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Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 – In this phase of digital transformation, digital marketing had taken the world by storm. To reach the large set of audience it has become extremely important to use this platform. Over the past few years, digital marketing has gone through some amazing changes. The trend and techniques in digital marketing keep in changing and it is important to follow those changes for effective digital marketing campaigns. Here are going to look forward to the Digital Marketing trend in 2018 which is important for the success in this industry. 

Though a lot has changed in past 10 to 15 years in digital marketing the end goal is constant. Every digital marketing campaign is initiated for the common purposes which are to increase the brand awareness and loyalty, drive more traffic and raise the customer engagement, and implement methods that lead to conversions and sales. In this article, we are going to discuss the major digital marketing trends of 2018 which are here to stay for quite a time. 

Let’s get started, 

Digital Marketing trends for coming years

Key Trends in Digital Marketing in 2018

Here are the key trends in digital marketing which are guaranteed for the success of any business. Go through these trends and make your marketing strong and influential marketing strategy for the year 2018. These trends will be focusing on achieving the success of the marketing campaign along with getting the leads and conversions through good online presence. 

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Emphasise on the Visual Content – It’s in trend for 2018

Videos have become important than ever. People who are spending time online are much more engaged with the videos than anything else. It allows users you accept and attach on a much deeper level with the content. The videos which are used over the social media for marketing should be visually-rich and also contain the interactive elements depicting a proper message or story. If you provide your audience with it chances for sharing, likes etc become high. 

The audience today is more on the platforms like snapchat, instagarm, facebook, youtube etc which provide them the highly effective and highly engaging videos. The user today tends to spend more time on the Smartphone. Stats here make it pretty clear about the increasing importance of videos for marketing:

  • The advertisers can gain 56% or more advertisement from the youtube then the prime time broadcasting on TV.
  • More than 18% of users are registered on the youtube every day during the prime time on TV. 
  • Facebook shows the stats which states that more than 1.65 billion active users have been registering from 2016 watching about 8 billion videos each day. 

Adept Micro-Moment ‘It is important for successful Digital Marketing in 2018’ 

You might be well aware of the increasing use of smartphones. It has become the best medium for the customers to reach to the brands, products, and services across the globe and even in their local areas. Many are not aware of the importance of micro-moment with is the strong influencer to the shit to the smartphones. For every small and big need customers use their Smartphone to get the accurate and precise information regardless of the time and location with good user experience. Brands need to carter this requirement of the customer. 

 Amazingly, 96% of users reach for their smartphones to search for their requ9iemenet and very few brands are capable enough to provide them the relevant information by understanding their micro-moment need very instantly. For acquiring the long-term relationship and customers trust it has become extremely important for the brands to provide one-touch, quick and flow of right information. 

Customer Centric and Personalise Content is in for 2018 Digital Marketing Trends 

The one thing to keep in mind this year is the importance of personalized and customer-centric content. You should definitely focus on it, try to make your content relevant to the users by focusing on the experience. You surely cannot cater the needs of every individual customer then how to achieve this is a big question for many. 

Well, it’s time to ditch the traditional content and time now to move on to the rich content which is more dynamic. Have a dynamic website and allow users to get the access of new content with the smart marketing automation plan. This will be very helpful in creating good user experience by carting their specific needs. Along with this, your content should be smart as well. Here are the stats to justify the importance to customer-centric and smart content:

  • Content marketing professionals are opting for the personalized element in their marketing plans the percentage of such professionals are 88. 
  • The company which creates custom and individualized content tends to more 61% of customers. Plus, such company built good relationship and trust with the customer. 

Strong and Influential Social Marketing

Social Marketing is defiantly one of the important parts of digital marketing. Another good thing about social marketing is its low cost and good ROI. The effective promotion over the news feeds of the Facebook can reach to the large set of audience. It provides great exposure to the marketers to reach to the large set of audience. 

 The purpose of social media marketing is to find new mediums that deliver more awareness and traffic, and not to rely on conventional outlets such as news sites. This involves the sharing of experience by other customers on the page. There are numbers of social media platform which can be utilized for the benefits. 

Right Data Means More Conversation in 2018

It is extremely important to have the right data in order to get the higher conversion rates. The market can use the data if it’s right to strategize the marketing technique. The right data allows understanding the exact customer behavior and to the put the efforts in the right place. It has become crucial for this year when everything is becoming real time. Try to use the accurate date by using the right tool. 

  • The companies having right data are 3 times more likely to improve their decision-making processes than those which lack. 
  • Shockingly, 9 out of 10 owners feel their businesses have missed opportunities all because of no proper use of data. 


Digital Marketing has become one of the most important and influential platforms. It has got all the attention and global acceptance. To cope up with the increasing competition it is extremely important to go for the new trends and techniques which provide good results.  

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