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Web Developer Salary in India - Undoubtedly, web developer salary in India is one of the crucial driving forces behind your story of being a web developer. With the ever-growing digitization, demand for web developers and designers has uplifted considerably during recent years. Consequently, abundant career growth opportunities have occurred in this field.

web developer salary

World Wide Web is at the apex with bountiful advantages for the internet community. It is affected the way of living concretely in almost every corner of life. Today, the information we required is just a click away. The world has become a village, thanks to internet technologies.

This is the website that bases the whole digital world in actual practice. Therefore, the market witnesses a sharp requirement for efficient web developers and designers. One can have an upward and onward career graph in the website development segment. Likewise, the same thing also stands true when we come to consider the salary of a web developer in India. However, it entirely depends upon your skillset and experience in the field.

What is Web Development?

As the name indicates explicitly, web development is the process of building a website by aligning reliable structure, layout, and coding in the right position. It is simply to develop a website that is accessible over the web via a URL.

Who is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a professional who develops a website. Basically, web developers are of three kinds: Full Stack Developer, Back-End Developer, and Front-End Developer.

In other words, a web developer is a professional that performs coding and programming for web-based services. A web developer is accountable for how a website behaves, its layout, and its structure.

Responsibilities of a Web Developer

As a web developer, your prime responsibility is to listen to clients’ project needs carefully before you initiate the process. You need to be clear about what a client is expecting from you and what features they want their website should have.

Additionally, web developers perform some other duties as follow:

  • Developing a web platform that is optimized for multiple devices like laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.
  • Gathering data about visitors and their purpose of visit
  • Linking payment gateways (like eCommerce portals) to websites
  • Addressing hosting and network-related issues
  • Ensuring excellent user experience with speedy loading

Why Choose a Career in Web Development?

The digital marketing world is expected to grow even at a better rate in the future. Hence, more and more web developers should be required to meet the demands. Web developers always play an integral role when it comes to going digitally for a brand or business.

Some of the highlighting causes behind being a web developer consist of the following:

  • The job of a web developer is quite flexible. You will have your own working hours.
  • Further, web development is an ideal stream to begin with. Freelancing is the word to hit the mind.
  • Web development adds some additional skills to your CV. You will have expertise in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other programming languages.
  • Moreover, many people find web development a satisfactory job profile. It is a blend of entertainment and fun.
  • Most significantly, it is a never-ending prospect. New businesses need a website or some need to rebuild the existing one. Scope for growth always exists.

Web Developer Salary in India | How Much a Web Developer Can Earn in India?

Web development consists of multiple processes to build a successful website. Many people are involved in it with different skillsets and knowledge. But when it comes to discussing the salary prospects, it depends upon several factors, actually.

According to PayScale website, the average salary of a web developer in India is INR 3,80,040 per year. But it may vary based the following factors:

  • Location
  • Experience
  • Company

Let’s discover how these factors affect web developer salary in India.


The salary figures keep on fluctuating when we move around different locations within the country. The National Capital Region offers Rs. 6,08,000 per annum to a front-end web developer. When we move to the financial capital of India, Mumbai, the salary dips significantly to 4,86,000 per annum.

Further, web developers in Gurgaon earn the same amount (Rs. 6,08,000) as Delhi. But Bangalore has the highest salary package for web developers with Rs. 6,45,000 yearly. Web developers in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune earn Rs. 5,80,000, Rs. 5,62,000, and Rs. 4,92,000, respectively.


Experience is another vital factor to affect your salary as a web developer. As per the PayScale report, beginners with less than one-year experience can start with about Rs. 3,00,000 per year. But the experience of more than 10 years will help them yield around Rs. 10,00,000 per annum.

  • Entry-level web developer salary in India – INR 2,32,074
  • Mid-level web developer salary in India – INR 5,89,443
  • Experienced web developer salary in India – INR 10,06,429


It is supposed that the bigger the company or brand, the higher is the salary package an employee can expect. However, it is true in most of the respects.

Amazon pays around Rs. 14,25,000 to a web developer per annum. At the same time, Cognizant pays to its web developers Rs. 3,90,000 per annum.

Hence, you can consider the huge difference between the salary of web developers with the same skillsets and experience. Directi, HCL Technologies, TCS, and Accenture pays Rs, 6,78,000, Rs. 6,32,000, Rs. 4,20,000 and Rs. 4,76,000, respectively.


You would have grasped the idea of how vast the web development field is. It features immense scope for youngsters to craft a fascinating career ahead.

In terms of the web developer salary in India, it is yet another lucrative front to allure newbies towards this job prospect. What matters most is the right skillset and knowledge you need to succeed in the role.

Overall, web development is an ever-growing facet of digital marketing. The future involves a mammoth scope for growth and career development along with other perks additionally. Once you compose the required experience and skills to perform the topmost responsibilities, you will have a splendid future in the web development field.

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