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SEO Scope & Job Opportunity in India – Believe it or not but SEO is a strong force behind the success of any business or website online. As it became the million dollar industry now everyone is accepting is a good career option. People have now started talking about the SEO scope and job opportunity in India which was not even in existence a decade ago. With the exponential buzz about the advantages of the internet for business, people know SEO is crucial. Thus, this has raises the opportunities and prospects for the people who want to have a career as SEO professionals. 

As a newbie or fresher, you might have thought the number of times about the SEO Scope and Job Opportunity in India. Today SEO has become good career among the youngsters. Earlier most the SEO professionals came to SEO unknowingly about its aspects of growth and what job option it provides. But things have changed now. Here in this post, we have summed option for you everything regarding SEO  and the opportunities that it holds for you.

Starting from the very basic,

SEO Scope & Job Opportunity in India

Brief Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Before moving any further with the scope and opportunities. Getting to know what exactly SEO do it important.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, its a part of digital marketing activities that deal with the ranking over search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The purpose of SEO  is to be at the top ranking positions so that user could find the website on much easier. The end motive of SEO is to build a brand online by ranking in at the best position and driving traffic on it.

The optimization is further divided into two parts which are,

  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization

 SEO Scope in India  – Current Scenario and Future

With the increasing internet users all over the world, SEO the need for the prominent presence over the internet for local as well as big business has increased. This has broadened the Scope of SEO in India. It has emerged as one of the successful career options with the bright scope for the future. We are not making this up, it been mentioned in the Times of India that digital marketing 1.5 Lakh jobs with the salary range of Rs 4.5-5.5 Lakh which will increase with the time. This is only for the search engine optimization, social media, and analytics.

Since India is one of the fasted growing economies in the world and 2nd largest country with the most population of people with access to the internet. Business wants to be on the internet for great business. Apart from this, the country is paying good attention to the employment generation and business growth which will directly result in the boom of SEO. No company could deny the exponential potential of the SEO when it comes to good online presence.

the Future of SEO professionals seems to be very bright. 

Many are the doubts about the future and career in the SEO sector. This is simply due to changing policies of the Google but is not the same. Reports show that more and more job opportunities are coming into the existence and the requirement for the SEO will be high in coming years when more people will realize the importance of online presence.

Reason Behind the Growth of SEO Sector

By telling you about the reasons behind the growth of SEO industry in India, let’s make thing easy for you. Here is the reason why SEO is booming and why it has created a lot of buzz among the business owner, blogger, and marketing experts.

  1. The leading brands and companies realize the potential of SEO for business growth thus they are successfully using the SEO as a platform for a successful advertisement.
  2. People around us are largely dependent on the search engines like google to look for any information or to know about something.
  3. Even the traditional marketers are moving towards the SEO to enhance their results.
  4. Online presence builds the trust among people about the brand, service or product.
  5. Google is one of the best and rapidly growing platforms that target people according to their locations as well.
  6. Increase in the number of smart phone users is also the reason behind the growth of SEO

Various Job Opportunities For SEO Expert in India

If you are having the rights skills then this the best career option for you with the number of job opportunities. Most of the SEO companies which are well established have the following job options. Since the online industry is growing with every passing day and SEO has a vital role to play in it. If you are having good SEO skills you will are left the number of Job options given below:

Public Relations/Reputation Management

  • SEO Analytics/ Specialist
  • SEO Business Management/Development
  • SEO Link Builder
  • Paid Search/PPC Management
  • SEO/ Search Marketing Director
  • Keyword Strategic
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Writing/Blogging
  • Event Management
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Offline Marketing/Advertising

How much Could One Earn as an SEO Expert in India?

Since SEO came into the existence decade ago is still making its presence strong. In India, the average salary for a fresher in SEO is some in between Rs 1.8 lacs – Rs 4 lacs. The salary majorly depends on the experience, on the company, your skills, and qualifications and the geographical factor also decide the salary. The job option is good and many opening are there in SEO sector in digital marketing. If you have fine skills then you can have a really good career as SEO professional.


SEO has become a hot career option in recent time. Learning SEO can be great for you even if you do not want to have a career in this. The business owners and marketing experts would know SEO for better on line. SEO is the best way to get leads on line and building brands.

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