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What is the directory submission in SEO and How is it Important for SEO - No one in the SEO field can deny the importance of backlinks to get the best ranking on Google. But, what’s more, important than this is building the network of safe backlinks which has become necessary post penguin update. Directory submission has always been the first preference for many SEO experts. Directory submission is part of Off-SEO Techniques. Although, it could turn into the spammy activity if not done right that is why it important to understand what is the directory submission in SEO and How is it Important for SEO. Especially, if you are new to this SEO technique you first need to understand it.

What is the directory submission in SEO and How is it Important for SEO

This post will take you through the entire concept of what directory submission is and how it is important for SEO? Apart from this, you will also be able to understand how to do it right to get the positive result of your SEO strategies. Here you will get the smart tricks to get quick approval for your submission.

So, let’s gets started

What is Directory Submission in SEO?

In simple words, directory submission is the huge database which includes the categories and subcategories. While some directory takes the whole website submission other just allow the web pages to get submitted for the particular niche rather than any random web page. These directories are either free of cost or paid, most of the directory submission is free.

Basically, there are three major types of directory submission which are given below:

  1. Basic Directory Submission
    In this type of directory submission includes single URL, single description and multiple titles to be submitted to different directories.
  2. Normal Directory Submission
    This type of directory submission makes it easy for you to use multiple descriptions which weren't there in basic directory submission along with single URL and multiple titles.
  3. Multiple URL Directory Submission
    As the name says it all, in this type of directory submission you are allowed to use up to 10 internal URLs within the same site along with multiple descriptions and multiple titles

For the better results in SEO, one needs to submit the site or the web page in most appropriate category or subcategory. This is the best way to get best benefits out of this process for SEO. Here given below is the process of directory submission in SEO:

Directory submission process

You might have understood about what directory submission is. Now moving further, here is the

Importance of Directory Submission in SEO

Through Directory submission, you can see your blog or the web page beyond the realms of your activity area. It makes your site or web page visible on several other platforms. It has undoubtedly become very lucrative activity among the SEO experts due to its positive impact on the ranking which needs to improve continuously.

Here we have mentioned below the importance of directory Submission from SEO perspective:

Provide Quality as well as Safe Backlinks

Backlinks are the best benefit which SEO experts get from the directory Submission. If you want to get the safe and quality backlinks for your website then the best way to get them is through directory submission. Since most of the directories are spam probe which means they are manually supervised for any wrong submissions.

This thus, makes this process absolute favorite for the SEO experts. Directory submission provides SEO friendly backlines. Above all, there are one of the directories which also provide the dofollow backlinks which are great for SERP. Directory Submissions simply helps in diversify your backlink profile which is needed for SEO.

Directory Submission provide Targeted Traffic

 These Web directories are organized in such a ways that they allow your targeted audience to reach to you. The relevant links are placed under the particular category or the subcategory. This helps in getting the targeted traffic to the website or web page. In case, if you have submitted the wrong link under a category then the editor will place it under the right category which is great.

Directory submissions allow the anchor text of your choice

Another perk of directory submission is that you get the option to use the anchor text of your choice. When you submit your links to web directories they allow you to enter a site title, which is different from the URL, you can use the keywords in the anchor text which will help make it more SEO friendly. These results in generating SEO anchor text for you and this helps you improve your search engine rankings.

Directory Submission Provides Massive Exposure

You have to admit it that in order to get business from internet or audience to your blog you need to drive more traffic to your website. You might not realize it yet but you do have a large set of the audience from the particular demographic region. But what is even better is to reach to the larger set of the audience regardless of their locations.

To reach out to such audience directory submission becomes the best option for everyone because directories display your site for every related search query on their database. That means more chances of getting noticed by audiences that would otherwise have no idea on your blog.

These were some of the most important benefits that Directory submission provides for the SEO experts. By now you know all the important thing about the directory submission now moving on to the,

Important Tips when Submitting to Directories

Here we have summed up some really important tips which provide you with the best results for the efforts that you have made in submitting the links to the directory. So, here we go:

Be sure to submit your link to the most appropriate category

In order to speed up your listing, it is extremely important to make work of editor easier by selecting the right category to submit the link. Otherwise, the editor will manually do it and thus, the listing will take little more time. Moreover, the search engine will also look other links that surround you on the page you are listed and the same theme will help in boosting the ranks.

Do not Lose Patient

If you are going for free listing then you need to have plenty patient. As the paid listing is given more priority, therefore, you might need to wait for sometimes in order to see the results. Sometimes it can take several months to get into some directories which could be very frustrating at times.

Keep a log

Ensure to keep the name of the directory and the date of submission into a log of some sort. This will help in keeping the record of your directory submission. Plus, it will prevent you from submitting to a directory more than once and you can check your work later.


Clearly, submitting the link of your website, webpage or the blog to directories is the best way by which you can build some quality link structure which will help well in improving the search engine ranking. There are numbers of directories out there, in order to save your time and efforts make sure you choose the right one which is SEO friendly. Key phrase-rich text that accurately describes your website will take you long way once you submit them to the directories. And lastly, never forget to choose the right category or subcategory to select.

You cannot lose your cool and patient while doing directory submission. Results of this process are fruitful which will improve the quality of your SEO ranking.


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