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PPC Specialist Salary in India - PPC (Pay Per Click) is a vital component of the digital marketing umbrella. If you wish to have a career in the PPC industry, your prime question may certainly be – What is the salary of a PPC specialist in India? Here’s the guide to pacify your all doubts regarding this specific web marketing module.

ppc salary

The online paid marketing industry is thriving rapidly. More and more business startups are being launched every day. Thereby, the need for PPC specialists also has increased significantly. Businesses approach PPC experts for their paid marketing campaigns to ensure the maximum audience coverage.

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is an emphatic online marketing method. Under it, PPC specialists develop and publish advertisements on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

Google is the primary (most preferred) platform for paid advertisers where they can put their brand in front of the audience.

PPC is a paid advertisement service, which means to say users have to pay a specific predetermined amount for each click their ad receives. Unlike organic results (SEO), PPC always shows results on top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to capture clicks from the target audience.

How is PPC So Important for a Business?

PPC is quite an essential prospect for a business to grab target customers through the web. It helps enterprises broaden their sphere in the digital world where customers are already present, searching for specific brands.

Why is the PPC industry spreading its roots so swiftly? Let’s try to understand the concept via some statistics.

  • As per a study, half of the visitors, who land the retailer’s website via a paid link, are more probably to make a purchase than visitors reached via organic links.
  • Similarly, one-third of Google searchers like to follow paid links because PPC is a better way to answer the query.
  • Around 75% of businesses from across the world accept that PPC is a crucial driving force for their business.
  • Likewise, around 65% of ventures either already have or thinking of increasing PPC investments in the coming months.
  • Businesses that spend 1 US Dollar on paid advertising earn an average of $2 as ROI.
  • In 2019 alone, businesses from across the world spent $106 billion on paid ads only.

Hence, you can see how paid advertising is dominating the marketing segment overwhelmingly. The popularity and preference are growing at a pace because of its instant result-driven approach.

Ultimately, the demand for qualified PPC specialists has risen substantially. Today, businesses are looking for professional PPC analysts who can draft effective PPC campaigns to ensure the maximum ROI. This is where a skilled & experienced PPC expert can hold your hand.

Who is a PPC Analyst?

Before moving further, let’s know who a PPC analyst really is.

Well, a PPC analyst or specialist is a person responsible for utilizing a client’s budget optimally in Paid Marketing (PPC) campaigns to generate the expected return on investment. They must have experience and in-depth knowledge of running paid ads to achieve the expected results.

Unlike other online marketing professionals, a PPC analyst needs to have an in-depth understanding of how PPC works and how it can be well-utilized to produce the maximum return. They must have exceptional keyword research & selection skills to reach the right audience at the right time.

PPC Specialist: Skills and Responsibilities

A good PPC specialist is expected to have the following skills to perform his role better:

  • Good keyword research and selection skills
  • In-depth knowledge of platforms like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Business etc.
  • Understanding of different social media platforms.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products
  • Analytical skills
  • Content development
  • Research and troubleshoot
  • Excellent communication skills

Responsibilities –

Here’re the major responsibilities a PPC analyst performs on the job:

  • Creates designs and manages paid marketing campaigns across different channels
  • Performs comprehensive keyword research and selects the most relevant keywords as per the competition
  • Makes profitable bids on keywords
  • Monitors campaign’s performance metrics and excludes non-performing keywords
  • Makes sure the PPC campaign strategies are within budget and working for higher Quality Score
  • Generates engaging copy for paid ads to ensure enhanced conversion rate
  • Prepares weekly or monthly reports of PPC campaign performance
  • Implements required changes in paid marketing campaigns
  • Analyzes KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Stays up-to-date with the latest PPC trends

PPC Specialist Salary in India

According to a statement by PayScale, the average salary of a PPC specialist in India is around INR 2,85,000 per year. Further, your earnings as a PPC analyst can rise to 6,04.000 per annum, depending upon your experience in the field.

Initially, you will be paying near Rs. 1,76,000 per year without any considerable experience. It is the moment when you have just started your career in the paid advertising industry. To ensure salary increments, you will have to make the company trust your skills of handling budgets rightly and utilizing them to capture more traffic and business.

PPC Analyst Salary: Based on Location & Additional Skills

Well, there is also a notable difference between the salary figures of a PPC analyst based on location and extra skills.

As per a PayScale report, a PPC analyst in Ahmadabad is likely to get a 26% higher salary than the average PPC expert salary in India. Likewise, a PPC specialist in Delhi receives 23% more than the national average.

The major cause is the presence of PPC marketing companies and the number of clients in a particular region.

On the other hand, having additional skills like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Google Analytics also helps you get an enhanced salary in India. For example, SEM is quite crucial for PPC specialists. Professionals with this skill are set to earn 26% higher than the national average.

The Bottom Line

In the current marketing scenario, we can position the PPC marketing among the most sought-after components of marketing efforts. Businesses need to make intelligent investments in their PPC campaigns to cover higher ROI. This is where the role of a PPC specialist comes to play.

Similarly, the figures are quite alluring when we come to know the PPC specialist salary in India. The scope for improvement is vast and you will have immense growth opportunities as a Pay Per Click Master.

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