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Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh - Webhopers Academy is one of the leading which provides Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh. The Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh mainly covers like Amazon Web Service (AWS), Azure, Hadoop, big data and google cloud, etc. This course provided by us compose of hands-on plus a project that the students can themselves deploy on the cloud and get a feel of the real thing. Our cloud computing certificate course in Chandigarh includes basic to advanced level and is designed to get the placement of each and every student in good MNC firms.

What is a Cloud Computing and its Benefits

Cloud computing has been around for approx two decades and with many advantages like data pointing to the business efficiencies, cost-benefits, and competitive advantages it also holds, a large portion of the business community which continues to operate without it. In simple words, the cloud is a service provider that provides you software as service (SAAS), any platform as services (PAAS) like operating systems, applications, and coding platforms.

Cloud computing is a type of computing that involves the sharing of computer resources rather than using local servers or dedicated devices for processing. In other words, Cloud is the process of storing frequently used data on multiple servers which could be accessed by using the Internet. Various services like servers, storage and applications are provided to the user’s computing devices via the Internet. Some good examples of using Cloud are:

  • Dropbox – Example of cloud computing is online storage providing 2 GB of free storage to the users.
  • Google – Letting users create documents and calendars for free.


  • Cloud Computing is a fast emerging business-standard.
  • Enterprises find it beneficial in several ways.
  • Cloud Computing helps in simplifies accessibility, it provides virtual storage space, addresses backup issues and many more
  • It provides security against unauthorized access and loss of data
  • The key advantage of cloud computing is that users can pay only for the resources they have used on ‘the cloud’ and do away with the major investments for data storage, software licenses, servers, and hardware.

According to an IBM statistic, about 87% of new applications are being developed around Cloud Computing. The cloud computing industry is expected to grow at a high rate, driven mainly by the services that allow users to backup their files including photos and music while ensuring easy availability of files in cases of a hard drive crash.  For more explanation you may call our cloud consultant, Webhopers Academy is the best institute for cloud training in Chandigarh.

Future scope of Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh

  • With the tremendous increase in the Cloud computing market, cloud computing jobs are in the rising demand.
  • Organizations for both big and small businesses have deployed the cloud technology in some suitable capacity. These companies need expert IT professionals to work around ‘the cloud’.
  • The Cloud Computing industry requires IT professionals with adept training and knowledge in both technical and managerial fields.
  • The demand for Cloud Computing is in high demand because more and more enterprises adopt Cloud Computing.
  • Large MC Companies focused on taking a plunge into the Cloud and students can choose from a range of career paths such as Cloud architects, Cloud engineers, Cloud security experts, Cloud developers, Cloud support analysts to name a few.
  • Similar to all other IT jobs, jobs in the Cloud Computing jobs also involve considerably high pay packages.
  • Even the entry-level jobs receive High pay packages, making the sector more lucrative for ambitious professionals.

Why choose Webhopers Academy for Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh?

Webhopers Academy is the best company in Chandigarh providing the best industrial training for 6 weeks/months in various technologies like Cloud Computing, JAVA, PHP, Python, Android and many more

  • Our Academy conduct motivational seminars for students as well as employees to motivate them which helps them in achieving one's goal.
  • A positive and healthy environment for students, interns, and employees.
  • Many times Seminars and workshops are also conducted to keep them updated of new technologies.
  • Our Professional trainer takes responsibility and sets goals for candidates, solves problems and increases work efficiency. 
  • During your industrial training, you may get a chance to work on projects like data duplication, cloud-based projects and many more.
  • We provide Latest and Updated Cloud Computing course contents as per corporate specification
  • All our training programs are based on live industry projects which helps the student to understand properly the concept of Cloud Computing.
  • Training will be conducted by certified and well-trained professionals.
  • We provide 100 % free personality development classes which include Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Job interviews & Presentation skills.
  • Webhopers Academy provides you the study material in the form of E-Book’s, Certification Handbooks, Certification Dumps, Online Videos, and Interview Questions along with Project Source material.

Nowadays, the demand professionals with knowledge of Cloud Computing is rising exponentially as more and more companies are implementing this technology. Due to this, there are a number of institutes that provide cloud computing courses for aspiring candidates. If you are one of these candidates, enroll yourself with Webhopers Academy to get the Best Cloud Computing Training in Panchkula Chandigarh.

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