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How To Save Website From Google Penalties - Well, imagine a time where you opened your Google Analytic dashboard to find out the growth of your site and find your traffic line flat. Thought this a rare case which happens but it does happen if you are doing something wrong and Google poses penalties on your site. Are you aware of Google penalties? Are you the one who wants to know about how to save website from Google penalties? If your answer says yes, here you are at right place. Now you don’t need to search further for the Google penalties because here we are going to tell you everything about it.

How to save website from Google Penalty

If you think, Google penalties can only happen when Google tweaks its algorithm then you are mistaken. At this time also, there might be a lot of sites facing some sort of Google penalties issues. And all this because people are following different reasons like spammy practices like copying the content, buying links, providing low quality of contents, etc. So, it is very important to know about the Google penalties and how we can protect our site from these penalties.

Different Types Of Penalties

Are you the one who is wondering about the different types of penalties? If yes, here we are the different types of penalties mentioned below.

  • Spam Actions (Manual Penalties) – Well, not all the penalties come in an automatic way. There are some which occur due to human reviewers on Google as well. When you are imposed with manual penalties then you will see a small alert notification on your webmaster's dashboard. There are other ways as well to look for the alerts within the Manual Actions tab.
  • Algorithmic Penalties – These are the penalties which you could be seen majorly when Google comes up with algorithm updates. You will see many times in a year. And the sites which don’t keep google’s guidelines in their mind get penalized.

These are the two types of penalties. The worst part about these penalties is the trickiness to identify them. And these penalties can create the serious issue. For algorithmic penalties, you will get an e-mail alert about it. Also, you can know about your penalty by keeping a track on your traffic site. If there will be a dip in your traffic then this could be because of an algorithmic penalty.

Different Ways To Protect Your Website From Google Penalties

If you are the one who is looking for the different ways to protect your website from google penalties, here are some of the ways mentioned below for you.

Track your link profile – there are many types of link building, exchanging and buying practices which you need to look on for spammy like article commission, buying and selling links, link exchanges, etc.

Nullify Negative SEO – Your competitors have the power to hurt your Search engine optimization and it will get you a penalty for your negative SEO on your site. One of the most common practices for generating a penalty is negative SEO.

Relevant and Useful Content – You need to avoid publishing copied content, automatically generated content, Doorway pages, poor quality of content, etc.

Avoid Targeting Specific Anchor Texts – Be very careful while choosing a   word or a phrase which you use to submit a link to a site. The word or phrases which you use to link to a site are known as anchor texts. These text plays an important role as it tells google about a   link.

Trash User Generated Spam – Well there is no doubt that user-generated content can make or break your website. The content which you posted is useful for Google until the time when it is not spammy. Spammy content posted by them can cause you Google penalty. So be very careful while choosing your content.


These are some of the ways which you can ignore or avoid to save your website from Google penalties. We hope, we provided you the best information regarding google penalties. For more, you can visit our official website.

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