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SEO Salary in Canada - Are you looking to get into the SEO industry in Canada? If yes, you most probably keen to know the SEO salary in Canada before you kickstart your career in this domain. This is a dedicated guide to let you drive through the job & career prospects as a whole.

The ever-growing digital penetration has accustomed our way of thinking and behavior overwhelmingly. The eCommerce industry is on the boom, while various other business startups look to occupy space in the digital world. All these practices have spawned an incredible leap in the digital marketing industry.

Search Engine Optimization – The Future of the Digital Marketing Industry

Today, we would like to emphasize on the SEO branch of online advertising in the context of Canada. Being among the rapidly-growing economies of the world, Canada also reserves a gargantuan scope for SEO professionals. Every year, thousands of fresh graduates & seasoned professionals intrude in the domain to cultivate immense growth opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization is an undetachable organ of the digital marketing approach. It comes to real execution when we need to improve our website’s ranking in search engines.

In terms of definition, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization covers lots of activities directed towards getting a website up in the search engine result pages. Some of the popular SEO practices include on-page, off-page, white-hat SEO, etc.

Let’s have a statistical overview.

  • Around 68% of online discoveries begin with search engines.
  • Organic search accounts for around 53.3% of all website traffic.
  • Further, Google search, Google Images & Google Maps collectively involves 92.96% of global traffic.
  • Around 69.7% of online searches comprise 4 words or more.
  • Only 0.78% of Google searchers find their results on the 2nd.
  • Furthermore, only 5.7% of pages fall within the top 10 results within a year of publication.
  • 60% of marketers assume that inbound marketing has the highest quality leads.

SEO Career & Job Opportunities in Canada

Without any shred of doubt, SEO is a universal approach, which has significance for all types of businesses. Whether you are a startup or a large-scale enterprise, SEO is there to boost your identity.

Hence, we can simply assume these statements behind the growing demand for SEO specialists in Canada and other global countries as well. Consequently, the trend gives birth to plentiful jobs and career paths for avid freshers. It is an ongoing process to surface a vast scope for your career in the SEO industry.

Some of the Burning SEO Job Profiles in Canada

With SEO becoming an integral part of online advertising, it has contained diverse jobs and career profiles through times. Now, one can have a professional career in multiple segments of the industry. The SEO salary in Canada also varies as per profiles and job roles.

Here’re some key elements under SEO jobs categories:

SEO Trainee

SEO Trainee is the basic level job profile in the SEO industry. They perform their responsibilities under the supervision and guidance of SEO professionals. The prime focus of SEO Trainee is learning and absorbing new SEO concepts and techniques.

Moreover, there is an SEO Expert to supervise the functions and tasks of SEO Trainees to help them develop the right technicalities for success. Some basic level projects come to assist you in surfacing as an SEO Trainee in top organizations.

SEO Trainer

Under this job profile, you pose to train SEO Trainees. As an SEO Trainer, you learn fundamental SEO concepts and implement effective SEO strategies. Further, SEO Trainer looks forward to infusing the latest SEO tactics, SEO monitoring, and reporting tools.

SEO Analyst

An SEO Analyst performs some crucial tasks, including keyword research, identifying trending keywords, and more. In addition to that, SEO Analysts have to develop informative & quality-rich content to provide the readers with valuable information. They perform competitive analysis and identifying cracks for improvement.

SEO Strategist

What falls under the corridor of an SEO Strategist is analyzing, reviewing, and executing changes for site optimization. Further, they involve a set of effective SEO strategies & practices to improve search engine ranking for a website. Generating link building tactics is another crucial role in the profile.

SEO Consultant

An SEO Consultant is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing the client’s overall SEO story. Their major duties encompass website optimization, web marketing, content strategy planning, link building, and keyword research strategies.

SEO Manager

This is the guy to handle and coordinate SEO and SEM campaigns for clients. Alongside managing offsite and onsite projects, an SEO Manager is responsible for coordinating different marketing teams. They witness a higher pay scale in Canada with more responsibilities to perform on the role.

SEO Salary in Canada

This section will try to appease your major concern about how much compensation an SEO professional gets in Canada.

Well, the average salary of an SEO specialist in Canada is C$49,652 per annum.

But the big thing you need to remember is that salary varies heavily as per skillsets, experience, company, and location.

An SEO professional at an entry-level with less than 1 year of experience is supposed to earn C$41,620. Similarly, a person with 1 to 4 years of experience gets a total compensation of C$48,410. SEO pundits with more than 5 years of experience are expected to earn C$64,441 in Canada.

On the other hand, the salary of an SEO specialist in Canada also fluctuates according to the location.

Cities like Vancouver and Calgary provides 9% and 1% more salary than the national average. But professionals working in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa are likely to get a lower salary than the national average.

The Final Thought

It is explicitly understood that SEO is a mammoth industry to let you oversee impeccable career and job prospects in Canada. The SEO salary in Canada is also highly dependent on skillsets, experience, and company size you enroll. It will be a delightful arena when it comes to focusing on future trends.

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