companies in Pune. It provides many different services including SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, and Brand Marketing. The company was established in 2011 and provides its services to different industries like healthcare, travel, e-commerce, and finance. 

echoVME Digital Google Reviews 


echoVME Digital rating 

4 / 5

echoVME Digital  establishment 


echoVME Digital CEO/Head

Sorav Jain

echoVME Digital Clients

More than 700

echoVME Digital no. of Projects

More than 1000


Brainmine is one of the top-notch SEO agencies in Pune. It provides the best-customized SEO solutions and result-driven ideas to all types of businesses. It has a successful track record of client campaigns across different types of industries like health, real estate, travel, finance, and e-commerce.

Brainmine Google Reviews 


Brainmine Digital rating 

4.3 / 5

Brainmine  establishment 


Brainmine CEO/Head

Ashwani Fotedar

Brainmine Clients

More than 750

Brainmine no. of Projects

More than 1000

Address:- 401, Montvert Velocity, Baner - Pashan Link Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411021

SRV Media-

SRV Media is a Pune Pune-based SEO company that is a leading name in the Top 10 SEO Companies in Pune. They offer a highly processed approach to clients and will produce slow and steady results. They started with a small team of seven members now because of their high-quality work they have 180 digital experts on their team.

SRV Media Google Reviews 


SRV Media Digital rating 

4.2 / 5

SRV Media  establishment 


SRV Media CEO/Head

Vikram Kumar

SRV Media Clients

More than 1000

SRV Media no. of Projects

More than 2000

Office Address:- 3rd Floor, Office No. 301, Nandan Probiz, near Balewadi High Street, Pune, Maharashtra 411045


Saletify is one of the best digital marketing and SEO agencies in Pune that provides complete SEO services. Also, they provide other services like PPC, e-commerce, brand marketing, and development. They believe is SEO the game changer in digital marketing and the use of white hat SEO techniques benefits your website within a few months in ranking results.

Saletify Google Reviews 


Saletify Digital rating 

4.3 / 5

Saletify  establishment 


Saletify CEO/Head

Nilesh Rai

Saletify Clients

More than 200

Saletify no. of Projects

More than 350

Company Address:- Office No. 305, 3rd Floor, Kumar Primus, Swami Vivekanand Nagar, Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune 411013


Skovian is an SEO company based in Pune which provides the best SEO services to all kinds of businesses. They always work on satisfactory and desirable client results. With the help of their experienced and skillful team members, they always deliver 100% results in their SEO.

Skovian Google Reviews 


Skovian Digital rating 

4.2 / 5

Skovian  establishment 


Skovian CEO/Head


Skovian Clients

More than 700

Skovian no. of Projects

More than 900


IKF is one of the oldest SEO service companies in Pune. Also, they have many years of experience in ranking keywords and driving traffic to websites. They offer many different services to clients including complete SEO services. Their prime focus is the client’s business growth and helping them to make their digital presence strong.

IKF Google Reviews 


IKF Digital rating 

4.2 / 5

IKF  establishment 



Aashish Daliya

IKF Clients

More than 850

IKF no. of Projects

More than 1200

Registered Address:- 6th Floor, International Business Bay, Shankar Sheth Rd, opp. Kumar Pacific Mall, Guru Nanak Nagar, Pune 411042

Omx Technologies-

Omx Technologies is one of the leading development companies in Pune which offers complete SEO services to clients. Their experienced and skillful team members believe in professionalism and getting results to their clients to make their digital visibility.

Omx Technologies Google Reviews 


Omx Technologies Digital rating 

4.8 / 5

Omx Technologies  establishment 


Omx Technologies CEO/Head

Mukund Awasarmal

Omx Technologies Clients

More than 500

Omx Technologies no. of Projects

More than 800

Contact Details:- 203/D, 2nd floor, Town Square, Mhada Colony, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014


Glassberry IT Solutions is one of the top digital marketing and SEO firms in Pune. Their experienced and skilled SEO experts work together to help businesses increase their website visibility and drive organic traffic to websites. They provide many services including SEO, PPC, Web Development, Web Design, Mobile marketing, and content marketing.

Glassberry Google Reviews 


Glassberry Digital rating 

4.9 / 5

Glassberry  establishment 


Glassberry CEO/Head

Rohit Kale

Glassberry Clients

More than 70

Glassberry no. of Projects

More than 100

Address:- 3rd Floor, Sneh Leela Complex, Apte Rd, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Aarna Systems-

Aarna Systems offers different kinds of SEO services to businesses to improve their digital presence, and brand value, and drive more traffic on websites. It has ten years of experience and all kinds of SEO certificates from Google, Facebook, and HubSpot. The company provides its services to different industries like finance, real estate, and health and beauty.

Aarna Systems Google Reviews 


Aarna Systems Digital rating 

4.4 / 5

Aarna Systems  establishment 


Aarna Systems CEO/Head

Sachin Patil

Aarna Systems Clients

More than 250

Aarna Systems no. of Projects

More than 400

Company Address:- 403, Business Speciality Center, Balewadi Rd, next to MITCON, Balewadi, Pune 411045

Dimakh Consultants-

Dimakh Consultants is one of the oldest and most experienced SEO companies in Pune. Customer-centric solutions are one of the main aspects of this company in SEO. Their prime focus is always to understand the needs and preferences of clients and give their services accordingly. And, this kind of approach helps the company to make long terms relationships with their clients.

Dimakh Consultants Google Reviews 


Dimakh Consultants Digital rating 

4 / 5

Dimakh Consultants  establishment 


Dimakh Consultants CEO/Head

Dimakh Srikant

Dimakh Consultants Clients

More than 2000

Dimakh Consultants no. of Projects

More than 3000

Address:- 71/ A-1, Vishnu Bhavan, Lane No 15, Prabhat Road, opposite Symbiosis School, Pune, Maharashtra 411004


In conclusion, This list of Top 10 SEO Companies in Pune helps you to choose your perfect SEO agency in Pune according to your requirements and preferences. For more information, you can visit their offices. All the necessary information is included in this list for you to save time.

FAQS for Top 10 SEO Companies in Pune-

Q.1 What is spam score in SEO?

Ans. Spam score is a metric used by SEO tools to measure the likelihood that a website has been penalized by search engines for engaging in spammy practices. The score ranges from 0 to 17, with higher scores indicating a higher likelihood of spam.

Q.2 Is it OK to buy backlinks?

Ans. No, Buying backlinks is against Google's Webmaster Guidelines. That means you'll get a Google penalty if you get caught. And such a Google penalty will kill your search engine rankings.

Q.3 What is a keyword in SEO?

Ans. The keywords are the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines to discover content, also called "search queries.

Q.4 Which are the 5 Best keyword research tools?

Ans. 5 Best Keyword Research tools are-

  • Moz Keyword Explorer

  • Semrush

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • KWFinder

  • Keyword Snatcher

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