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Top Affiliate Marketing Websites in World - Affiliate marketing is a trending concept when it comes to making money online. If you are in the blogging industry, top affiliate marketing websites in the world must be in your knowledge. Originally, blogging has become a proactive tool for most internet-savvy users to earn money online.

affiliate marketing websites

Since the evolution of internet technologies, we have come across tons of money-making ideas sitting at home. Among others, blogging has gained the momentum right over the years, and now it is serving as the principal income source for millions of users across the globe.

How can we make money through blogging?

Blogging provides various platforms to make a living. Here’re some of the widely used options;

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Selling eBooks
  • Native Advertising
  • Direct Advertisements
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Launch Online Courses
  • Run Campaign for Brands
  • Sell Memberships

Frankly speaking, earning money via blogging was never that easy as it is today. One has to execute some dedicated efforts in the right direction to yield the maximum juice out of their blog. In broad terms, you can make money from blogging in two ways –

  • By selling your products
  • Affiliate Marketing

Now, not every blogger has products to sell on their blog website. They left with the next option – Affiliate Marketing. It is quite promising as well.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s understand the term in the simplest form. Affiliate Marketing is when you promote and sell other people’s products/services on your blog portal to earn some commission in return.

Hence, under the affiliate marketing program, you make a fair amount of money by selling products developed by other individuals or brands. You get a predefined percentage share of profit that the brand makes from the sale of the product you endorsed on your blog.

Today, the affiliate marketing industry is thriving at pace. Businesses are more prone to indulge in affiliate marketing programs to grow their sales and revenue. They launch various campaigns for specific products to grab the maximum market space.

Now, the BIG question that irritates bloggers – Where to start?

You don’t need to be panic at all. There are plenty of affiliate marketing platforms in the world that you can consider for your blog. Selecting the right channel may be a bit complicated. Thereby, here, we have brought the top 10 websites for affiliate marketing to ease your efforts.

Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms on the internet

  1. ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale occupies the apex with a great climate of services it provides to avid bloggers. As of now, it is among the largest affiliate marketing platforms, with about 4,000 registered merchants.

It has been around 17 years when ShareASale stepped into the business. Further, you have a wide choice of products relevant to your blog niche. For payments, ShareASale combines an excellent payment system, incorporating both standard and digital payment options.

Registered users can withdraw payments (mini. Balance limit: $50) on the 20th of every month.

  1. Amazon Associates

Who doesn’t know the name of the Amazon shopping site yet? It is quite a popular and world-recognized marketplace that sells everything from candy to a fully-fledged drone.

When it comes to product portfolio, Amazon possesses a cumbersome collection of products under almost every category. You can pick the relevant product with a good (up to 10%) commission percentage.

  1. eBay Partners

eBay is another competent affiliate marketing website for bloggers. With a huge diversity of products on shelves, eBay offers you a promising money-earning experience.

Moreover, eBay Partner Network delivers your most straightforward affiliate sales methods. You will earn a double commission for the first 3 months with eBay Partners.

  1. Viglink

Viglink provides users with a nice-looking and easy-to-use dashboard, alongside multiple product niches. It is designed specifically for online bloggers to help them earn a handsome living using Viglink affiliate programs.

Payments are good with simplified payment-withdraw options. Overall, bloggers find it a worthful platform to maximize their income by endorsing popular brand’s products.

  1. Affiliate Window

Now, Affiliate Window is also known as ‘AWIN’ after undertaking Zanox a few years ago. Founded in Germany in 2000, AWIN is one of the largest affiliate marketing websites in the world. As per the company claims, AWIN has more than 100,000 publishers and 13000 active advertisers.

Currently, the platform is being widely used in more than 10 nations, and most of the vendors are from Europe. It carries a simple user interface to ensure hassle-free navigation.

  1. MaxBounty

Established in 2004 in Canada, MaxBounty is a newcomer in the affiliate marketing industry. Over the years, it has gained a respected place and reputation in the domain.

Currently, MaxBounty is entertaining more than 1,500 active campaigns. It offers 1000 US dollars to affiliates who earn a minimum of $1000/m for the first 3 months.

  1. Clickbank

Here, we have another affiliate marketing web portal similar to ShareASale. It gets a diverse marketplace with a significant number of merchants to deliver plenty of options to advertisers.

In terms of payment methods, they don’t have a digital payment system. You will accept payments via check, wire transfer, direct deposit, and Payoneer.

  1. CJ Affiliate

There are thousands of advertisers registered with CJ Affiliate marketing campaigns. Instituted in 1998, CJ Affiliate allows you to earn lovely income using a versatile product collection and supercool dashboard interface.

  1. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is an experienced marketplace with over 10 years in the affiliate marketing industry. What comes to make it a popular and credible platform is its quick payment system.

Advertisers/bloggers will have broad choices divided into further categories to ensure flexible user experience. It provides up to 50% commission of the total earnings to be among the favorites of bloggers.

  1. Target Affiliates

As a blogger, you can approach this affiliate platform with great credibility and trust amongst the audience. Target Affiliates reminisces Amazon Associates, but the conversion rate isn’t as high as Amazon.

You can sell anything via this portal to make a good amount of money. Target Affiliates marketplace is quite popular amongst Americans.

The Final Thought

Affiliate marketing has appeared to be one of the most innovative concepts to generate money on the internet. Bloggers have realized the importance of affiliate programs over recent years and opting for these technologies rapidly.

As a blogger, if you think of making money online, explore the best affiliate marketing websites in the world listed above. You can start the drive by choosing the relevant platform that fits your interest in the best way. It will let you make plentiful dollars if you do it dedicatedly and passionately.

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