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Top 10 Facebook Marketing Trends for 2017 – To be very honest, there is no other best platform for online marketing other than Facebook. Back in the year 2012, when the founder Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook has passed the one billion active users. That’s when the marketers considered it as a potential marketing platform. These Top 10 Facebook Marketing Trends for 2017 will maximize your efforts to get the best results of your marketing campaign. With the huge rush of business and brands over Facebook to get a result for Social Media Marketing efforts, it has become extremely difficult to stand out from the rest.

Until you don’t have right techniques you won’t be able to make difference. Here you will find the right Facebook marketing trends which have resulted in great success. With this list of 2017’s top 10 Facebook Marketing trends, marketers will be able to get good ROI, they could navigate better. Ultimately by adopting this trend in their strategies the Facebook marketing campaign could be set in the right directions. 

Without wasting any time, here we go with the,

Top 10 Facebook Marketing Trends that dominates 2017

This list that we have prepared for you contain all the essential things that you must keep in mind during your entire marketing campaign on Facebook. These will help you going forward with the good success rates and response. Take these 10 points into the account and give your Facebook marketing the right start.

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Gear up to Shoot Video ‘It’s 2017 most successful trend of Facebook Marketing’

Gear up to Shoot Video 'It's 2017 most successful trend of Facebook Marketing'

The concept of video ads is not new for the audience. They are effective, drive higher engagement, the message is more clear and they account 0.9% of all post on Facebook. Earlier Youtube was the top social media site for the videos but recently Facebook has emerged as their strong competitor. If you are not using this amazing marketing technique then you are lacking behind from your competitors.

Video ads are the need for 2017 for better Facebook Marketing. The brands can promote their products as there is a huge number of the Facebook user. Creating a video and putting it up on the Facebook is not enough. To maximize the impact of video ads ensure to add certain element one such as subtitles. Most of the Facebook in the office hours watch video on mute. Facebook Video ads have become one of an essential element for the success in marketing.

Mobile Optimization For Facebook Marketing is trending in 2017

The use of mobiles for Facebook is much more than the desktop. Therefore, Mobile optimization of website optimization is very important. Google had already made the announcement that users of mobile phones are higher than that of the desktop. It is pretty clear with the several features of the Facebook that it is biased towards the mobile phone.

Facebook Inc confirmed that it has over 142 million users in India which are a useful market place for advertisement.  Among these users nearly about 133 million access the social network via their mobile devices. By these figures, it is easy to understand the 90%of Indians are using Facebook on their phone. Thus, mobile optimization of your website is one important change that you need.

2017’s Audience Customization Trend Improve the Facebook Marketing

2017's Audience Customization Trend Improve the Facebook Marketing

Customizing the audience is essential to make your ad reach to the audience that responds.  If you have a certain set of the audience or the target audience where you want to concentrate the first thing to do is to select your preferred audience from the list. It is very important for a marketer to make its ad or content reach to the audience.

It also helps in providing the right traffic and response to the website. The user can easily customize the audience according to the set perimeters on Facebook. Through this way, you can get an idea about your audience and how far your marketing could go.

Do you know about Shop on Facebook Page?

Shop On Facebook allows brands and business to sell their product online. Some time back Facebook rolled out shop section. Here the brands could list their products and the customers by browsing could buy them. The best thing about this shopping on Facebook is that it does not charge any money to the brand or to the customer.

The future of these shops on Facebooks seems bright. As incoming time more and more people will buy directly through Facebook. It is considered as revolutionizing the e-commerce. If you haven’t seen or worked on this yet for your business then hurry up and check it now and utilize it by adding the section to your Facebook page.

Messenger Bots are New Trend in Facebook Marketing

Messenger Bots are New Trend in Facebook Marketing

Messenger Bots has helped business a lot over the facebook. Suppose if you are having a bar then could be the possible queries for you on facebook. suppose it is related to the timing of the bar. With the help of the Messenger bots, you can provide the answers quickly and without you having to interact.

Messenger bots have a number of benefits when it comes to the marketing, It enhances the user experience apart from this it could be used for the following purpose:

  • Wireless bank transactions
  • Raise awareness
  • acquire customers
  • Delivering personalized content  weather tips

Set up dynamic adverts is important Facebook Marketing Technique

If you are not familiar with the dynamic advert then this big time to start using it. It works simply but very effective. Dynamic Advert automatically promotes your product on Facebook account of the users who earlier has some interest on your website. For this you need to upload and catalog and set your campaign and then it will work for you.

Here are the benefits of Dynamic Advert:

  • It reached more people
  • Retarget shoppers to complete the sale
  • It contacts people across the devices

 Facebook Workplace is trending in 2017

Facebook Workplace is trending in 2017


The Facebook workplace is the best platform that helps to manage the team well and maximize their efforts for the company or for business. It is the place through which the whole team can communicate well and share their idea. It has become the need for 2017. This platform will help your business to grow by turning the ideas for the experts into the actions.

Here is the benefiting using Facebook Workplace:

  • It helps the team to share ideas by keeping them on the same page
  • Whatever team share here is secure
  • You can work with other companies here
  • You can go live whenever you want
Facebook Marketing Trend that cannot be ignored – Embedding Facebook Content 

If you want your post on Facebook to be the most engaging post then this is what you need. You cannot just stick to one particular platform to get the best results set up your reach to the multiple channels. Use the content in the blog post. Facebook has just made it easy for the users to embed the content it is the way to involve more people.

Facebook really dominate the social media therefore, it is important to have the best presence over it. Right content marketing can take your business a long way. This is the best way to reach to your potential customers more effectively.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace provides access to the business to reach to  1.7+ billion users. That’s huge and that is why it is trending in 2017. It is best for you if you are targeting the local customers. Here one could get the number of job opportunities and could also sell the products to the customers. The products displayed here are completely based on the interest of the customers. It is displayed according to the browsing history of the customer. Though it currently is only available on the mobile and not available in all countries. But it’s going to be the big thing for marketers.

 Not  Advanced marketing analytics?

Advanced marketing analytics

If you are not using this tools you are lacking behind. It is a very important step for effective marketing over Facebook. Most of the companies in 2017 are using Advanced marketing analytics. It provides the data about the audience, a business can check whether the people who are commenting and reacting are actually visiting their sites or viewing their products r not.

Through this, you can get the whole data about the customers who are engaged with your products or services. This will help you further improve your marketing technique according to the needs and trends.


So, these were the top trends of Facebook marketing in 2017 that are must for the successful marketing campaign over Facebook. At WebHopers is expertise in the Social Media Marketing. If you are looking for any social media marketing agency or for the digital marketing Company feel free to contact us.

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