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How to Make Your SEO Friendly Website – If you think a professional looking and well-designed website alone can help you grab a good spot on SERP then you are mistaken. In order to get a great amount of traffic and good ranking, you need much more than this. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to ensure the good traffic and ranking. How to make your SEO friendly website is the question we are addressing here. SEO includes the techniques that help in increasing the visibility over search engine and thus the ranking. 

Most of the website fails to become SEO friendly as a result of which loses the large chunk of traffic. In this post, we are telling you How to make your SEO friendly website. It is important to understand the right way to build the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly website. Here we have discussed the several techniques that you can use in building the SEO friendly website. Anyone who is going to build the website needs to keep these things in mind.

Top 5 Tips to Make SEO Friendly Website

Here we have summed up for you the best ways by using which you can eventually make your website SEO friendly. Below you will find the 5 best ways which make the website more SEO friendly and ranks higher in the SERPs. Not only this, these things will help you in making your site more visitor friendly as well.

So let’s get started,

How proper URL Structure helps in Making Your SEO Friendly Website

How proper URL Structure helps in Making Your SEO Friendly Website

The structure of the domain name and the URL structure is very effective in making Website SEO friendly. It should clearly indicate about the content present on the web page. The URL should be descriptive and contain the keyword properly for better results. This is the best way to make a website SEO friendly.

Pro tips for ideal URL Structure

  • Use a single domain & subdomain
  • Canonicalize Multiple URLs serving the same content
  • The title and URL should match
  • Hyphens and underscores are preferred word separators
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing it makes look site spammy

Responsive Website Design Helps in making Website SEO Friendly

Responsive Website Design Helps in making Website SEO Friendly

If you are unresponsive to the responsive websites then you are losing a great opportunity to rank higher. Since the user comes search from different devices such as smartphones, tablets etc, therefore, it has become extremely important to have website responsive to all devices. One should make the responsive website a priority. It does not only avoid the use of duplicate content but you do not need to handle the two websites.

Google itself has stated that the responsive website gets the ranking boost. Here is how responsive website helps in SEO:

Responsive design increase local SEO ranking: 40% o the search comes from the mobile devices. Therefore, it has been observed that the mobile responsive website helps really well in boosting the ranks. It is very effective for local SEO as it targets geographically. Google optimize responsive website much better and then provide it suitable ranking.

It provides better Usability: Gooogle provide the user with the site according to their search and if your site doesn’t provide the user with the information that they are looking for your site is not good enough they will not stay on it. On the other side, if your site is relevant for all users you will get good response and ranking along with traffic. The responsive website provides good user experience and usability.

Best way to make your Site SEO friendly by On page Optimization

Best way to make your Site SEO friendly by On page Optimization

On page, optimization is one of the most effective ways by which a website can be made SEO friendly. For the maximum results from the On-page SEO it is important to keep these things in mind:

  • The first and the most important thing in On page Optimization is content. Good content must supply demand and must be linkable. Make sure that you use the unique content which is relevant to the page title.
  • The page title is another part of On page optimization and it is extremely important. The title of the on page should contain the keyword on which you are working.
  • Must include the meta description on your page for the better results and must include the relevant keyword from the content.
  • For each of your pages, one must have a set of keywords in the form of meta tags. These should be all the relevant keywords of your content.
  • Break your content into the portions for better user experience and readability by adding Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.).
  • Once the content is done check for the keyword density
  • Image SEO is another important factor that needs to be done properly to make the website more SEO friendly. By including Alt Text and Descriptions for your images, you can make your content and eventually your website more SEO friendly and appealing for the users.

Incoming or the Backlinks are best ways to make your SEO friendly website

Backlinks have become crucial for ranking. Quality links coming from the relevant website helps well in boosting ranking and make website SEO friendly. Google has made it clear that it will not tolerate the bad links. The webmaster can easily figure between the good link and the bad link. This is how you can get the quality backlinks:

  • For the quality, backlinks list your website in the leading portals and the directories.
  • Writing articles, forum/blog posts, and testimonials along with a link pointing back to your site is another best way to get the quality incoming links.
  • Try to build an informative link structure that helps the user to know better about your website.
  • Always try to get a link that is relevant to your website or web page this the best way by which you can make website SEO friendly.

How Placing keywords strategically make your SEO Friendly Website?

How Placing keywords strategically make your SEO Friendly Website

Research a right keyword is already a tough task but what is more difficult then this is to place it in the right way so that it gives the better and more effective results. This how you can place keyword is the right way in order to get the best results:

  • Place keywords in the URL and separate them with the dashes as we have discussed above in the URL structure. Including the keyword in URL is important to make website SEO friendly.
  • Check for the keyword density and weight according to the content. The placement and the number of keywords that you have used determine the ranking of your web page.
  • Try to use the keyword in the theme of your content present on your site.
  • Use keywords in the anchor text in order to describe links, your domain name and title and Meta tags.
  • Use the keyword in the places which are the focus by the search engine i.e in the bold heading on starting of the page and end of the page.


By building an SEO friendly website you ensure the great visibility and ranking. SEO Friendly website has become the need of the hour and one cannot afford to avoid this. We hope you find this post helpful. There are number o other as well that you need to take into the consideration once you follow the techniques mentioned above.

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