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Full Stack Developer Salary in Canada - Broadly, a website development process consists of two major elements – Web Design and Web Development. The full-stack developer is the crucial wing that falls under the latter option. This guide intends to focus on what the full-stack developer is, full-stack developer salary in Canada, career prospects and more.

A Full-Stack Developer is a Master of All Trades

Earlier, we all used to think that a person can either be a web designer or a web developer. But this isn’t the case that we pretend to be.

Over the recent eras, the job of a web developer has evolved tremendously. It has become more versatile and intricate than ever before by acknowledging more complexities in the role. Today, a web developer needs to take care of lots of areas to build a well-encompassing website for clients.

Now, a web developer means several different things depending upon what a developer specializes in. Cumulatively, the three main categories come to the fore:

  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Back-End Web Developer
  • Full-Stack Web Developer

To understand the full-stack developer’s role, we do need to have some words about the other two specializations.

As its name connotes, a front-end developer is an expert that builds the visible part of a website. They develop the front-face of a site that clients can see and interact with. Therefore, it is known as the client-side approach. Some standard technologies used by front-end developers include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Similarly, the back-end developer is an expert that builds the hidden aspects of a website. It is the under-the-hood development that users can’t directly access or interact with. PHP, Ruby, Python are some of the programming languages that back-end developers work on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Candidates are probably not going to find companies asking for back-end developers. Instead, you will see job listings as PHP Developers, Ruby Developers, and Python Developers, etc.

Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

This is what you must be waiting for. Front-end and back-end developers come to pacify the mind as their names indicate. But what the heck a full-stack developer is.

Well, a full-stack developer is a blend of both front and back-end developers. It is an engineer or programmer that looks after both ends of a website or application.

Hence, a full-stack web developer is a professional guy who handles multiple fronts like databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. The term ‘full-stack’ implies a collection of technologies required to finish a project.

Highlighting Skills of a Full-Stack Developer

You need to obtain a wide variety of skills to succeed as a full-stack developer. However, full-stack developer salary also varies as per your skillsets and knowledge of the domain. Here’re the key skills below:

Technical Skills –

  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies
  • Knowledge of some 3rd-party libraries such as LESS, Angular, React JS, jQuery, etc.
  • They should know at least one of the Server-side languages like Python, Java, Ruby, and .Net, etc.
  • Git & GitHub
  • Some experience in handling Apache or Nginx servers
  • Understanding of the Version Control System (VCS)
  • Knowledge of APIs (REST & SOAP) is also desirable for a full-stack developer.
  • Having soft hands abilities in basic design and architecture
  • Database and cache skills, including DBMS technologies i.e. MongoDB, MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, etc.

Soft Skills –

  • Extreme curiosity for learning
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Good Analytical skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Detailing
  • Hard-working & smart working
  • Quick learning

About Full-Stack Web Developer Career

Full-stack web developers occupy most of the job listing nowadays. The career choice has skyrocketed in the job market to allure youngsters to adopt it as a full-time career.

Furthermore, the demand for web developers (full-stack, especially) becomes ever more intensive in the web-driven world. Everyone needs a website, from an individual to a large business entity. They want to get their message across, obtain business, or earn a name for themselves via websites.

Job Responsibilities

Being in the role a full-stack web developer, you will have to fulfill several on-role responsibilities for projects. You are entitled to the following duties:

  • Coordinating with front-end, back-end, designers and other departments involved in the website development process
  • Writing effective APIs
  • Working with client-side and server-side architectures
  • Developing front-end applications with lucrative designs
  • Developing and manage databases and applications
  • Ensuring cross-platform mobile optimization
  • Working through the whole website development lifecycle
  • Developing innovative and rest-responding practices for the rest of the team
  • Software testing to determine efficiency and responsiveness
  • Debugging, troubleshooting, and upgrading software
  • Ensuring rigid data security and protection measures
  • Writing technical documentation

Full-Stack Developer Salary in Canada

Working as a full-stack developer in countries like Canada is a prideful accomplishment in itself. The well-developed nation comprises mammoth job opportunities for candidates in the digital world. You are going to get impressive fortune against your qualified skills in the website development process.

How much can a full-stack developer earn in Canada? It must be an annoying question for starters. It’s natural. Let’s content your excitement.

According to the neuvoo.ca website, the average salary of a full-stack developer in Canada is $1,07,250 per annum.

However, the salary package may differ based on various factors.

A full-stack developer at an entry-level can earn $59,573 per year, while the most experienced professional is expected to gain $1,75,500 every year. In others, the salary figure also varies according to the company, location, skillsets, etc.

As per regions, a full-stack developer in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec can make $1,15,000, $90,000 and $79,375, respectively.


So, what do you think about a full-stack developer career? It is a job profile that brings scads of responsibilities alongside numerous perks and a handsome salary. Canada is a great soil to work as a full-stack developer.

The full-stack developer salary in Canada is the prime factor to get you in the position. The career seeks immense growth opportunities, given the swift domination of digitization across the globe.

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