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MEAN Stack Developer Salary in India - It is general to know MEAN stack developer salary in India for guys looking for a career in the web development domain. Most of us are familiar with frontend development, backend development & full-stack development. But there is another branch of web development – FULL Stack Development.

In the ever-flourishing web development sector, it is essential to put strides as per the latest trends in the niche. A professional needs to grasp innovative ideas to make the job more meaningful and competitive for more recognition. Learning the MEAN stack can also be perceived as a rigid connection to the process.

What is MEAN Stack?

As far as MEAN stack is concerned, it is a comprehensive package of JavaScript technologies that are used to develop web applications. Further, it is a crucial tool for web development that allows you to build individual components of a web application or website.

Under the MEAN stack, the whole process revolves around JavaScript – from Client to Server to Database. Originally, it is a branch of full-stack development, which comprises four major aspects –

  • MongoDB
  • js
  • js
  • js

These four technologies are used for specific purposes with JavaScript in the top position. MongoDB is used to manage web applications’ databases, while Express.js helps in building APIs for web applications.

Furthermore, Angular.js builds dynamic one-page applications, whereas Node.js handles the server-side framework and requirements. Since JavaScript plays a key role in web development, MEAN stack must have a profound knowledge of this primary technology.

Why Should You Learn MEAN Stack Development?

To a little or a big extent, MEAN stack is a critical tool in web development with a prime focus on JavaScript. The exhaustive package allows you to build individual elements of a website or web application from the client to the server to the database side.

JavaScript is the central drive when it comes to web development. Therefore, if you have proficiency in this technology, you no longer need to host other languages in web development processes. This is when MEAN stack development comes to help you build powerful web applications comparatively fast.

What makes it a more exciting and demanded field is its open-source and user-friendly nature. It offers an organized platform for creating dynamic websites and speedy prototypes for web applications.

Hence, it is a thoughtful idea to devote time to learning MEAN stack development, and excel inbuilt skills for better career prospects in the web development field.

Who is a MEAN Stack Developer?

Following the aforementioned debate, a MEAN stack developer is necessarily a full-stack developer. It is a part of full-stack development but with an exclusive focus on MEAN stack.

The full-stack developer generally possesses an extensive suite of knowledge, including different programming languages and development frameworks. On the other hand, a MEAN stack developer usually concentrates on four major technologies, i.e. MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Nude.js.

Besides being specialized in JavaScript, MEAN stack developers are also well-blessed with CSS and HTML technologies. They can manage both backend and frontend operations. MEAN stack developers are also often recognized as JavaScript full-stack developers, given their expertise in JavaScript.

Responsibilities of a MEAN Stack Developer

Following are some of the key roles you will have to perform as a MEAN stack developer:

  • Designing, developing, and testing sturdy web applications
  • Managing client-side and server-side system architectures
  • Writing functional & responsive codes for back and frontends
  • Sorting code architectures to ensure high-performing web products
  • Working in proximity to researchers, engineers, and data specialists to build advanced and innovative systems
  • Maintaining complex databases
  • Debugging hosting related issues alongside deploying applications on cloud platforms
  • Writing technical documentation in detail
  • Upgrading software applications and troubleshot debug
  • Addressing technical issues

How to Become a MEAN Stack Developer?

It is a years-long process to be an efficient and competent MEAN stack developer. You need to spend some years to gain industry experience before you get hired by reputed organizations.

Here’re some key areas you need to consider promptly:

  • Make sure to have great hands in multiple programming languages like HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Ruby, C+, etc.
  • Further, you must master in using frontend technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to enhance user experience and interface.
  • You will need to learn how to execute different development frameworks & third-party tools such as LESS, jQuery, SASS, and REACT.
  • Additionally, you also need to be knowledgeable in one or two databases, i.e. Redis, SQLServer, MongoDB, and Oracle, etc.
  • It will be an extra cherry on the cake if you seize fundamental knowledge of standard design templates to develop user-friendly websites & web applications.

MEAN Stack Developer Salary in India

When it comes to explaining the pay scales of a MEAN stack web developer in India, it is highly dependent on various factors. The figures may vary according to your education qualification, experiences, skillsets, company size, and of course, job location.

The average salary of the MEAN stack developer in India usually revolves stays between Rs. 5.3 and Rs. 6.4 LPA (Lacs Per Annum).

Furthermore, MEAN stack developers with 0 to 2 years of experience can get a starting salary of Rs. 3.7 to Rs. 5 LPA. Professionals with 4 to 6 years of industry experience can earn the package of Rs. 6.8 – 9.2 LPA. Companies can pay up to Rs. 15 – 22 LPA to industry specialists having over 8 to 10 years of experience.


In the verdict, we can happily regard the MEAN stack web developer career as one of the most promising and growth-oriented career prospects.

Since salary always comes under consideration while choosing any career path, it is quite delightful even for beginners. The MEAN stack developer salary in India seems lucrative, besides bringing exceptional progress opportunities in the web development field.

Aspiring candidates just need to obtain essential skillsets and capabilities to prove potential with reputed companies. It is a challenging job profile but a rewarding one as well, on the other side.

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