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Social Media Job Opportunities In India – Social Media is growing day by day and is gaining more attention of people. There are various social media job opportunities in India and most of the people are taking interest in different social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc. in India. In simpler terms, social media refers to the sharing of information, content, pictures etc through websites, blogs on social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing Opportunities

Social media is basically a collection of different online platforms that are being used to share any type of information in the form of pictures, videos, messages etc. Social media is in great demand in this corporate world as many companies are promoting their brands or services with the help of social media. The basic purpose of social media is to build a brand and increase its visibility through social media channels.

Different Social media Job Opportunities In India

There are a number of job roles in the field of social media and some of them are explained with their job duties and responsibilities as follows

Social Media Manager –

A social media manager is responsible for managing social media marketing campaigns and activities. After that, they assess the results obtained from those campaigns. The average salary of a social media manager is Rs 3,38,029 per annum.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Social Media Manager

  • Should develop social media strategies that can increase brand awareness.
  • Must have a creative mind.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Should organize content according to the website.
  • Can develop and manage social media marketing plans.
  • Must write attractive blogs that can bring more customers.
  • Create engaging audio-visual multimedia content such as videos, graphics, images etc.

Social Media Specialist –

A social media specialist is responsible for planning, implementing and examining the social media strategies of the company. This is done to increase brand awareness as well as visibility. The average salary of a social media specialist is Rs 3,29,090.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Social Media Specialist

  • Should define important social media KPIs.
  • Must manage social media content.
  • Stay updated with the latest social media practices and techniques.
  • Should monitor search engine optimization and content strategies.
  • Hire other members and train them.
  • Should collaborate with sales and marketing team.
  • Good time management and multi-tasking skills.
  • Must be a critical thinker.

Social Media Executive –

A social media executive is responsible for managing all social media channels, team members and campaigns to engage a maximum number of customers. They are solely responsible for companies facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest updates and many more as it is the best place to promote the company’s brands and services. The average salary of social media executive is Rs 3,34,060.

Job Roles and Responsibilities of Social Media Executive

  • Should have an interest in learning social media marketing techniques.
  • Can create reports and analyze social media data.
  • Help in social media content creation.
  • Should manage a company’s social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, google plus etc.
  • Should produce significant content for all social media channels to attract more audience.
  • Must set realistic targets to meet desirable standards.
  • Should track the relevant social media influencers to enhance the overall brand reputation.
  • A social media executive should keep himself updated with the new changes in all social media channels.

Social Media Expert –

A social media expert is responsible for achieving customer engagement and intimacy that brings website traffic on different social media platforms. The average pay scale of a social media expert is Rs 3,39,050 per annum.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Social Media Expert
  1. Should build social media strategies through logical research and determination.
  2. Must generate and publish valuable content on a regular basis.
  3. Should optimize company pages which will increase the visibility of a company’s social content.
  4. Should produce editorial calendars.
  5. Should analyze the company’s data metrics properly.
  6. Must have knowledge of social analytics tools.
  7. Should have a good knowledge of web designing and web development.
  8. He must have a positive attitude towards his work and should be multitasking in various fields.

Social Media Evaluator –

A social media evaluator is responsible for expanding the company’s presence across global markets. They basically deal with the company’s interaction with different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. The average salary of a social media evaluator is Rs 3,455,99 per annum.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Social Media Evaluator
  • Should have strong work ethics and good leadership skills.
  • Must have knowledge about internet marketing and social media.
  • Should know the latest methods and strategies of Inbound Marketing.
  • Should stay updated with the company’s social network newsfeed and new changes.
  • Must understand the essentials for content optimization for SEO.
  • Must keep himself in pace with the latest digital marketing trends.
  • Should have strong analytical skills and leadership skills.
  • Should have a creative and logical mindset.


Social networking is important from an employer’s point of view and it is in great demand nowadays. Social media provide numerous opportunities as compared to other traditional methods of employment. Above mentioned are all the reputed job positions opportunity in the field of social media. By joining these fields of work, you will definitely transform yourself into reliable, trustworthy and quality employers.

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