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Top Keyword Density Checker Tools - What is keyword density? What is the optimum keyword density from an SEO perspective? Which are the various keyword density checker tools we can use online?

These are the primary concerns we come across while drafting an effective SEO strategy. Like other SEO tactics, keyword density also affects your website’s ranking predominantly. When it comes to implementing SEO strategies, keyword density is one of the crucial areas you need to consider promptly.

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What is Keyword Density?

Let’s start from the root. Simply put, keyword density refers to the number of times a particular keyword phrase appears in a text article or blog.

Generally, in SEO, keyword density is calculated in percentage. It is the percentage of the total number of focus keywords in a post divided by the total number of words in that post.

Keyword Density = total number of keywords / total number of words x 100

Taking an example from the equation, suppose you have written a 1000-word article by using your focus keyword 20 times.

Hence, the keyword density in this case will be: 20 / 1000 x 100 = 2%

What is the Ideal Keyword Density Percentage (from SEO Standpoint)?

Now, this is the tricky question with disputes amongst SEO analysts regarding the answer. In fact, the SEO community has several myths associated with the term keyword density.

Many of us believe that the more times we use a keyword, the higher we rank in search engines. But this isn’t the case in real SEO practice. Using key phrase so many times leads to ‘Keyword Stuffing’ that is offense from Google’s perspective.

Here, we need to remember two crucial points:

  • An article can't rank higher in search engines with low keyword density.
  • An article with extremely high keyword density may put the whole website for keyword spamming.

Then, what is the accurate keyword density percentage?

Actually, there is no specific number of keywords that we can use in our blog posts. Nonetheless, based on suggestions from SEO specialists and Google itself, 1 to 2% keyword density is rightful to avoid Google penalties. Meanwhile, we also need to add LSI or semantic keywords to make the article natural. We should place the keyword only where it makes sense.

Top Keyword Density Checker Tools to Use in 2020

In this section, we will dwell on some of the most widely used keyword density checking tools. All these tools work online and easy-to-use. Have a look.

  1. SEO Plugins (WordPress)

Some popular CMSs like WordPress etc. supports SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and Rank Math. You can install and activate these plugins that manage the keyword density in the post editor area.

These tools show if you are using your key phrase optimally or overusing it. Further, it takes care of your whole text piece and suggests relevant changes to make an impact. Some of these tools are premium while others are free.

  1. Sure Oak

Sure Oak is a free keyword checker tool online. It is a webpage; in fact, we don’t need to download it. To use it, users will have to paste the content’s URL in the box and hit the button ‘Check Keyword Density.’

Additionally, it also provides the provision of pasting the entire content in the box. Overall, Sure Oak is a simple tool with an intuitive interface easy to navigate.

  1. Copywritely

Copywritely is another online keyword density checker software, which is again free to use. Apart from checking keyword density, Copywritely also serves users with scads of SEO tools like Duplicate Content Checker, Grammar Checker, Readability Checker, Keyword SERPs Checker, Word Counter, and Alphabetizer etc.

  1. GeoRanker

When it comes to writing an ideal text piece with an accurate keyword density, GeoRanker is there to assist you. It provides a comprehensive overview of your article to make it as per Google guidelines.

Furthermore, GeoRanker comes with a simple interface where you can put your webpage URL in the box to check the keyword density. There is nothing complicated in the process, and you will end up with more details in the ‘Advanced’ section.

  1. Small SEO Tools

SST is quite famous amongst SEO analyzers when they need the complete SEO package on the same platform. Small SEO Tools carry Keyword Density too, Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, Word Counter, Spell Checker, and various, among others. The best thing is that all are free to use.

The Final Take

Doubtlessly, keyword density is a vital SEO aspect we need to take care of. Numerous keyword density checker tools are out there in the market and on the web. Mostly, they are free versions to help you with your SEO efforts. If you really look to rank higher in search engines, make sure to click any of the tools provided in this blog.

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