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Job Oriented Courses After BCA – Many questions arise in the mind of the fresh graduates about which line to choose for their future career to earn well. The students who have completed their graduation in BCA from a reputed college can get good jobs easily. But doing a special job oriented course will open some more doors of job opportunities. There are various job oriented courses after BCA which students can do and get better jobs.

Top Courses After BCA

There are many short duration courses available for BCA pass outs such as digital marketing, PHP, Java, ASP.NET, C language, and so on. BCA is one of the famous courses that many students choose after completing their high school examination. There are ample job opportunities for students doing BCA in the future.

Top Most Job Oriented Courses After BCA

Below is the list of best job oriented courses for students studying BCA. You can enroll in any one of these courses for getting a job according to your own choice.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing course is in great demand nowadays in India. This course has gained importance in almost every industry. The scope of digital marketing is increasing as everybody wants to get into this field. Digital marketing is basically promoting products and services online through various channels.

Benefits Of Doing Digital Marketing Course

  • A digital marketing professional can help in business growth by planning and executing different marketing strategies.
  • This course is helpful in one more way that you can earn while sitting at home also. You can design websites for any small or big business and can earn accordingly.
  • In this course, you will learn about content marketing also. With this, you can learn about how to write effective and valuable content for websites.
  • Digital marketing helps businesses in generating better costs per lead which ultimately results in higher returns on investment.
  • It is a versatile field and one can grow according to his potential and experience in this field.


MCA is a post-graduate specialized degree for IT students. It is one of the most common choices of computer graduates. A masters degree after normal graduation can help to a great extent as you will gain strong analytical and logical skills after doing this.

Benefits Of Doing Masters Of Computer Applications

  • MCA degree holders have a satisfactory pay scale in their jobs. That means they can have a good career growth as well.
  • Doing MCA is a lucrative option as it opens various doors of job opportunities for IT professionals.
  • An MCA person is given more value in the IT industry because of the skills that an MCA degree holder acquires.
  • Investing your time in doing MCA course will help you in gaining knowledge about the latest IT technologies.


PGDCA is short form of Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Applications. This course is helpful for students who have completed their graduation from computer stream or any other stream also. The knowledge of computer applications is required in almost every sector like banking, insurance, accounting, educational institutions etc. That’s why enrolling yourself in PGDCA course after completion of BCA can be helpful.

Benefits Of Doing PGDCA Course

  • PGDCA course will provide professional knowledge about the computer that will ultimately help in getting better job opportunities in the future.
  • Doing PGDCA course is also fruitful for students preparing for government jobs. The skills that a student acquires by doing this course are needed in government jobs too.
  • It is a specialization course in computer applications as you will learn about computer architecture, different languages, ICT tools, data structure, and many more topics.
  • A PGDCA student will get a job very fastly as IT companies prefer fresh PGDCA professionals over the engineering students.


Most of the students who are interested in computers go for BCA course but how to get a stable job after completing BCA is an important matter of concern. Above mentioned courses can surely help you in getting good jobs. So, you can choose any one of them according to your preferences and get better job placements.


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