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Top 10 SEO Audit Components – The success over the Internet when it comes to marketing is major dependent on Search Engine Optimization. Making it easy to understand, SEO is the practice or procedure of designing a website or web page in a certain way and adding the content that helps in ranking at the higher spot in the search engine. Well, doing this is not as easy as you think. Since the competition is really high and your competitors might be using the best  SEO techniques. But do not worry, here you will find top 10 SEO audits components that might help you. Learn how to prepare SEO Audit Checklist for 2017.

SEO audits are the best way to understand where you are lacking and why your site is not ranking high. Search Engine Optimization is extremely important as they add value and more information. By understanding and analyzing the SEO audit component a lot can be improved. As SEO focuses ranking higher in the search results these tools help in doing that in a much easier way. If you are thinking that what are these crucial SEO Audit component and which ones are the best to get the effective results then this list of top 10 SEO audit Components will help you well.

You are going to learn ahead the most effective SEO audit in 2017 that will help you perform well. You will find the number of tools, some are free and some paid. And, if you are interested to take practical knowledge of SEO Audit components, want to learn how to use  SEO Audit Components to beat competitors then Join WebHopers Academy. We are Panchkula Based digital marketing institute that offers the SEO Training to learn about SEO components.

So, here we go with,

Top 10 SEO Audit Component of 2017

The List of Top 10 SEO Audit Component of 2017 | SEO Audit Checklist

Before going through the list there are certain things that should be clear to you. The required for the audits depends directly on the size of your website. The big website requires more time for SEO audit. The second thing is, for good and quality SEO audit you need to have the right skills and should know how to execute them.

Here is the checklist for 10 best SEO Audit component that will be covered here:

  1. Strategic Objective
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis
  3. Competitor Research
  4. Technical Analysis
  5. Accessibility and Link Analysis
  6. Architecture and Design of the site
  7. Robots and Sitemaps
  8. Domain Review
  9. Review of the Server
  10. On-page Optimization

‘Strategic Objective’ Important SEO Audit Component

Strategic Objective' Important SEO Audit Component

To figure out the long term goal of SEO for any business is extremely important to work in a proper way. Strategic objective helps in reaching the end goal is a faster way and also avoid the chances of the mistakes. It should depend on the goal of the business, what business wants to achieve your strategic objective should depend on it. The best thing about the strategic objective is that it keeps you on track. With this, you cannot lose the focus on your end goal.

Things to remember:

  • The strategic objective should be specific, measurable, accurate, relevant and could be achieved within the time
  • It should be the mixture of  SEO key performance indicators and a business performance indicator.
  • Analyze your statistic objective and refine them

Keyword Search and Analysis

Keyword Search and Analysis

Keywords are essential, it is important for driving traffic and ranking over the search engine. If you never gave much attention to the keywords that you are using its time to re examine them. It is important to analyze that which keyword will bring traffic and the best way for the conversion of those traffic into the leads. So the keyword Search is main part of SEO Audit component

The best tools to get an idea about the right keyword are the Google Console and Google Analytics. Here are few things that you must remember while looking for the relevant keyword:

  • Focus on the keywords that perform really well and bring good traffic
  • Do not work on the many keywords at the same times it will not provide the quality of work

Competitor Analysis

Image result for Competitor Analysis

The SEO audits must be started with the goof check on the competitors. You must keep in mind that the strategies that your competitors are using in order to get organic traffic on the specific keywords. So the Competitor Analysis is also part of SEO Audit Component There are the few things that one must look in the competitors in order to do better than them and get good results:

  • Keywords
  • Estimated monthly search traffic
  • Page one keywords
  • Inbound links
  • Domain authority
  • Linking root domains
  • The estimated search traffic value

To do so, there are a number of tools available online some of them are Open Site Explorer and SEMRush.

Technical Analysis – Main Part of SEO Audit

Image result for Technical Analysis of SEO Audits

Index Page Analysis: Those who are not familiar with the word index, here is simple meaning. It is the number of pages the Website that are crawled and read by the Google. In order to know the number of pages the search engine has read, you can type the syntax site:domain.com by this way you will get to know whether your page is being indexed on the Google or not. It is important to keep a check on these things. in order to get the best results.

Cache of the site: Through the caches, you will be able to see the version of the website that search engine has stored. To see this type syntax cache:domain.com on the search box.

‘Accessibility and Link Analysis’ Top SEO audit Component that cannot be Neglected

Accessibility and Link Analysis

The foremost thing that one should concern about is the accessibility of the website. Nothing kills the traffic and ranking rather other than the slow speed and page error like 404. Google’s PageSpeed Insights is the best tool to identify such issues and deal with it. You can also use the Google search console in order to deal with the error issue. Once you figure out any of these issues you can get it fixed.

Other than this the Link Analysis is also an important SEO Audit component that cannot be ignored.  Since the good quality links bring a lot of traffic to the web page or website by ranking in high, therefore, having good link base is essential. To get an idea about the internal as well as external links the Google Search Console has a tool that provides information about links. You can use the tools like Ahrefs and OpenSiteExplorer to utilize the links in a proper way.

Architecture and Design of the site are 2017’s top SEO Audit Components

Google emphasis on the best user experience and thus makes sure that the site has best architect and designers which are user-friendly. That is why providing the good user experience and having the user-friendly site has become one of the major SEO audit Competent in 2017. Things to keep in mind:

  • Your site should be easily navigated
  • Best if it is secure with HTTPS
  • Important of all it should be mobile friendly.

There are various mobile friendly tools available on line that can help you determine or make your site mobile friendly. The latest Google updates and Algorithm changes have made it pretty clear that mobile friendly and site with good user experience will get the benefits.

How are Robots and Site Maps Important SEO audit Component?

Robots and Site Maps

Other important parts of the SEO audit are the robots files and the site maps.

Robot Files: Robot Files are important to the crawler. It is the text file on the notepad that contains the extension .txt. Robot file gives the instruction to all the crawler that will visit your website. For an instance, your website is having 600 web pages and you do not want the crawler to go through all of them this could be done by Robot files.

Image result for sitemaps


Sitemaps: Sitemaps works like an index of the book over Website. It is an XML file which contains the list of all the web pages of the website. Therefore, whenever a new web page is created it gets added into the Sitemaps and thus, become easy for the search engine to crawl through them.

Domain Review important SEO Audit Component

Domain Review important SEO Audit Component


Domain name, age and expiry date are among the most important ranking factors that cannot be ignored by any mean. Suppose you are new to the digital marketing and your competitors were on it that simply means that their domain is old and they will rank higher than you with the domain authority advantages. This is because they are having all the important element that helps in boost ranking but your website will take quite a time to attain that. If want to know about your domain than Whois-search.com is a suitable tool for you.

‘Review of the Server’ another crucial SEO audit Component

Image result for Review of the Server' another crucial SEO audit Component


Server Review is essential for the safety of the website. In this, you need to check the registrar, address and server location of the website. The overall SEO strategies can be affected by any dispute in the server. It helps in understanding that what a site is currently up to and what can be changed in order to get the best result in the SEO.

On-page Optimization

On-page Optimization


On Page Optimization boost ranking and provide good user experience. Your website should be optimized in the right way if you are looking for the positive results. In this section, you need to check if everything is all right. Content should be unique and relevant with the proper heading.

There should be total tags and meta tags along with meta distraction. Also, check the loading speed and whether HTML codes are used properly or not.


So, these were our top 10 SEO Audit component that is necessary for getting the good ranking over search results. If you want to get a good response then these were the things that you can not afford to miss. WebHopers Academy wished you the luck and progress in your work. For more updates and information visit our other posts.

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