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Digital Marketing Job Opportunities In India – Digital Marketing methods have gained a significant place in the Indian marketplace nowadays. There are various digital marketing job opportunities in India. People are implementing digital marketing methods at their workplaces for gaining success in their fields. Digital marketing is a far better approach than traditional marketing.

digital marketing jobs in India

Digital marketing in simple terms is promoting or selling your products and services with the help of an online medium. In today’s business and corporate world, people are paying more attention to the latest techniques of digital marketing. There are various job opportunities in this field such as digital marketing analysts, managers, SEO analyst, SEO managers and many more.

Specifications of Digital Marketing Job Roles In India

Digital Marketing offers a wide range of job opportunities in the industry. People earn handsome salaries in this career as it is a versatile field. You can earn even if you are working from home in this particular field. Some specific job roles and their duties of digital marketing career are mentioned and further explained below.

Digital Marketing Specialist –

 A digital marketing specialist knows how to design, create and deliver marketing programs that bring enhancement in company’s services and products. The salary package which a digital marketing specialist can be around is 2,70,000 to 3,12000 per annum.

Jobs and Responsibility of Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Must know the basics of marketing
  • Has to be creative and having the ability to manage time.
  • Must have good presentation skills.
  • Knowledge of different marketing areas like SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, PPC and SEM.
  • Must have the knowledge of useful tools like webmaster tool, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Google trends, etc.
  • Has to be always updated with the new marketing trends like Google updates and the change in algorithms.

Content Marketing Manager –

A content marketing manager is responsible for the overall written content as well as audiovisual content about the company’s website. It is important for them to create valuable and attractive content for the company’s website. The average salary of the Content marketing manager is around Rs 6,75,634 per year.

Jobs And Responsibilities OF Content Marketing Manager

  1. Need to set short-term goals and know how to design content marketing strategies.
  2. Must have the skills to produce high-quality content.
  3. Must deliver engaging content on a regular basis and motivate their team members for the good work.
  4. Optimize content according to SEO and Google analytics.
  5. Proofread and improve the content.
  6. Must take the customers feedback and generate ideas to increase customer engagement.

Digital Marketing Manager –

A digital marketing manager is responsible for all the planning, developing and implementing the overall digital marketing strategy of a company. They are also responsible for guiding and training digital marketers in the team. The average amount of money that a digital marketing manager earns is around Rs 412,492 per year.

Job and Responsibility of Digital Marketing Manager

  1. It is their duty to make a plan and implement on it as per overall digital marketing strategy.
  2. Must be good in planning the strategy.
  3. Must know how to manage the rest of the team.
  4. Must be aware of all the updates and changes.
  5. Track and measure SEO and google analytics metrics and provide the reports.
  6. Should know how to lead, survive and motive all the members of the digital marketing team.

Digital Marketing Head

This one is the last and senior most profile in this particular domain. The digital marketing head only exists in the big companies where there is a need for in-depth marketing strategies and campaigns. The head is responsible for overall marketing functions. The average amount of money which digital marketing head or a manager gets is around Rs 412,492 per year.

Jobs and Roles Of Digital Marketing Head
  1. The marketing head plans all the digital marketing strategy which includes SEO, marketing database, social media, advertising campaigns, etc.
  2. Keep tracks on the report performance of all the digital marketing campaigns and make goals.
  3. Identify new trends and plan a strategy for creative growth.
  4. Must be always ready for the different experiments and conversion tests.

E-Commerce Manager –

An E-Commerce manager is responsible for managing the e-commerce department of a company. An e-commerce manager takes into account the overall company sales targets. They particularly deal with the decision making and online advertising related to their company. The average amount of money which e-commerce managers get is around ₹ 25,771 per month. The Packages may increase in 2020 according to the need

Jobs and Roles Of E-Commerce Manager
  • Must be focused on the marketing environment, track on competitors.
  • Think differently about keeping their sale on the mind.
  • Everyday checks the analytics to monitor the day to day traffic.
  • Must be capable enough to tackle the risk or to solve any issue.
  • Should know how to manage multiple tasks at one time.
  • Must know how to generate and recommend new promotions to increase sales.
  • Promotion of the products and services is an important duty.


We hope, we have provided you all the details and information. We also hope all the information given by us is beneficial to you. The digital marketing salary growth does not only varies on the experience of the person but it also depends on the different locations. The salary also differs as per the population. We have discussed some specific job roles and their work profiles. Now you can also have any of these mentioned job titles by learning digital marketing course. 

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