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Top 10 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools – Search Engine Optimization keeps on evolving with the time. Thus, it is important to be updated when it comes to SEO because what was relevant years ago might not work now. To get the best SEO results here are top 10 free Search Engine Optimization Tools 2017 that must be at your fingertips. The basic concept of the SEO is to make a website or a web page visible high on the search results of the search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So SEO tools are helpful to increase the online visibility of your website on Search engines.


The Basic role of SEO is to drive more and more traffic by ranking high in the search results. For obtaining this SEO expert uses the number of tools that are helpful in boosting SEO. The ranking is done on the experience of SEO experts and users. This list of top Search Engine Optimization Tools will help you climb high on the search results and leverage the high traffic on your site.

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Different Categories of SEO ( Search Engines Optimization) Tools

There are wide options of SEO tools available and to use the best for the very purpose, it’s better to categorize them. Some of these categories are contain paid tools while some are free and some freemium tools. Depending upon your requirements you can select that suits you best.

So, Here are the main categories of SEO tools:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Content Ideas
  • Technical Tools

List of Top Search Engine Optimization Tools

Given below is the best SEO tools that are used the SEO experts to drive good outcomes. You may find others tools more beneficial, it depends on the user experience. But all these are extremely helpful in providing you the right analysis about the SEO practice of your competition and where you need to improve in order to get the better results.

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Keyword Analysis Tools

SEO starts with keyword research.  Without Keyword there is no SEO possible. It acts as a path for the search engine to reach your site. So you should have strong keyword research to increase the online visibility of Business. There are many tools available in the that helps in keyword research. Here they are:

1#Google AdWords Keyword Planner – Best SEO Tool for Keyword Research

Google AdWords Keyword Planner- Top keyword reserach tool

Keyword Planner is come on top in the list of top Search engines optimization tools. It is free of cost, provided by the google to do the general Keyword reach or analysis. Apart from this tools helps in getting an idea about the traffic on the particular keyword. Alos, helps in developing the new keywords.

Here are some benefits of Google AdWords:

  1. Best way to find local keyword faster
  2. It can be used as a spy to keep check on your competitor’s keywords
  3. It helps in Create adwords campaigns easily
  4. Create silo structure for site

2. Keywordtool.io

Image result for Keywordtool.io home page

Keyword Analysis is also best SEO Tool for Keyword resarch. It is a free tool for Keyword analysis. This is the best tool to get the long tails keyword on the search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. On this tools, you will find a wide array of keywords which otherwise was not possible to get.

Benefits of this tools:

  • Displays a wide number of related keywords.
  •  keywords from this tool can be used as LSI keywords for your blog posts.

3. UberSuggest


The ubersuggest tool provides the enough keywords by simply appending letters to the end of query that you will put on it. It provides good access to a number of long tail keywords.

Benefits: Gives a huge number of keywords that can be further researched by clicking on the “plus” sign near it.

SEO Content Tools – Top Search Engine Optimization tool to Content

Content is known as the King in SEO. Content optimization is the main ranking factor in Google. You need relevant & fresh content for SEO. So here we are sharing the list of top SEO content tools where you check the Duplicate content in your site.

4#Siteliner – Best SEO Tools for Check Duplicate Content in Site

Content optimization is the main part for SEO. Siteliner is one the best and free analysis of the entire website. It let the user explore the website and provide the issues that needed to have fixed like duplicate content, Broken links and many another such thing that affect the search engine ranking. So Siteliner is also one of the top SEO Tools



Benefits of siteliner:  SiteLiner is a useful tool for quickly evaluating your page sizes, internal linking, and internal duplicate content.

  • Thiprovidesquickly evaluating your page sizes
  • Helps with the internal linking,
  • Also, helps in identifying the internal duplicate content.



Copyscape is a tool that provides the good ability figure out the duplicate content. It helps in search published and unpublished articles against the duplicate content issue. The befits of This tools are as follows:

  •  It searches all pdf files,
  • Provide the internet websites to copied content, blogs, forums etc
  • Locate the links from where an article is copied

Technical SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) Tools – Top On page & Off page SEO Checker tools

6. Google Webmaster Tools – Best To check Technical issues in Site

Top SEO Tool Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster isone of the main SEO Tools for technical SEO. This tool is essential for a good SEO Practice. This tool is essential for knowing the things like:

  • what pages have been indexed on your site,
  • what links are pointing to site,
  • Identifies the most popular keywords on site and many other things.

Using Google Webmaster tool is simple all you need to do is to get signed up for an account then login to the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard. Now from this point, you’re able to add your site. It is a free tool and this makes google master much better.

7. Advanced Meta Tag Generator & Google Search Results Preview

Advanced Meta Tag Generator & Google Search Results Preview home

This is the best tool shows how search listing will b displayed on the Google Search Results as soon as the Meta tags are manually provided given to the tool. It is easy to use and provided the search list search shot by downloading it for further development. It can be used simply by following these steps:

  •  Input your URL or meta tags
  • After that, you can preview the search listing in Google SERPs
  • Add keyword meta tags so that hey may appear bold in the preview
  • Add the Google Plus URL to get the Authorship-empowered result
  • Download the screenshot of your search listing

8. WooRank Plugin – Best Onpage SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) Checker Tool

WooRank Plugin

Though WooRank Plugin is a freemium tool website analyzer. But once you start using it you will find out that it provides some really good handy insight on some very unique stuff that can be very helpful for SEO point of view. It is best in analyzing any website and provides the results within few minutes.

Benefits of using WooRank Plugin:

  • It has impressive interface and provide good amount of data
  • Provides level of data and perspective for mobile section
  • It has good Social shareability

9. MozBar – Best for On page & Off page SEO Checker tool

MozBar SEO tool

MozBar is very helpful in getting the right data for the SEO. This tool offers both basic and advanced tools to help with your SEO needs. It is a paid tool. It has a large section of a research tool that Carter all SEO needs. The toolbar has three main categories of data:

  • Page Elements,
  • Page Attributes,
  •  Link Data.

10. GTmetrix – Site Speed checker tool

GTmetrix top SEO tool

This is what the GTmetrix do:

GTmetrix’s Report Page neatly summarizes your page performance based on key indicators of page load speed. IT is helpful in track performance with monitoring, graphs, and alerts. Here are some other benefits of GTmetrix:

  • It analyzes the page by using Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlowrulesets
  • Provide the total Page Load Time, Total Page Size and Total # of Requests
  • Gives the page’s performance relative to the average of all sites

These were some of the best SEO tools that are essential for the good SEO and provide good results. If you have some more SEO tools in mind that you consider best then let us know in the comment section below.




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